Meet the Speakers

Gary Vaynerchuk

Creator & CEO


Gary Vaynerchuk serves as the Chairman of VaynerX, the CEO of VaynerMedia and the Creator & CEO of VeeFriends. He is a prolific angel investor with early investments in companies such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Venmo, Snapchat, Coinbase and Uber. Gary is also an entrepreneur at heart — he builds…

John Lee

Entrepreneur, Investor, Mentor & Speaker

John Lee is an internationally renowned Entrepreneur, Investor, Mentor, Speaker, and best-selling Author. Over the last two decades, John has been generating wealth through multiple streams of income and is highly passionate about helping others do the same. He became a self-made millionaire through real estate investing, building various seven…

Jordan Belfort

VIP Guest of Pin-Up

Jordan Belfort is an American author, motivational speaker, and former stockbroker. He was born in 1962 and is best known for his memoir “The Wolf of Wall Street,” which details his rise and fall as a stockbroker in the late 1980s and early 1990s. “The Wolf of Wall Street” pursued…

Clinton Sparks

Author, Entrepreneur, Gaming and Esports Business Developer & Marketer

Clinton Sparks is a Grammy nominated, multi platinum music producer, songwriter and DJ responsible for over 75 million records sold, and has worked with some of the most recognizable people in the world from Eminem, Lady Gaga, Rick Ross, Snoop Dogg, Pitbull, Akon, Diddy, to discovering and signing mega platinum…

Johnny Walker

MMA Fighter

Dr Sara Al Madani

The Emirati Entrepreneur

Sara Al Madani is also called “Dr.” Sara Al Madani, owns a restaurant, is a fashion designer, a tech-preneur, and an entrepreneur. She got the idea to start her own business when she was 15 years old. They chose her because of her success as a young businesswoman and entrepreneur.…

H.E Laila Rahhal El Atfani

Goodwill Ambassador

H.E. Maria Camilleri Calleja

Ambassador of the Republic of Malta and Permanent Representative of Malta to IRENA Abu Dhabi

Government of Malta

Having joined the Public Service and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 2000, Ms Camilleri Calleja was assigned to the Protocol and Consular Office until October 2001 when she moved to form part of the team covering Near Eastern Affairs within the Bilateral Affairs Directorate. In April 2002, she was…

Irina S. Litchfield



Dr. Marwan Al zarouni


Dubai Blockchain Center

Marwan Al zarouni CISSP is a Crypto Pioneer and the CEO of Dubai’s Blockchain Center. The center provides crypto training courses and awareness programs for students, entrepreneurs and government departments. On February 2018, Marwan founded the region’s first crypto over the counted desk with the establishment of his company OTC…

Nick Spanos

Bitcoin Pioneer

Nick Spanos Nick Spanos is a pioneer in the bitcoin and blockchain technology space. In 2013, Spanos founded Bitcoin Center NYC – the world’s first ever cryptocurrency trading floor – which initially opened directly across from the NYSE in 2013. Spanos is also CEO of Blockchain Technologies Corp., which patented…

David Meltzer


David Meltzer Enterprises

In his early 20s, David Meltzer quickly rose to the top of his game in the business world, becoming a millionaire. David lectured around the globe and saw rapid success in every business project he touched. But something was missing, and in his 30s as a multimillionaire, he went on…

Davinci Jeremie

Crypto Educator

Davinci Codes

Cal Evans

Managing Associate

Gresham International

Cal Evans Cal Evans is the Managing Associate of Gresham International, a UK & Dubai lawyer and US Securities Consultant with experience working in top law firms in both California and London. He undertook advanced IT at a junior college and received the top AVCE recognition award before then undertaking…

Dr Jane Thomason


World Metaverse Council

Gordon Einstein


CryptoLaw Partners

Gordon Einstein is a hybrid Crypto-Attorney, Technologist, and Enterprise Strategist. Gordon received his undergraduate degree in Politics in 1991 from Brandeis University in Boston and then received his JD in 1995 from the USC Gould School of Law in Los Angeles. Initially, Gordon’s law practice centered on startup, venture capital,…

Jimmy Nguyen


Blockchain For All

Jimmy Nguyen is one of the world’s top advocates for blockchain and its use to power other digital technologies – including FinTech, Metaverse, IoT, and Artificial Intelligence.  His company Blockchain for All provides advisory, education & technology solutions to help enterprises and government entities implement blockchain applications. He is a…

Lucy Chow

Investor and Author

Changing the Game

Lucy is focused on the innovation space, both in terms of supporting founders and as an investor. She is the Secretary General, WBAF Global Women Leaders Committee and General Partner, WBAF Angel Investment Fund. She is also an investor with NextWave Impact Fund, and The Founder Institute and an LP…

