Meet our Past Speakers

Hon. Silvio Schembri

Minister for the Economy and Industry of Malta

Government of Malta

Hon. Silvio Schembri Hon. Silvio Schembri is a Maltese politician currently serving as a Minister for the Economy, EU Funds and Lands. Minister Silvio Schembri attained a master’s degree in Economy right after graduating with a Bachelors of Honours in Economics from the University of Malta. Before attending the University,…

Prof. Scott Stornetta

Partner & Chief Scientist

Yugen Partners

Stornetta is a renowned physicist, scientific researcher, and notable figure in cryptographic science and distributed computing. He was the first person to mention blockchain architecture. In a publication developed with scientist Stuart Haber in 1991, Stornetta described a digital hierarchy system called Blockchain"

Nick Spanos

Bitcoin Pioneer

Nick Spanos is a pioneer in the bitcoin and blockchain technology space. In 2013, Spanos founded Bitcoin Center NYC -- the world's first-ever cryptocurrency trading floor, which initially opened directly across from the NYSE in 2013. Spanos is also CEO of Blockchain Technologies Corp., which patented VoteWatcher, the first-ever blockchain…

Ivan Liljeqvist


Moralis Web3

Ivan Liljeqvist Ivan Liljeqvist is the CEO and Founder of - one of the most successful Web3 Development tools helping developers build fast and more efficiently on the blockchain. Ivan is responsible for setting the company’s strategic vision, developing its culture and managing and directing its agendas. Ivan is…

James Far

Founder & CEO

MagicCraft Ltd.

Davinci Jeremie

Crypto Educator

Davinci Codes

John Fan



John Fan John Fan is a Principal at global VC fund Sky9 Capital. He is based in San Francisco and focuses on investments in cloud infrastructure, data analytics, SaaS and logistics. An infrastructure engineer by trade, John draws upon his time at companies such as CloudSwitch (acquired by Verizon) and…

Massimo Moretti

Founder & CEO


Massimo Moretti Massimo Moretti currently holds the role of Founder & CEO at SIGNVM Group. SIGNVM works to foster global partnerships & cooperation in the Web 3.0 ecosystem with game-changer start-ups, corporates, institutional players & governments. Massimo Moretti’s worked extensively as a consultant with many start-ups in Europe and the…

Ilman Shazhaev



Ilman Shazhaev Ilman Shazhaev is the Founder & CEO of Farcana Metaverse. He is a techpreneur with extensive experience in launching IT and DeepTech engineering projects. For the last 5 years, he launched a series of startups related to IT, gaming, blockchain and healthtech. With a unique combination of business…

Christopher Obereder

Serial Entrepreneur & Investor

Start-up Chris Ventures GmbH

Christopher Obereder Christopher Obereder is a 29-year-old Serial Entrepreneuer, Forbes 30 under 30 member and one of leading growth hackers worldwide. He generated over 350 million app installs so far and helped startups to raise over $250 million in funding. He sold two of his companies by now. Chrisopher Obereder…

Jingwei Li

VC Investor

Fidelity International Strategic Ventures

Jingwei Li Jingwei Li has a passion for businesses that promote financial inclusion and leverage data to shake up old-fashioned industries, and he loves jumping into the deep end with the new ideas and products. With a mixture of experience in central banking, investment banking and strategy consulting, Jingwei Li…

Andrew Shatyrko


Crypto Marketing Agency

Andrew Shatyrko Andrew Shatyrko is the Ukrainian founder of Crypto Marketing Agency. Besides this, he is a crypto marketer and a crypto influencer with 1 500 000 followers. With 12 years of experience in digital marketing, he's a certified digital specialist you wouldn't want to miss! Additionally, he's the founder…

Gil Solomon

Founding Partner

Gil Solomon & Co

Gil Solomon Dubbed as "one of Israeli's leading emerging tech lawyers", Gil Solomon acts for clients in a variety of cross-border corporate transactions with an emphasis on technology related matters, privacy and data protection, cryptocurrency and blockchain, mergers and acquisitions and venture capital investments. Background/Experience: Prior to founding his firm,…

