The laws of entrepreneurship and money

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Posted by Jake Graves

Day 2 of the AIBC Europe conference in Malta saw co-founder of Beyond The Game Network, Andre Fluellen, take to the stage for his keynote – Life is easy; how to guarantee success in money, business and entrepreneurship.

Setting out his exuberant keynote, Fluellen laid out his subject of the laws of success and consciousness.


Fluellen explained that the laws he is referring to hold the same omnipotent and unassuming nature as perhaps even the laws of gravity.

In an anecdotal metaphor, Fluellen asked whether or not it is one’s own fault if you fall, as opposed to blaming the laws of gravity.

It is this misappropriation of the laws that he described as the hindrance to many, both within the metaphor and to his points on business acumen.

He explained that when one stops misappropriating the laws of business in this way, it’ll “make your life less anti-matic and more automatic”.

Law of entrepreneurship

Fluellen explained that this law is built in two parts or clauses. The first is that “every founder and entrepreneur has to find a way to get paid for something that they are doing already”.

The next was to “find a way to solve your own problems”. He explained that in doing so one may be able to create a solution to something truly powerful that affects people’s lives.

Law of Money

To introduce the second and final law of his keynote, Fluellen set out the unique separation between physical currency and money itself.

After this differentiation was made he went on to explain what he believes money truly is – gathering power of idea, thought and creation.

Fluellen explained how extending the range, scope and impact of all three of these factors by definition would lead to a larger salary or more lucrative entrepreneurial endeavours.

Additionally he qualified that all three implemented separately would not be successful either, ideas require due attention through thought before creation may even become a possibility.

AIBC Europe

The AIBC Europe conference is being held at the MMH, Marsa, Malta between the 14th and 16th.