Arvin Khamseh

NFT Marketing Expert

Sold Out NFTs

Arvin Khamseh Arvin Khamseh has always been on the forefront of new tech trends with an impressive history in biohacking, and internet marketing. Combining this with his experience in running investor relationship marketing for public companies,  Arvin knows what it takes to attract investors online. Successfully selling out an Italian…

Andres Meneses

Founder & Host

Crypto OG’s

Meet Andres Meneses, a renowned cryptocurrency expert and the host ofthe top-rated podcast, “Crypto OGs”, on the biggest streaming platform in crypto. With a deep understanding ofthe crypto industry, Andres has established himself as a thoughtleaderin the space. Over the years, Andres has interviewed some of the most prominent figures…

Agne Linge

Lead Evangelist

DeGate DAO

Prof. Joshua Ellul

Director Centre for Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT)

University of Malta

Prof. Joshua Ellul is Director of the Centre for Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT) and an Associate Professor of Computer Science at the University of Malta. The Centre for DLT developed and runs a world-first multidisciplinary Masters in Blockchain and DLT which takes in students having backgrounds in computer science, law,…

Darren Yan



Darren is a veteran entertainment executive and talent manager who formerly served as Chief Talent Officer at FaZe Clan. For four years, he headed FaZe Clan’s talent management group where he oversaw talent signing, development, and career management strategy for FaZe Clan’s esports pros, content creators, streamers, athletes, and music…

Paweł Łaskarzewski



Paweł Łaskarzewski Paweł Łaskarzewski is the Co-founder of one of the largest launchpads in the cryptocurrency sector, and at the same time one of the contenders on top of the podium for the largest technological organization on the market of decentralized finance, the Synapse Network. In his career, he has…

Obediah Ayton


Dhabi Hold Co.

Obediah Ayton is the Managing Partner of Synaptech Capital and Director of Dhabi Hold Co. In 2023 he has successfully launched the first Deep Tech Academy in the UAE, re skilling the population. Previously Obediah was at Family Office called Tennor Holding. Mr Ayton is a member of the SME &…

Dr. Habib Al Mulla


Habib Al Mulla and Partners

Dr. Habib is one of the UAE’s most highly respected legal authorities. He has over 38 years’ experience in UAE law and has drafted many of the modern legislative structures in place in Dubai today. Dr. Habib is a strong advocate for the improvement and modernization of UAE Laws. He…

Jorge Sebastiao

CBO (Chief Business Officer)

Simba Storage

Simba Storage is an institutional-level cold storage for Bitcoin, that is based on a multi-signature algorithm and located in four jurisdictions: Switzerland, Liechtenstein, the UAE and New Zealand. Our company is an accessible, transparent, confidential and flexible crypto-asset custodial solution designed for individuals and businesses of all sizes.

Alexandra Carvalho


Alex’s House of Social

Alex is a social media & business creative strategist. Following her performing arts career, she became an early adopter of internet marketing and spent 12 years working across branding, media, advertising agencies in London, Singapore, across the Middle East and Dubai. She ran social media departments and created social media…

Megan Nilsson

Crypto Megan

Megan Nilsson is also known as Crypto Megan on social media. Megan high-end crypto and NFT portfolio advisor to corporations, investors, and celebrities, as well as an investor and member of the Bored Ape Yacht Club, Doodles, World of Women, and many other top-tier NFTs. Currently, Megan is on a…

Nikita Sachdev


Luna PR

Nikita Sachdev is an Indian-American entrepreneur and investor who has built a successful business empire. Despite having a strong interest in a variety of businesses, Nikita discovered her true passion in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space in 2017, while working for the cryptocurrency behemoth Huobi. Together with her business partner,…

Joseph F. Borg

Partner & Head of Innovative Technology

WH Partners

Joseph F Borg is an advocate and Partner at WH Partners, where he heads the Blockchain Advisory and Gaming and Gambling Advisory sections of the firm. Joseph is ranked in the prestigious Chambers FinTech 2022 guide in the FinTech Legal practice area in Malta. He is also ranked as a…

Zack Ritchie


NFT Club

Hailing from the picturesque island of Malta, Zack Ritchie’s journey in design and advertising has propelled him to the forefront of contemporary art, design, and branding. His collaborations with industry giants like Red Bull, Martini, and Campari, combined with his deep-rooted love for Maltese culture, have resulted in a unique…

Francisco Fernandez

Co-founder & Head of Research

TheBit Research

Gabriel Laender


Auzza Capital

Reem Al Mosabbeh

Serial Entrepreneur

Reem Al Mosabbeh was titled the youngest female Emirati Tech Entrepreneur that runs an IT solutions house, a startup mentor and speaker who was recently featured in Entrepreneur Middle East, Innovation Arabia 13 MIT, Global Entrepreneurs EOGSEA, Masdar Future Sustainability Leaders, Arab Excellence, TechStars & Dubai Chamber. She is a…