Dustin Plantholt

Founder & CEO


Dustin Plantholt Dustin Plantholt, is a Forbes Monaco Crypto Editor, Podcast Host & Internationally recognized Crypto Advisor. Dustin also hosts the world renowned inspirational “Life’s Tough” podcast. Dustin’s past crypto & non crypto interviews include some of the most inspiring people on the planet such as: boxing icon Evander…

Fat Joe

American Rapper - Award Winning Artist

Fat Joe Fat Joe is an American rapper and actor from the Bronx, New York. His real name is Joseph Antonio Cartagena. He is better known as Fat Joe. People also call him "Fat Joe da Gangsta" and "Joey Crack." This rapper is in the music groups "D.I.T.C." and "Terror…

Laurin Bylica

Director of Partnerships


Laurin is an entrepreneur, postgraduate economist, ex-management consultant, and ex-associate for a corporate VC and family office. He was also a C-Level member of the world's first crypto-precious metals exchange and co-founder of a DeFi protocol. Following his passion for gaming, Laurin joined the Web 3 triple-A game Illuvium as…

Cal Evans

Managing Associate

Gresham International

Cal Evans Cal Evans is the Managing Associate of Gresham International, a UK & Dubai lawyer and US Securities Consultant with experience working in top law firms in both California and London. He undertook advanced IT at a junior college and received the top AVCE recognition award before then undertaking…

Ulrich Gilot

Head of Media

Betsson Group

Ulrich Gilot Ulrich Gilot is a seasoned Bilingual English and French multi-channel digital & traditional marketing expert focused on business growth through high performance achievements and strong partnerships development with digital technology providers and media owners. Ulrich comes with over 16 years of digital marketing experience from planning to buying…

Motti Peer



Motti Peer Motti Peer is the CEO of ReBlonde. He is an experienced chief executive officer with a demonstrated history of working in the public relations and communications industry. He is responsible for handling the Public Relations aspects, strategizing, and specializing in crisis management. Motti Peer likes to think “out…

Max Krupyshev

Co-Founder and Leader


Max Krupyshev Max Krupyshev has been involved with Bitcoin since 2013, just after receiving his MA in Business Administration. He became very enthusiastic about crypto and co-founded a blockchain software development studio in Kiev. Later, Max Krupyshev founded the Bitcoin Foundation in Ukraine and Satoshi Square in Kiev. At that…

Dr. Kyle Scerri

Manager – Gaming & Fintech

CSB Group

Dieter Brockmeyer


Diplomatic World

Dieter Brockmeyer Dieter Brockmeyer is a senior media industry and innovation expert, author, international speaker, and host. He is Chief Project Office (CPO) of the Brussels based media group Diplomatic World and cofounder of the streaming platform Diplomatic World Media and the Diplomatic World Institute (DWI). He is partner and…

Evan Singh Luthra

Investor and Entrepreneur

Startup Studio

Evan Singh Luthra “I am Evan Singh Luthra, you can know more about me on" Evan Singh Luthra has been building and investing in fast growing technology companies since before he was an adult. The combined market cap of the 100+ companies that he has built and invested in…

Samir Ceric


Blocksport AG

Samir Ceric Samir Ceric is a C-level executive in sports tech, former senior executive of finance, telecom, aviation and tech businesses, former Chairman of football club, investor and serial entrepreneur with 20+ years’ experience in Asia and the Balkans region; mentor, philanthropist, public speaker (inc London Business School TEDx), alumni…

Kenneth Brincat


Malta Digital Innovation Authority

Kenneth Brincat Mr Kenneth Brincat has been appointed MDIA’s CEO in 2021. Enhancing the successes achieved during the initial years of the MDIA, Mr Brincat is spearheading the strategic direction of digital innovation in Malta. He holds a Master of Science Degree in HR and Training and currently reading for…

Anastasios Papakonstantinou

Angel Investor and Venture builder

Various Startups

Pawel Laskarzewski



Paweł Łaskarzewski Paweł Łaskarzewski is the Co-founder of one of the largest launchpads in the cryptocurrency sector, and at the same time one of the contenders on top of the podium for the largest technological organization on the market of decentralized finance, the Synapse Network. In his career, he has…

