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AstraZeneca’s billion-dollar vaccine acquisition follows med-tech advancements

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AIBC Europe 2023 Innovation Awards

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US takes the lead in AI regulation outshining Rishi Sunak’s efforts

AIBC Pitch finalists announced for Europe summit

Freemarket gains Central Bank of Ireland licence for pan-European expansion

Rishi Sunak addresses potential and risks of AI

Binance suspends new UK customer sign-ups in wake of regulatory crackdown

Minister Griffiths’ crypto plea calling for leniency in advertising regulation

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AIBC Forex: Pelham Capital’s drastic asset erosion

Metro Bank secures £325 million financing deal

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UK Science Secretary pledges to control AI

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Chase UK bans crypto purchases to combat rising fraud

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Limassol hosts the inaugural AIBC Balkans & CIS Summit

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Emirates NBD makes equity investment in Geneva-based fintech Komgo

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Generative AI to be unleashed on mobile devices

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Apple’s profits surge as services division surpasses 1 billion users

AI named a chronic and long-term risk in the UK

AI can now predict staff resignations

Microsoft’s revenue surges thanks to AI

Twitter’s Radical Rebrand: Elon Musk to replace iconic bird logo with ‘X’

Microsoft faces EU antitrust probe

Google combating fake news with AI

AI in the UK: A £400B challenge

Breakthrough in medical technologies that will revolutionise diabetes and obesity

AI legislation criticised by EU companies

Boots digitizes the future of its retail sector

Rishi Sunak pledges to make UK the safest global AI hub

Dutch legislation to scrutinise foreign students in technical studies

Jetpack AI unveiled by WordPress

Europe pioneers new era of Blockchain-powered credential verification

UK PM announces AI focused summit

Small country, big impact: Luxembourg spearheads investigation into Web3 and Blockchain

Deezer targeting fake AI songs with AI tools

Sui blockchain partners with Oracle Red Bull Racing

Industry experts warn of the existential threat from AI

Hey Alexa! Where did Samuel L. Jackson go?

AI surveillance at risk of aiding stalkers provided to French Open players

Fintechs clash as Softbank and Revolut fail to reach agreement

Nvidia stock gained $184 billion in a day

Revolut awaits decision by Bank of England

Swedish newspaper rapping news stories using AI

Meta fined $1.3 billion for data breach

OpenAI launches official ChatGPT app: Ad-free and cross-device syncing

Search engines to receive landmark AI facelift

Former advertising executive is Twitter’s next CEO

Pioneer in artificial intelligence: Appreciation – Professor Yorick Wilks

Bank of England responds with an increase in interest rates

AIBC Geopolitical Review: Australia UK free trade deal to conclude this month

Speed Camera AI trialled in the UK

Leaked documents spark concerns over tech impact on international relations

UK demonstrates its commitment to leveraging the benefits and advancements of tech and AI

Solana Foundation launch carbon emission dashboard

Israeli battlefield operations integrating AI

Schumacher family incensed at AI interview

Manila technology project announced for Smart City

UK may introduce cryptocurrency-specific regulation within 12 months, top lawmaker says

BT to tap into UK gov’s £2.5bn support fund towards Quantum tech

Communicating with deceased loved ones using AI

Ban on ChatGPT effective in Italy

Dancing to the tune: Bard enters the Chatbot fray

ChatGPT4 experiences widespread outage

Europe’s new crypto MiCA regulations; pros and cons

Ruja Ignatova reported to have been murdered in 2018

UK Chancellor reveals Britcoin’s Roadmap: Savings not allowed!

European Central Bank is tinkering with the idea of digital currency

Crypto lender Nexo linked to user financing terrorism

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Twitter’s market share rockets 55% in 2022, while Facebook slides 12%

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J.P. Morgan to tokenise euro deposits, sees NFT as opportunity

EU to range cryptos according to energy efficiency

Blackrock ups blockchain presence with new European ETF

AI-IRS: French officials use AI to detect undeclared swimming pools

Key highlights: AIBC’s major successful event staged in the Balkans

AIBC Balkans: A Staggering First Day

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Wholistic innovation in an uncertain world with Dieter Brockmeyer

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Art-Tech for Humanity: The Vatican plans to use Blockchain to “democratize art”

Malta’s first virtual citizen: Marija

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MFSA licensed payment firm Finaro acquired by Shift4 in a $575m deal

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Ikigai Ventures welcomes two new investment veterans as Partners

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BLOCK Magazine – Fit for the future: Alea Gaming

Malta Week 2021 kicks off a new Post-COVID age of innovation and commerce

Innovation is the name of the game, Malta is very keen – not only at playing the game but winning it – Hon. Silvio Schembri