Cannelle Maricaux

Founder & CEO

Koolute Investments

Onur Altan Tan


Bitci Teknoloji

Saeed Hareb Al Darmaki

Founder & CEO

Sheesha Finance

Saeed Hareb Al Darmaki is the Founder & Chief Executive Officer at Sheesha Finance. Saeed is the Managing Director of Alphabit Digital Currency Fund and formerly served as the Managing Director of Binary Financial. These responsibilities have provided him with unparalleled insight into the crypto/blockchain world and enabled him to build a critical network…

Jitendra Vaswani


Marco Funk



Let’s decarbonize! In 2020 I founded, an ecosystem aligning the stakeholders of decarbonization via smart contract financing. To get here was quite the journey… At the initial stage of my career I engrossed myself in learning languages and understanding different cultures while working in international hubs of business and…

James Bowater

Founder & Editor-at-Large

Crypto AM

James is the founder of the London Blockchain Forum, the GlobalAmbassador for World Mobile, an advisor and member of the Foundation board at MELD, an advisor to the Boson Protocol, an advisor to CUDOS, an investor and advisor to Cornucopias “TheIsland”, ambassador for BEQUANT and consultant for Sheesha.Finance He is…

Susan Oh



Laura K. Inamedinova

Founder & CEO

LKI Consulting

Laura K. Inamedinova is the CEO of London based, Marketing, Design and Web Development agency “LKI Consulting”. The majority of “LKI Consulting” clients are B2B technology-based companies working in the industries such as Software, Mobile, SaaS, Big Data, Fintech, Cybersecurity, etc. LKI Consulting is an international Marketing, Design and Web…

Martina Åkerlund



Kassem Lahham

Entrepreneur & Angel Investor

Bright Wealth Banking

Armed with deep product knowledge, being fluent in German, Arabic, French, and English languages, and with deep relationships and strategy experiences acquired through his long-term banking relationship for the significant Swiss Banks, he proceeded to advise on Financial- & Private Banking businesses for international banking institutions and financial companies in…

Isabella Händel


Masterblox Labs

Isabella is an experienced marketing professional with 8 years of industry experience. She has a proven track record of success, having worked with well-known brands such as Siemens and Volkswagen. Two years ago, Isabella transitioned into the blockchain industry, and since then she has been leading Masterblox Labs, a company…

Chris Smith


Business In Game

Tejinder Kumar



Tejinder Kumar Tejinder Kumar is highly experienced and technically minded senior manager with over 17 years of experience in sales, fintech and online trading industry with a proven track record of building, scaling and managing high performing retail and institutional teams for traditional finance and crypto start ups. Deep understanding…

Gustavo Montero

Founder & Chairman

Carter Capital

Gustavo is Swiss, trained Engineer, MBA, MSc. Over 30 year’s senior Banking/Finance management experience at Chairman, Board of Directors, and CEO level. Solid Corporate- Private Equity Management/ Finance experience, including Fintech – Blockchain, DEFI , Crypto currencies , M & A, IPO, ICO, STO. – Specialist in Company strategy ,…

Adel Bhurtun

Co-Founder & CEO

Traders Brawl

Adel’s extensive experience in the cryptoassets world was derived from working for the UK regulator, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Adel acted as the ‘Crypto-asset policeman’ who granted and refused cryptoasset licenses to UK applicants that sought UK registration in order to provide cryptoasset services such as setting up a…

Vas Modinos



Vas Modinos is an IT professional with over 22 years of experience in technical consulting & sales for enterprise-sized Fortune 500 companies. He spent the last 18 years of his career at Microsoft, leading and orchestrating large-scale, complex cloud solution discussions and driving competitive direction through a relationship-based approach. He…

Alexander Fazel



Alex played a critical role to scale SwissBorg from a 5 person startup to a 250+ employee scale-up and is known for his love for crypto investing, CeFi/ DeFi, fundamental analysis and the evolution of Tokenomics.

Alexander Mihailovski

Co-Founder & CPO

eComCharge UAB

Alexander Mihailovski is an e-commerce professional with extensive experience in creating and managing online payment processing systems. He is a very effective communicator at all levels with acquiring banks and payment service providers. He is a co-founder and Chief Product Officer at eComCharge UAB – the company, which develops white-label…

Luca Tagliaferro

International SEO Consultant

Tag Digital

Alex Tsepaev



Alex Tsepaev is a Chief Strategy Officer of B2Broker group of Companies. He has a wide experience in the Financial markets, including investment, banking, insurance and brokerage as well as regulatory experience. Alex Holds PhD title in law with a research experience in financial markets and works at B2Broker.

Alena Zharkovskaya

PR Director


Alena Zharkovskaya is a Head Manager of PR at Atmosfera, Viral Short Content Creator & Influencer and Instagram Public Speaker with 5+ years of experience in building global business relationships in international companies.