Alexandre Hardouin

Co-Founder & CEO

Metarchitect Studio

Alexandre Hardouin Alexandre Hardouin is the French founder of Metarchitect Studio and a serial entrepreneur. Metarchitect Studio is a team of dedicated professionals passionate about blockchain. Besides this, he's a former tech investment banker who is interested in blockchain and entrepreneurship. Alexandre Hardouin left his job in traditional finance to…

Ahmed W Ismail

President & CEO


Ahmed W Ismail Ahmed W Ismail is a seasoned leader with a proven track record of success in traditional finance and fintech startups. During his eighteen-year career to date, he was an investment banker for over 15 years and started his career as an analyst at Credit Suisse in London…

Rachel Pipan



Rachel Pipan Rachel Pipan is a communications expert that specializes in seed, start-up, and scale-up public relations, marketing, and engagement. She co-founded Maneuvre with Director of Operations Peter Godwin in 2021. Before founding her own companies, Rachel Pipan rose through the ranks from Press Associate to become director of all…

Marija Rucevska

Co-founder & Managing Partner


Marija Rucevska Marija Rucevska is an entrepreneur who has over 5 years of experience in building tech startup ecosystems across the Baltics. As a co-founder of Helve, a strategic innovation company, she works with ambitious organisations committed to creating the future, instead of being disrupted by it. Helve provides end-to-end…

Abigail Mamo


Malta Chamber of SMEs

Abigail Mamo Abigail Mamo has occupied the position of Malta Chamber of SMEs Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for the last 8 years. She has held different positions within the Malta Chamber of SMEs since 2007. Her experience and expertise revolve around economics topics of competitiveness and sustainability of enterprises with…

Shannon Weber

Strategic Director

Blonde & Giant

Shannon Weber Shannon Weber is the strategic director of Blonde and Giant. She is an energetic and driven person, who has a deep passion for building successful strategies, brands and businesses from start-ups, to scale-ups, to large corporates. She enjoys challenging projects and is meticulous in her outcomes and results.…

Zach Finkelstein

Managing Partner

Class 5 Global

Alemsah Ozturk



Alemsah Ozturk Alemsah Ozturk has a passion for all things digital. He believes strongly that good design evokes positive experiences and sometimes emotions. Being a gamer & dreamer for a very long time helped him create strong experiences that moves people, sometimes make them laugh sometimes make them curious. He…

Kerim Kaya

Co-Founder & CEO


Kerim Kaya Kerim Kaya is the co-founder of FirstBatch; the Proof of ZK Interest protocol enables modeling any interest that can form a social community, measuring Pseudonymous Users' involvement level to that interest and building Multi-chain curated feeds for users to navigate blockchain with ease.Kerim has been working on community…

Jean-Luc Shorey

Investment Specialist

Koji Capital

Jean-Luc Shorey Jean-Luc Shorey is a token mechanism researcher and web 3 investor. Each token ecosystem is a microeconomy in itself and core teams need help designing sustainable and effective models that accurately compliment their protocols. Jean-Luc aims to help clearly frame and professionalise the token design process along with…

Josh O’Cock


Growth Gurus

Josh O’Cock Josh O’Cock has a driven DNA that has seen him thriving at the forefront of social media and digital marketing. Josh has worked in social media and digital marketing and has developed an inspiring approach to digital marketing through consulting, managing and executing these digital strategies with a…

Andrew Phillips

Founder & CEO


Edwin Mata Navarro

CEO & Co-Founder


Edwin Mata Navarro Edwin Mata Navarro is the CEO and Co-Founder of Brickken. He is also a partner at Attolon Law. Lecturer and Keynote Speaker at Fintech, LegalTech and Blockchain.  His experience Edwin Mata Navarro started his journey as a lawyer to pivot towards entrepreneurship. Technology and law are his…

Francisco Martins

Senior Executive - Financial Services & Crypto


Francisco Martins Francisco Martins is a commercial executive and communicator. In his role as IDnow's Senior Executive, his mission is to expand the already successful IDnow's identity proofing platform into unicorn status in the UK and the EU. Prior to IDnow, Francisco worked for the likes of Fiserv, Visa and…

