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Amazon’s strategic pause for Nvidia’s next-gen superchip

Amazon Web Services (AWS), a leading player in the cloud computing arena, has strategically decided to postpone its order for…

Posted: 21/05/2024

Posted by: Lea Hogg

European Parliament’s landmark decision on AML

Today the European Parliament took a significant stride towards fortifying the European Union’s (EU) financial integrity. The Parliament approved a…

Posted: 25/04/2024

Posted by: Lea Hogg

HSBC-backed fintech restructures business against losses

Monese, a fintech firm backed by HSBC, is reportedly planning a strategic shift in its business model amid increasing losses.…

Posted: 23/04/2024

Posted by: Lea Hogg

Role of geopolitics in the global AI race

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been making headlines with its groundbreaking advancements. However, less discussed is the fact that these technological…

Posted: 17/04/2024

Posted by: Lea Hogg

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