H.E. Mr. Zulfiquar Ghadiyali

Member, Commission for Peace

UPEACE Ambassador

H.E. Mr. Zulfiquar Ghadiyali is a multi-facetted technocrat, businessman and entrepreneur donning multiple hats. His business interests and acumen span different countries and diverse sectors across all major continents. He is a social entrepreneur and a social innovator, who aspires to create a significant social impact on countries and their…

Shafeeq Qureshi


Shafeeq is a serial entrepreneur having previously worked in financial markets in consulting, management & executive search with a focus on Trading & Risk management for leading investment banks and energy companies in London, Brussels & Paris. He is an LSE alumni with a diverse experience that includes roles with…

Kaspar Szymanski



Kaspar Szymanski a renowned SEO expert, former senior member of the famed Google Search Quality team and among the select few former Googlers with extensive policy driving, webspam hunting and webmaster outreach expertise. Nowadays Kaspar applies his skill set to recover websites from Google penalties and help clients to max…

Bailey Dodds

Head of Partnership


Bailey is the Head of Partnerships at Copiosa, where he leads their business development team. His background in education lends itself well to his main passion, explaining the world of cryptocurrency to newcomers in the Web3 space.

Joan de Ramón Brunet

Head of Institutional & Ecosystem Business Development


Entrepreneur soul and DeFi believer. During the past 2 years, Joan has been founding a Private Crypto ReFi investment fund, Cluster, focusing on minimizing entrance barriers for institutional investors. Now, as Head of Growth at EthicHub, the first ReFi protocol founded in 2017, is the time to scale.

Amir Student



Amir has been active in the web3 world since 2016 working on major projects such as the first Security token offering Tzero. At the Marketacross Group, The market leading PR firm in Crypto, Amir works to grow the organization through both internal innovations like Chainwire the industry’s first and leading…

Amna Usman Chaudhry

Consultant with the Blockchain and Web 3.0 team


Amna Usman Chaudhry has been involved in the blockchain and Web 3.0 space for quite a few years now, She is the winner of the Global Woman in Web 3.0 Award and has been featured as one of the “Top 100 Women of the Future”. Amna is also on the…

Ayesha Mubarak Ali

Co-Founder & Creative Director


Ayesha is an Internationally acclaimed Visual Tech-Artist and Wearable Art Designer/Researcher, focusing on Fusion-art practices. She is the Founder and CEO of Oshii Brownie Phygital Company and Co-Founder of Metavisionaries. Her work often explores the synergy between humans and machines, the intersection of technology and identity. By combining sci-fi themes,…

Dr. Naveen Singh

Founder & CEO


Nadiia Dvoinos

Marketing Expert

NOS Amigos

Nadiia Dvoinos is a serial entrepreneur, Marketing & PR Strategist, Work-Life Balance Coach. Сo-founder and Marketing Expert at NosAmigos (Kyiv, Dubai). The company has over 50 successful marketing and PR projects for Tech Startups and Enterprises in blockchain, telecommunications, retail, education, real estate, and medicine. Ex editor of (exited…

Andreas Tsindos



Andreas is a Fintech, Digital and Blockchain professional with over 25 years’ experience. Worked and consulted in several multinationals like Vodafone, Siemens and Saudi Telecom Company. Has been successfully running MWAN for the last 12 years with notable clients like UAE Telecoms Regulator, Abu Dhabi Health Authority, Del Monte Arabia,…

Mario Nawfal

Co-Founder & CEO

NFT Techonologies

Mario Nawfal is the Founder of the Athena Group of Companies, a business conglomerate of 15+ companies that operates in more than 40 countries. He started his first business with $300 in the bank selling blenders door to door which led to Froothie Australia. Through unconventional marketing techniques, efficient logistical…

Alex J.


Paula Tavangar

Partner & CIO

Injaz Capital

Paula Tavangar is a seasoned entrepreneur and respected leader in the Fintech, Blockchain, and Quantitative Finance sectors. With a wealth of experience and a proven track record, Paula has taken on the role of Partner and Chief Investment Officer at Injaz Capital – External Asset Management. Previously, Paula made significant…

Cinderella Amar

Executive Director


Seasoned expert in the crypto space with 15 years of experience in Capital Markets and a deep understanding of Web3 gained through 4+ years of hands-on experience. Cindy has a proven track record in building and scaling successful businesses. Implemented AI chatbots to streamline workflow, allowing the trading floor to…

Joel Michael

Founder & CEO

Oceans & Us

Joel Michael is a passionate Environmentalist and seasoned Entrepreneur working on Climate Tech and the development of Circular Economy ecosystems. He helps organizations accomplish Carbon Neutrality by developing and implementing Carbon Offset Projects and working towards a Net Zero future. He specializes in the development and trading of Carbon and…

Kevin Imani


Sankore 2.0 / near Kenya Hub

Kevin is the Founder and CEO of Sankore 2.0, which operates in Kenya as NEAR Regional Hub, dedicated to blockchain innovation, education and talent development throughout the African continent. He is also the Director of Open Forest Protocol Hub (Kenya), which uses blockchain to monitor forest projects end-to-end and offers…