Megan Nilsson

Crypto Megan

Megan Nilsson is also known as Crypto Megan on social media. Megan high-end crypto and NFT portfolio advisor to corporations, investors, and celebrities, as well as an investor and member of the Bored Ape Yacht Club, Doodles, World of Women, and many other top-tier NFTs. Currently, Megan is on a…

Tim Rainer

Web3 Investor & Broker

Shimon Newman


Ratio Finance

Shimon Newman Shimon Newman has a Bachelor’s in International Political Economy and has worked as a token economist for the last four years. Seeing each successful blockchain project as analogous to a successful state, Shimon Newman brings his rich experience in game theory, incentive design, and distributed ledger technology towards…

Sergio Muscat


Oxygia Consulting

Sergio Muscat Sergio Muscat is a 20-year veteran of the iGaming, Payments and Technology industries. His experience spans from project management to strategy, operations, and management advisory. He now focuses his efforts through Oxygia Consulting. Sergio's main goal is to assist companies in all stages of growth with that all-important…

Tejinder Kumar



Tejinder Kumar Tejinder Kumar is highly experienced and technically minded senior manager with over 17 years of experience in sales, fintech and online trading industry with a proven track record of building, scaling and managing high performing retail and institutional teams for traditional finance and crypto start ups. Deep understanding…

Wyatt Mufson

Co-Founder and CTO

Ryu Games

Wyatt Mufson Wyatt Mufson has been a developer for almost ten years. Now, he is the co-founder of a start-up building a monetization SDK for mobile games. Previously, Wyatt Mufson was a full stack developer at Amazon and an iOS developer at Grubhub. He is passionate about coding and is…

Adrian Au

Founder & CEO

Infinite Digital

Adrian Au Adrian Au currently holds the role of founder and CEO of Infinite Digital. Adrian is NFT enthusiast, he is a speaker and a Web3 marketing advisor : focusing on GameFi, Metaverse, NFT & DeFi. Adrian Au main focus is to grow companies rather than solely implementing short-term hype…

Toni Morales

Head of Partnerships


Toni Morales Toni Morales is currently the Head of Partnerships at G4AL, a platform for developers and publishers to build blockchain-based play-to-earn economies into their games. Toni Morales is a multilingual and highly motivated individual with experience working abroad. He is a leader with an entrepreneurial mindset and a proven…

Artem Gribanov

Co-founder, CMO and Smart contract developer

BlockCzech R&D Lab

Artem Gribanov Artem Gribanov is a results-oriented, collaborative, enthusiastic software engineer and business developer with excellent communication skills and over 6 years of experience. Artem Gribanov loves challenges, willing to grow as a professional, experiment, and explore new opportunities. He has been interested in a fusion between technology, art and…

Martina Åkerlund



Martina Åkerlund Martina Åkerlund is the CEO of Triggy, a B2B sports tech company. Triggy's currently expanding into the US. She lives in Stockholm, Sweden. She has been improving results, deliveries, and processes. Additionally, she worked in the iGaming and Banking industries. This includes areas like regulatory reporting, marketing and…

Dr. Jeppe R. Stokholm

Board Member / Investor

NFTicket Foundation

Dr. Jeppe Stokholm Who is he ? Dr. Jeppe Stokholm is a lawyer and investor based in Zürich, Switzerland, with a Ph.D. in international corporate affairs. Jeppe Stokholm represents several international oriented Law Firms, Auditors and Family Offices on a case-by-case basis and provides discretionary counselling to global operating companies…

Ellen Queen Ogbodo

Legal Counsel & Compliance Executive

Float Legal

Nikolas Xenofontos

Managing Director


Nikolas Xenofontos Nikolas Xenofontos is leading SALVUS Funds, a boutique advisory that works with neobanks, investment firms, online trading brokers, investment funds and Crypto-Asset Services Providers (CASP). Nikolas is known as a problem solver with an ability to see through the noise and has a diverse work resume from managing…