Over 10,000 raised for the AIBC Awards auction

Success for AIBC Europe during day 1 of Malta Week

Revenue Coin partners with AIBC Summit to support Blockchain Startups

These 10 AIBC Startup contenders are getting ready for their pitch deck

Ministry of Economy and Industry launches 3 new blockchain projects

Crypterns Crypto Comic launches at AIBC Europe

Sneak peek: The mother of all conferences awaits – AIBC Europe ‘21

After a major outage that also affected Instagram, WhatsApp, and Messenger, Facebook is back up

Txeya looking to provide greater funding equality for female, BAME and LGBTQ+ entrepreneurs


Aston Villa to roll out $AVL fan token on

PSG include crypto tokens in Messi’s contract

Binance banished from Blockchain Island

Malta Community Chest Fund takes on Binance over €7m crypto pledge

Inter Milan replace Pirelli sponsor with

Italian regulator joins countries in Binance warnings

Blockchain island Malta issues first crypto transfer license

EU to centralize crypto regulations

Britain boosts Binance rivals with bans

Russia introducing rules to confiscate crypto – report

EU SEPA transfers banned from Binance

5 things you need to know about EU crypto laws

Something strange is happening with Ethereum

Banking Crypto

E-Commerce on the Loot Box engine

German law unlocks crypto investment funds

UK Fiat transactions blocked on Binance

British Police seize ₤114 million in crypto

Mode Global Holdings approved by UK regulator

Crypto enthusiast John McAfee found dead

Prodigy vocalist releases NFT artwork

German Euro 2020 team to be tokenised

Ukraine proposes new DeFi regulations

Danske Bank will not block crypto

Swiss Sygnum Bank launches DeFi trading

Several crypto tutorial sites banned in Russia

Project Jura tests CBDC bridge between Swiss and French banks

Bittrex Global partners with emerchantpay to enhance their payment offering

Digital Euro in consideration

Central banks continue to warn on crypto investments

Sweden enters testing phase of first European CBDC

Russia to legalize contractual crypto payments

Biden Administration pressured by Task Force to tighten crypto regulation

Turkish Crypto Exchange shuts down with CEO reported missing

Britain’s Treasury and Bank of England explore central bank digital currency

AXA Switzerland introduces bitcoin payments

Spain: Hacienda issues 14,800 warning letters to cryptocurrency holders

Top 15 Central Banks taking on digital currencies

Calls for crypto street advertisements to be regulated in Spain

Russia: Crypto to fiat transactions will be monitored by AML body

Ireland enforces AML checks for crypto and digital currency firms

Bitcoin becomes world’s third largest currency

Sotheby’s: World famous auction house joins the NFT world

French Lawmaker backs petition allowing Central Bank to hold and buy Bitcoin

France: 611 bitcoins seized from hackers are up for auction

Norwegian oil billionaire places liquid company assets in Bitcoin

[WATCH] AIBC postpones April event following government measures to curb Covid-19

Sensyne Health’s COVID-19 risk prediction algorithm gets UK regulatory approval

Digital osteoarthritis treatment more effective than traditional methods

[WATCH] Is Malta to become Europe’s new Med-Tech hub?

Revolut introduces bank services to Malta

TEN31 Bank cooperates with Munich-based IT specialist TANGANY for blockchain applications

[BLOCK] AI: Quo Vadis?

First Cann-Clinics land on the British island of Jersey 

Breakthrough cryptocurrency research announced by Head of Development partners with Servelec to bring Rio Virtual Assistant to NHS

GainChanger strengthens AI offering with Analitigo partnership

Corona Virus Media Watch launched by UNESCO’s International Research Centre on Artificial Intelligence

“The Future Is Now” shows why AIBC Summit is #1

SouthEU members to reach “historic” agreement

EU to invest €35m in Healthcare AI

Caspian Technologies’ SpatiumTM blockchain moves into Belarus’ Hi-Tech Park

The summit in 3 words: happening, varied, exciting – Andre Xuereb

De:central Days 2019 – Inside the world’s digital economy

Launch of – Malta Government’s vision on Artificial Intelligence

Philippines’ Maltese consulate supports Manila 2020 shows

EURO 2020 tickets to be distributed to fans’ phones

‘Facebook’s Data Privacy Scandal’ Whistleblower Brittany Kaiser at KBW 2019

SiGMA Group launches new office in Kiev, Ukraine

Blockchain Island 2.0 is ready to be installed

FC Barcelona & Chiliz join forces in global blockchain alliance

Eleven French companies launch the ADAN