José. F. Pereira


Caerus Ventures

José. F. Pereira is an investment strategy and analysis specialist running NEAR Foundation’s Caerus – a Web3 venture capital fund focused on Culture & Entertainment applications. Before Caerus, he was part of SwissBorg’s investment team, getting SwissBorg Ventures off the ground and leading research and diligence. He is passionate about…

Paula Hajduczenia

Head of Investments


Paula Hajduczenia is a seasoned Polish-American entrepreneur with extensive global experience in the venture capital industry. She expertly blends her knowledge of high-end blockchain technology with business development and investments to create a unique skillset. As the current Head of Investment for the Masterblox Foundation, Paula helps to rapidly scale…

Dr Andreas Mathikolonis

Senior Investment Analyst

Quonota Investments

Andreas holds 15+ years in strategic and operational roles across corporate, educational, and nonprofit sectors. He excels in organisational setup, project management, budget planning, and he has strong business acumen. With a great passion for blockchain, he is a crypto industry expert since 2015, skilled in fund management, token economics,…

Edward Condrat

Senior Esports Lead & Project Manager

Empire Play

Edward is the Senior Esports Lead & Project Manager at Empire Play, an agency based in Abu Dhabi that focuses on producing Arabic Esports content in the MENA region and localizing/distributing international gaming & Esports content. Edward joined Empire Play at its launch in 2018. Currently, he is responsible for…

Wadih Al Sayah

eSports Expert

Wadih made his way up in the MENA community from coaching, casting and running events to a position where he can impact the region development! His focus now is on sharing insights and guiding individuals and companies that are looking to make their mark on the industry.

Aravind Swaminathan

Co-founder & Bussiness Director


An avid gamer since the age of 3 with a semi-professional background in Counter Strike (Source, GO). A 25 year old computer engineer that deviated from the norm and got into the esports and gaming business in the region while still being in University; in turn becoming one of the…


NFT Artist

”Vesa’s art is amongst the most integrally advanced in the history of Western abstraction – no small claim, but one backed up by the works themselves. Rather than abstraction as a fleeing from life, his works are a diving into the incarnate mystery of human being — direct celebrations of…

Pavlina Papalouka

Branding Strategist / Founder

AwakenSpace Education

Pavlina Papalouka is the founder of AwakenSpace Education, an International Award Winning Speaker, Personal Branding Expert, Video Blogger and Business coach specialising in helping entrepreneurs grow their businesses, through building powerful and influential personal brands. During the past 12 years, she has collaborated and shared the stage with numerous world-class…

Cordelia Morgan Cooper


CMC Consulting

Cordelia Morgan Cooper Cordelia has over a decade of international HR and Recruitment experience and has developed a passion for driving happiness and wellbeing in the workplace, having seen first hand the impact of an engaged workforce when it comes to both recruitment and retention.   Cordelia set up her…

Paul Dawalibi


Holodeck Ventures

Leila Hurstel



Tanja Dimitrijevic

Head of Legal

Red Acre Group

Matthias Mende


Bonuz Market

Matthias Mende is a German entrepreneur living in Dubai since 2007. In 2016, Mende developed an interest in Bitcoin, which drove him to research further into blockchain technology. He is a key opinion leader and influencer with followers of more than 300,000 across his social media platforms. Additionally, Mende has…

Luca Arrigo


Metaverse Architects

Aideen Shortt

Advisor to Minister of Finance


Wesley Ellul



Wesley Ellul is an experienced founder and digital marketing professional with a proven track record of working in the entertainment industry. He is skilled in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Ecommerce Consultant, PHP, WordPress, Theater and Event Management. Strong professional with a BA focused on Communication and Media Studies from L-Università…

Michaela Lallouz

Founder & Web3 Strategy Consultant

WEB3 Space

Michaela is a multi-talented creative who has combined her skills in Web3 strategy, Filmmaking, Journalism, Public Speaking, Directing, and Acting. She uses her art and her platform to bring awareness to the importance of mental health, the potential of Web3 technology to create a more equitable world, and to empower…

Mahiar Afrooz

Co-Founder & CEO


Mahiar Afrooz is CEO & Cofounder of ROYA and accomplished entrepreneur with a unique vision for future disruptions. His dedication and craving for new learning experiences have placed him in the top tier of Scandinavian founders. His cultural background and strong family values always made him look for sustainable solutions…

Patrice Poujol

Founder & CEO

Lumiere Project

Patrice Poujol Founder and CEO of Lumière / ACIM Research Fellow, City University of Hong Kong Patrice is the founder and CEO of Lumière (??) which has recently partnered with Finfabrik to create a series of film finance tool aimed to facilitate access to film funding for independent producers, to…