Alexander Belov



Klemen Gradisar



Klemen Gradisar Klemen Gradisar is the Co-founder of Ballies. He is also an entrepreneur, an advisor and a sought after public speaker. He is a creative thinker, a futuristic, an enterprising, a strategic and well-connected. Klemen Gradisar is highly passionate about sports, FinTech, crypto, Sportech, and digital innovation, and strongly…

Arvin Khamseh

NFT Marketing Expert

Sold Out NFTs

Arvin Khamseh Arvin Khamseh has always been on the forefront of new tech trends with an impressive history in biohacking, and internet marketing. Combining this with his experience in running investor relationship marketing for public companies,  Arvin knows what it takes to attract investors online. Successfully selling out an Italian…

Pietro Lanza

Bank & Insurances Director


Pietro Lanza Pietro Lanza currently serves as Banks & Insurances Director at IBM, with a particular focus on large digital transformation projects and strategies for large enterprises in several industries. Pietro Lanza is an experienced manager with a demonstrated history of working in the financial services, management consulting, technology solutions…

Iva Matasic



Iva Matasic Investor, Iva Matasic is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Consulio, Inc., Zagreb, Croatia and Palo Alto, California, and a founding member of the global e-learning Think Tank ‘Company of Thought’. Iva is a serial entrepreneur, started her first IT company 20 years ago. Last 10 years she…

Artem Sokol

Director of Business Development

AZA Finance

Artem Sokol Artem Sokol is the Global Head of Strategic Partnerships at AZA Finance, an international fintech company that is accelerating economic growth in Africa through its best-in-class foreign exchange, payments, settlement and treasury services. A career fintech and e-commerce executive, Artem leads the company's international sales, partnerships, marketing and…

Lucija Lepsina



Cordelia Morgan Cooper


CMC Consulting

Cordelia Morgan Cooper Cordelia Morgan Cooper is the Head of People at KaFe Rocks, with a Degree in Philosophical Sciences from Newcastle University and 10 years of experience working within Recruitment and Talent Acquisition before moving into a People-centric role covering Talent Acquisition, Employer Branding, Recruitment and learning and development…

Daniel Gunba



Daniel Gunba Daniel Gunba is the founder of production company which is since 6 years on the market. Daniel is also the founder of NFT project TRIIONFT. They want to build a project with their community, for their community, meaning that the lucky first will be part of the art…

Adrian Niculescu


CloudCoin Consortium

Adrian Niculescu Adrian Niculescu is a successful fintech investor and estate entrepreneur, spending more than 20 years building and developing companies. Adrian is the CEO of Meta Description but above all, he is the CMO EMEA of CloudCoin Consortium, a digital currency you can store offline in a PNG or…

Josipa Majic Predin


Josipa Majic Predin Josipa Majic Predin is a serial technology entrepreneur with 9+ years of experience building scalable tech ventures. Josipa is leading product and development teams, selling to and co-developing products with Fortune 100 customers, raising capital from global professional investors. She is an expert in : go to…

Joshua Ellul

Director of Centre for DLT

University of Malta

Dr Joshua Ellul Dr Joshua Ellul was appointed as the Director of Centre for DLT at University of Malta. He is also the Director of the Centre for Distributed Ledger Technologies at the University of Malta which offers a multidisciplinary Masters in Blockchain and DLT. He is Chairman of the…

Tal Harel

Senior AM and community lead


Eran Shay

Managing Director

Benefit Business Solutions Ltd.

Eran Shay Eran Shay is the co-founder and Managing Director of Benefit Business Solutions Ltd - a Gibraltar based Innovation & Business Consulting firm. Eran has previously led the Financial Advisory Services practice at Deloitte in Gibraltar and has been working with Deloitte for over 15 years, initially based at…

Arnav Pagidyala

Investor & Advisor

Hashkey Capital

Özge Öz


QNBeyond Ventures

Özge Öz has been a Partner at QNBEYOND Ventures since January 2020. “We partner with audacious teams to take financial services beyond. As a strategic investor, our aim is to collaborate at the earliest stage in order to contribute with our insights and explore the potential opportunities within QNB Group.…

