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What is Bitcoin ETF: Explained in 3 minutes

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What are the Best Crypto Coins to Invest in 2024?

Find out what are the coins that have most potential in 2024. Don't miss out on their bull run!

Crypto price predictions 2024: Top 5 best coins to invest

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Reviewed Crypto Exchanges in 2024

Community showcases the latest cryptocurrency updates published by projects from all parts of the crypto universe.


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What is easier to learn, forex or crypto?

The ease of learning depends on your background and interests. Forex trading involves understanding global economies and currency values, while crypto involves new technologies like blockchain. Many find crypto more straightforward due to its accessibility and abundant online resources.

How can beginners start learning about cryptocurrency effectively?

If you are a beginner, you can start by exploring basic concepts through our ‘Intro to Crypto’ videos and ‘Crypto Guides 101‘. These resources are designed to provide a solid foundation in cryptocurrency, covering everything from basic terminology to how trading and investing work.

How do ‘Intro to Crypto’ videos help simplify complex crypto concepts for new learners?

Our ‘Intro to Crypto’ videos break down complex concepts into easy-to-understand segments, using relatable examples and clear explanations. They are tailored for for you if you are new to crypto or if you want to expand your knowledge, ensuring a smooth and engaging learning experience.

What essential topics are covered in ‘Crypto Guides 101’ if you are new to the crypto?

Crypto Guides 101′ covers a range of topics essential for newcomers, including how cryptocurrencies work, the basics of blockchain technology, how to buy and store digital currencies, and an introduction to crypto trading.

Are the ‘Blockchain Guides 101’ suitable for beginners in cryptocurrency?

Absolutely. ‘Blockchain Guides 101’ is designed for beginners, providing a clear understanding of blockchain technology, which is the backbone of cryptocurrencies. These guides explain the technology in simple terms, making it easy for anyone to grasp the basics.

Does AIBC provide expert financial advice or opinions on cryptocurrency investments?

AIBC offers educational content and resources to enhance understanding of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. However, it’s important to note that we do not provide expert financial advice or investment opinions. We encourage users to conduct their own research and consult with financial experts before making investment decisions.