Mohammad Sear

Digital Government & Public Sector Consulting Leader

EY Africa, India, Middle East

Mohammad J Sear is focused on bringing purpose to digital in government. He is an explorer of the metaverse, and on a mission to cutting through the noise and hype to make sense of what this new revolution really means for citizens and their governments. He has obtained his leadership…

Taylor Freeman

Co-Founder & CEO

Axon Park

Taylor has been working in the XR & AI industry for nearly 10 years, during which time he taught the first in-VR class at MIT, was awarded Forbes 30 under 30, and worked on training programs for Google and NASA JPL. He currently serves as the CEO at Axon Park,…

Daniel Buttigieg



Daniel has been involved in the industry for two decades initially engaged in the sale and implementation of financial management systems, payroll, stock and POS turnkey solutions to the hospitality, retail and manufacturing industries locally. Lending himself toward the business development aspects an organization, he was later involved in the…

Tom Busby


Cryptobusy & Cby Capital

James Far

Founder & CEO

Magiccraft & James Crypto Guru

Josh Moden


Cryptobusy & Cby Capital

Valerie Hawley

Director of Corporate Partnerships


Valerie Hawley is Director of Corporate Partnerships the Sorbonne Centre for Artificial Intelligence (SCAI), in Abu Dhabi, an entity aiming to enhance AI capabilities across the Middle East. SCAI focuses on Healthcare, Financial Services and Climate Change. Her expertise lies in advising companies on their disruptive innovation strategy by developing…

Marcello Mari

Founder & CEO


Marcello Mari is the CEO and co-founder of SingularityDAO, a decentralized finance project that pioneered artificial intelligence. 2x TEDx speaker with extensive knowledge of DeFi and Blockchain Marcello attends the majority of international speaking events on a regular basis. Marcello was also a part of the SingularityNET founding team, working…

Maverick Milkowski

Co-Founder & CEO

StarHeroes Game

Jaguar-Adva Gal


Jaguar Reg&Comp

Jaguar Lawyers Firm leads international business law consulting, including building companies contractual structure, international licensing, regulatory compliance, and court litigation, as well as legal financial arbitration. The firm’s focus sectors are high-tech companies and investors, startups – computer law, internet and apps, and cyber law – Data Privacy and information systems.…

Megan Easey

Marketing Director


Megan Easey’s career focus has always been on connecting human potential with operational methodologies that enable individuals and teams to perform at their best. As Marketing Director for SunContract, Megan holistically believes that SunContract’s blockchain based energy trading platform is news to take the world.

Muneeb Mushtaq

Co-Founder & CEO


Muneeb Mushtaq is a Canadian entrepreneur and public speaker with an impressive track record of founding and selling successful startups. At the age of 20, he established his first venture, an online marketing agency, which was acquired just two years later. He then co-founded AskforTask, an on-demand consumer platform for…

Michael Sung

Chairman & CEO

Freeflow Finance

Michael Sung is a technology venture builder and investor focused on the blockchain, digital finance, and Fintech industries. Prof. Sung is Chairman/CEO of FreeFlow Finance, a leading cross-border payments company developing regulated digital currency interoperability and on-chain FX infrastructure solutions for retail B2B commerce and trade. Prof. Sung is also…

Gregor Novak

Co-Founder & President


Cofounder and President of SunContract, Gregor lives and breathes his passion for renewable energy as a highly accomplished and seasoned senior executive who has built a proven platform to take blockchain based energy trading to the world.

Vikas Pandey

WEB3 Advisor & Architect

Byte Holding/Near

Jurgen Hoebarth



Vanshika Srivastava



Vanshika Srivastava is a tech evangelist, creator and developer. She works at Biconomy. Her expertise happens in developer relations and evangelism. She is plugged into Web3 and Crypto ecosystem.

Alexander Strigin


Relictum Pro

Alexander Strigin is an active specialist, an expert in information technology, with 13+ years of experience in the industry, who built his career from a junior engineer in applied and web development up to an entrepreneur in IT, a co-founder of the fintech company (startup) Relictum Pro, with 50+ thous.…

Akhila Komma

SEO Manager

Growth Leads

Akhila Komma is a highly experienced SEO Manager with a deep understanding of the iGaming industry. She is adept at developing and implementing SEO strategies that help online gaming websites increase their online visibility and drive organic traffic. With a strong background in keyword research, and on-page & off-page optimization,…

Janet Adams



Janet Adams, Chief Operating Officer of SingularityNET, is a disruptive tech advocate and decentralized AI expert with published works on Ethics and Regulation of AI. Janet’s leadership role at SingularityNET entails responsibility for decentralization, operations, technology, marketing, strategic partnerships and business development. Prior to joining SingularityNET in 2021, Janet held…

Alex MacDonald Vitale

Founder & CEO

Titan Advisory AG

From early years exploring intellectual property law and setting up a first company in sustainable design, Alex recently returned to his origins and established a Swiss-based advisory platform focused on identifying and accelerating positive impact ventures and technologies that offer genuine potential to support our collective futures. His long-held belief…