On Yavin

Founder & Managing Partner


On Yavin On Yavin is a serial entrepreneur, lawyer, and angel investor. He has more than 15 years of experience in general management, business development and marketing. He completed his law degree (L.L.B) at the College of Management and has been accepted as an Advocate by the Israeli Bar Association. On…

Aléksa Mil

MD | Operations & Governance


Aléksa Mil is an operational professional in the tech industry with a legal background. Having worked more than 5 years in the technology sphere, she has gained experience in the operating roles of various global edut-tech and fintech start-ups. Her experiences have led her to dive deep into the blockchain…

Eugene Shakula

Head of Operations


Eugene Shakula is the Head of Operations at DeepMine - first social economic NFT strategy. Eugene is set to build thriving, cutting-edge and sustainable companies by establishing strong partnerships and enhancing internal processes. Eugene’s got a solid entrepreneurial background and a total of 10+ years of experience in leadership positions. He’s…

Vas Modinos



Mark Grech


ProdMark 365

Mark has years of presence and experience across the gaming industry, playing a vast number of esports games from a very young age, where in the past 10, he has been discovering and working across different operators and affiliates on a global scale, which powered various online casinos and sports…

Yassir Haouati

COO & Co-Founder


Yassir Haouati Data-driven Entrepreneur and Engineer, Yassir Haouati is specialized in building unique and personalized marketing & sales funnels that convert website visitors into leads and customers. A digital systems engineer with a multifaceted skill set, applying his knowledge and experience in creating innovative solutions for the world’s needs. Yassir…

Daria Vasylieva

Investment Partner

FS Labs

Alexander Tkachenko



Alexander Tkachenko Alexander Tkachenko is the Founder and CEO of VNX and Managing Partner at, Luxembourg VC fund. Alexander is a serial entrepreneur, business angel, and member of the E100 – LBS business angel network. He is also co-Chair of the VC club at the Luxembourg Private Equity and…

Zhiliang Li

Founder & CEO

Carbon Credit Technology

Philipp Zimmerer

Core Contributor

Spool DAO

Tülin Tokatli

Founder and Advisor

Pitch Me First

Tülin Tokatli As a former LP at EIF, Tülin Tokatli evaluated investment opportunities across growth equity and venture capital funds. This included conducting due diligence, performing quantitative and qualitative analysis, preparing and presenting memos for the Board, monitoring investment portfolios, representing EIF at fund advisory boards and support related internal…

Pavel Jakovlev

Founder & Managing Partner

ANCORE Strategy

Pavel Jakovlev Pavel Jakovlev is the driving force behind Ancore. Passionate about growth and innovation, he has extensive experience of working with start-up and scale-up founders, taking them to the next level. Among his key skills are strategy setting, investor relations and demand generation. Throughout his career, Pavel has continually…

Igor Pertsiya

Managing Partner


Igor Pertsiya Igor Pertsiya is Managing Partner at Hypra. He is a venture partner of the large Ukrainian TA Ventures Foundation. Igor  is responsible for the Ukrainian and Israeli markets, also runs a co-investment club. Igor Pertsiya is an accomplished business development leader. He is a manager with vast…

Agne Linge

Lead Evangelist


Agne Linge Agne Linge is an executive providing strategy, marketing and communications services in the areas of crypto, DeFi and fintech. She has 10+ years of work experience and 5+ years of working in the crypto industry. She has experience in digital assets, crypto assets and utilities, centralized and decentralized…

Liudas Kanapienis

Co-Founder & CEO


Liudas Kanapienis Liudas Kanapienis is one of the most active personalities in the Lithuanian Fintech world. He is a serial entrepreneur, previously responsible for the first Fintech business development from Lithuania, Paysera Ltd, that was successfully built into a fintech bank. He is the Co-Founder & CEO at Ondato. All…

Goudet Abalé

Blockchain Services Coordinator & Senior Public Relations Consultant


Goudet Abalé Goudet Abalé is studying geopolitics at Sciences Po Lille and International Economics at Johns Hopkins University. Goudet completed several internships in public affairs in France (National Assembly, LREM parliamentary cabinet) and in Ivory Coast (Cabinet of the Ministry of Justice) before joining 35°Nord for his gap year. Goudet…