Dereck Hoogenkamp


Yalla Limited

Vineet Budki

CEO & Managing Partner

Cypher Capital

Vineet has led over 100+ investments in the crypto and blockchain space, investing in blockchain startups including Casper Labs, Mysten Labs, Torus, KILT and many more. He has spoken on VC Investments at events like Token 2049 – Singapore, WEF – Davos, DCentral – Austin TX, Nearcon &Nearverse – Lisbon,…

David Orban

Managing Partner

Beyond Enterprizes

David is an investor, entrepreneur, author, keynote speaker, and thought leader of the global technology landscape. His entrepreneurial accomplishments span several companies founded and grown over more than twenty years. An early adopter of blockchain technologies and an active Bitcoin investor since 2010, he was the first to own Ether…

Jerry Lopez

Founder & CEO


Jerry Lopez is a 20yr veteran in Network Marketing, 6yrs in Blockchain and Crypto Currency. He has focused on international expansion and community culture building with the end goal to help redistribute wealth through education, entertainment and digital products, while bringing unity of people across the planet. Blockchain + Giving…

Alex Lopez



Alex Lopez is a music industry veteran and the founder of Soundpickr, a cutting-edge music blockchain company that focuses on collecting and distributing music royalties. With over 7 years of experience in the music industry, Alex has built an impressive track record of success in various roles ranging from artist…

Anjum Shahzad

CEO BloxBytes


Anjum is a business leader and Blockchain & Web3.0 enthusiast with 15+ years of work experience in the software development industry. My aim is to create an impact by leveraging the power of blockchain & web3.0 technologies. I’ve been a business strategist in the emerging tech space for more than…

Orel Sror

Co-Founder & CSO


With extensive experience in the financial industry, I previously worked in a leading investment bank spacific capital markets and credit risk management, overseeing a credit portfolio of over $1 billion. Now, as a co-founder of OviO, I am focusing on developing a product that offers a seamless transition for web2…

Steve Murray

Co-Founder & CEO

Zogi Labs

Dynamic and dedicated professional with the ability to adapt to changing marketing channels and growth platforms of cryptocurrency to understand the demands of blockchain technology solutions for business product design, technical, business outcomes, and efficiencies. With over 12 years of experience in delivering operational, e-commerce, and market-specific plans, ASO, SEO,…

Mark Grech

Founder | Product Marketer

ProdMark 365

Mark has extensive experience across multiple industries, whether it’s iGaming or emerging technologies, working in various roles covering Product & Marketing Management, and Business Development. Exploring various emerging spaces, including the Blockchain, web3, and Cryptocurrencies, He founded Prodmark 365 with a focus on developing the next generation of immersive products using…

Priya Ratnam

Founder & CEO

Avisa Games Guild

Priya Ratnam is the Founder & CEO of India’s largest Blockchain Gaming Guild called Avisa Games Guild (AGG), a Venture capitalist and the most influential Woman in the Crypto space from India. She also runs a woman-in crypto group called “Crypto Female Universe” – exclusively for women across the Globe.…


Crypto Influencer & VC Investor

DustyBC is a crypto influencer, entrepreneur, and content creator who provides daily insights into finance, entrepreneurship, and the ever-changing world of cryptocurrencies.

Dr. Anish Mohammed

CTO & Chief Scientist

Partner Protocol

Anish, is Co-founder , chief scientist and CTO of Panther protocol, has 20+ years of experience in security and cryptography. He has spend half his career researching cryptographic algorithms and protocols at three different research groups including Microsoft Research. Anish was an early advisor to Ripple and Ocean protocol, he…

Anita Kalergis

PR & Communications Manager


Nurturing investor and company relations and solving problems since 1984 and in the crypto space since 2017. I am an Ambassador for Helsinki Blockchain Centre as well as globally for the AIBC Summit. I am also the Granny Ambassador for the internationally awarded digital artist VESA, and the Web3 Music…

Roman Cyganov

Founder & CEO

Antix Company

Roman Cyganov is the Antix company founder, a global technological expert with a solid commitment to bringing innovation excellence to the market, empowering people’s experience in the unfolding era of metaverses. Throughout his career, Roman was the founder and leader of several technological startups, including a renowned Vivix Studios, which…

Andy Ku

Co-Founder & CEO

Altava Group

As a graduate of architecture and urban planning from Cornell and Harvard, Andy has been involved in startups since 2002, working with some of the world’s most recognizable names in media and gaming. Andy has been a pioneer in social gaming, having created MStar, a 3D-avatar-based fashion app. Andy launched…

Muhammad Hamza

Director of Business - MENA


Muhammad Hamza has over 18 years of experience driving impact across prestigious government entities such as the Emirates & Dnata Group, Wafi Group, Dubai World and Dubai Customs with extensive experience in Web3 Technologies, Metaverse, NFTs and Sustainable Blockchain Solutions. He’s also on the advisory board of several big data,…