Yaroslav Shakula



Yaroslav Shakula Yaroslav Shakula is the CEO of YARD Hub, a venture studio focused on Web3/NFT/P&E projects. Firstly, he has been involved in award-winning Web3 projects as an investor and advisor. Shakula is passionate about DAOs, community-backed projects and gaming industry disruption through blockchain. Yaroslav's professional background includes affiliate marketing,…

Bob Reid

Co-Founder & CEO


Bob Reid Bob Reid is the CEO and co-founder of Everest, a licensed crypto custodian with its own high-speed blockchain, and the world’s first global, programmable stablecoin. Everest offers its users global fiat-in/out to crypto, a portfolio of financial services, including crypto trading with an access to 200+ coin pairs,…

Egin Govender

Founder & CEO


Justin Edwards

Founder & CEO

Verse Digital

Matthias Mende



Matthias Mende Matthias Mende became an entrepreneur at a very young age, he started working at the age of 9. Matthias completed his education in Germany at a Business College while running a car customizing webshop and a garage. He later moved to Dubai in 2007 and has been operating…

Dean Akinjobi


Football Media

Stephanie Simon

Head of Platform & Portfolio

Scrum Ventures

Stephanie Simon Stephanie Simon is an operations professional who's on a mission to help CEOs in the DEFI space build companies that are disrupting the old world order. She does this by harnessing the strengths and talents of their teams, recruiting A-Players, optimizing workflows with cutting edge methodologies to make…

Glenn Debattista



Glenn Debattista Glenn Debattista has been named Chief Operating Officer at Tallinn-based digital marketing agency Revpanda, leaving his position as Head of Product at Web International Services Ltd (WIS). This new position means that his time at WIS has come to an end after more than two years, during which…

Michela Silvestri

Institutional Sales

Huobi Global

Michela Silvestri Michela Silvestri is a blockchain advocate with experience in business development for the world’s largest digital asset exchanges. Based in London, Michela is a graduate with distinction in Economics and an honorary fellowship at Harvard University, Boston. Leveraging her unique combination of expertise in Traditional Finance, Fintech and…

Josh Berger



Josh Berger Josh Berger has 15+ years experience as a Founder and entrepreneur in tech and entertainment. He started his career innovating social media marketing and ran a global marketing agency in 2009 working with blossoming company to movie studios with hundreds of millions of marketing dollars. Through this endeavor,…

Alistair Pernigo



Alistair Pernigo Alistair Pernigo realized that we're using more than one sense while experiencing the world when he was only 8. Despite this, digital interactions (or shall we call them experiences?) are based on what we see and hear. Other senses haven't been used much. Alistair is one of the…

Ryo Umezawa

Managing Partner


Ryo Umezawa Ryo Umezawa spent 10 years in the Philippines prior to studying International Business and Economics at Sophia University in Tokyo. Ryo has been with J-Seed Ventures since 2005, participating in several partner companies where he frequently assisted in starting up the businesses, marketing and business development. He has…

Eli Taranto

Head of Business Development

Eqi Bank

Eli Taranto Eli Taranto is currently the Head of Business Development at Eqi Bank. In London, Eli was the managing partner of Magnum Group, leading communications strategies for major financial and retail clients. He has advised Cointelegraph, 0byte, Crypterium as well as other leading digital asset service providers. He holds…

Lior Lamesh

Co-Founder & CEO


Lior Lamesh is the Co-Founder and CEO of GK8, a cybersecurity company that offers a self-managed digital-assets management platform for banks and financial institutions, bridging the gap between conventional finance and the world of digital assets. Lior is an expert in finance, digital assets, and cybersecurity. He holds 7 US-registered…

Liesbeth Oost

Sustainability Manager

Aspire Global

Dev Sharma

Founder & CEO

Blockwiz Solutions Ltd

Dev Sharma Blockwiz was born in 2019 in Toronto, Canada by Dev Sharma. Prior to founding the world’s largest crypto marketing solutions provider, he served in executive leadership roles at the world’s largest cryptocurrency organizations such as OKEx and Paxful (Central Asia Regional Head). Simply put, the industry needed honest,…

Carlos Prada

Founder & CEO


Carlos Prada Carlos Prada is a young Portuguese entrepreneur with a traditional finance and architecture background. He decided to found masterblox in 2021, focusing on creating novel, vibrant and exciting strategies, and marketing products with international decentralized projects aligned with a robust ecosystem between the Emirates, Europe, and America. The…

David Lolaev

CEO & Founder

Salad Labs

David Lolaev David Lolaev has two higher education, PHD of economic sciences, diploma with honors. He is the expert on the state purchases since 2017. He has worked in various fields: started with HoReCa; launched projects in the banking sector; opened the center of authorisation and was actively engaged in…

Sandi Bitenc



Sandi Bitenc Sandi Bitenc’s love for technology began at the early age of 6. As a young kid, Bitenc used to get sick frequently and still hadn’t discovered his talent for sports, so when he got his first computer - a Commodore - he was immediately hooked. Since then, our…

Alex Meurer

Influencer / Angel Investor

AMCrypto / Fitburn

Dr Brandon Chicotsky

Business Director

Ascent House

Dr. Brandon Chicotsky Dr. Brandon Chicotsky is an Assistant Professor of Professional Practice in Marketing at Texas Christian University’s Neeley School of Business. He also serves as the Brand and Marketing Lead for the TCU Sales Center, where he instructs in the Certificate in Consultative Sales program. Dr. Chicotsky has…

Ferhat Kacmaz



Inspector Mindblow

Host Youtuber

Justin Melillo

Co-Founder & CEO


Justin Melillo Justin Melillo is the Co-founder and CEO of Mona, the premier 3D world-building platform and Web3 social network for the metaverse. Justin founded Mona because he experienced first-hand the lack of Web3 platforms for creators. As a visionary 3D artist, animated film creator, and immersive AR/VR designer, Justin…

Kyle Chasse


Master Ventures

Kyle Chasse Kyle Chasse has always been a visionary, creating first of a kind companies out of passion and unique foresight. He is an early adopter of Bitcoin and Ethereum since 2012 and going ALL-IN to the crypto world by 2014. His focus is on the application of cryptocurrencies and…

Mikheil Didebulidze

Founder & CEO

Arena Games

Mikheil joined the industry back in 2017 and became one of the pioneers in the development of industrial mining in Georgia. Being passionate about the crypto world, Mikheil co-founded an EU-based cryptocurrency exchange platform and WEB3 gaming gateway. Partner in VC firm concentrated on DEFI and GameFi startups.

Rico Pang

Co-Founder & CEO

Sanctum Global Ventures

Rico Pang is a serial entrepreneur, global venture builder, founding partner of several VC funds, and a regular speaker at international conferences on Digital Economy, Smart Cities, Social Impact. He has over 20 years of experience in emerging markets across real-estate, supply chain management, e-commerce, FinTech, private equity & public…

Wesley Ellul



Wesley Ellul is an experienced founder and digital marketing professional with a proven track record of working in the entertainment industry. He is skilled in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Ecommerce Consultant, PHP, WordPress, Theater and Event Management. Strong professional with a BA focused on Communication and Media Studies from L-Università…

Dr. Justine Scerri Herrera


MK Fintech Partners

Justine Scerri Herrera Dr. Justine Scerri Herrera is a Managing Partner at MK Fintech Partners which Maltese entity forms part of the Top Tier International ‘Michael Kyprianou’ group. Incidentally, MK is Top ranked in The Legal 500 and according to Gold Magazine is the 3rd Largest in size in Cyprus.…

Jonathan Andresen

Senior Director, Marketing and Products


Jonathan Andresen Jonathan Andresen is Senior Director, Marketing and Products at Incode. Mr. Andresen joined Incode from Forcepoint in January 2022 and has been working in the enterprise IT and telecommunications sector since 1996, relocating to Asia in 2003. Prior to joining Incode, Mr. Andresen held various product, marketing, and…