Karl Escritt


Like Digital & Partners

Karl Escritt has been recently appointed as the Chief Executive Officer of Like Digital & Partners. He first joined Like Digital & Partners in 2013 as Creative Director in the London office before moving to Dubai in 2019 to lead the Middle Eastern operation as Executive Creative Director. With over…

Alessia Baumgartner

Business Development Manager MENA

DWF Labs

Adrian Niculescu


TOMORROWerse Capital

Adrian Niculescu Adrian Niculescu is a successful fintech investor and estate entrepreneur, spending more than 20 years building and developing companies. Adrian is the CEO of Meta Description but above all, he is the CMO EMEA of CloudCoin Consortium, a digital currency you can store offline in a PNG or…

Nathan Pearson-Smith


18 Ventures

Corinna Reibchen

Co-Founder & CEO


Corinna Reibchen has demonstrated what many consider impossible: She founded a successful start-up, scaled it in just a few years to become an international giant with several locations, and then sold it at a profit without neglecting her role as a mother and family man and still being the decision-maker…

Ian Arden

Co-Founder & CEO


Ian Arden has focused on blockchain technology to enable and improve humanity since 2010. He has built or launched over 270 companies as сo-founder of award-winning blockchain innovation agency, venture builder and accelerator – “Applicature”. The firm provides growth advisory and launch service, including token economics, marketing, investor relations, funding,…

Vladimir Nikitin

Venture Partner (CIS)

Shima Capital

Vladimir Nikitin is the experienced startup founder, Co-founder and CBDO of Liquidifty, and VP of CIS region at Shima Capital. Vladimir has been working in the blockchain field for more than 6 years. Before joining Shima Capital, he worked on ICO bench – World No.1 rating platform for blockchain projects,…

Assad Dar

Co-Founder & Chief Visionary Officer

Medieval Empires

Meet Assad Dar, Co-founder and Chief Visionary Officer of Medieval Empires – helming a cutting-edge mid-core strategy game that’s set to revolutionize the gaming world. With over 15 years of experience in the digital arena, he has been leading organizations into the future with one goal in mind: to drive…

Saeed Sharaf

Founder & CEO

eSpots Middle East

Saeed Sharaf is a multi-award-winning gaming professional with over a decade of expertise in esports, publishing services, and more. An an entrepreneur he has launched three successful gaming companies, including eSports Middle East LLC, one of the official operators of Moonton’s Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League, and the recipient…

Sabine Roiss

Head of Business Development


Sabine is an Austrian entrepreneur with extensive experience in Communications and Business Development with a demonstrated history of working with startups across Europe, Asia and the MENA region in Blockchain, Crypto, iGaming, Payment Processing, Marketing and Event Management. A creative self-starter skilled in strategic thinking, communication, management and leadership. With…

Dan Khomenko

Co-Founder & CEO

Sidus Heroes

Towqeer Gilkar


Emchain and Stalwart Esports

Towqeer is the CEO of Emchain, Stalwart esports, Board of Director for One Broker Group Dubai, Owns Beauty Retail chains in Dubai. Emchain Currently has largest reach in Web3 media and marketing with 500 million plus Subscriber-base and have worked with 4-5 billion Viewership per month.

Lion Uriel

Commercial Marketing Director


Mark Borg

SiGMA TV Presenter

SiGMA Group

Carl Runefelt

Crypto Entrepreneur & Founder

Carl Runefelt, also known as ‘The Moon,’ is a serial entrepreneur who has invested in 400+ Web3 start-ups, making him possibly the world’s largest crypto angel investor. The crypto evangelist has featured in Forbes 30 under 30 and in top business publications such as FOX Business, Forbes US, CNBC, Business…

Vasilisa Marinchuk

Co-founder & COO

Meme The Gathering

Vasilisa Marinchuk is dynamic and visionary executive with a solid academic background and more than ten years of diversified work experience with a strong emphasis on operational excellence and process optimization. International MBA from IE Business School, a top-tier program. Vasilisa has a track record of effectively completing projects of…

Oliver Von Wolff

Founder & CEO

Helion Ventures

Oliver von Wolff is a Venture Capitalist and Venture Builder with experience in architecture and establishing regulated and unregulated investment products. Oliver is Co-founder and CEO of Helion Ventures a Dubai DIFC licensed investment company for early-stage tokens and fintech-blockchain companies. Prior, Co-Founder & Managing Director of Crypto Oasis, Managing…

Feras Al Sadek

Managing Partner Ghaf Capital

Enya Labs

Feras Al Sadek is an entrepreneur & angel investor who has entered many ventures throughout his career across multiple industries including hospitality, real estate, blockchain & tech – ranging from start-ups to well-established enterprises. He has won various awards for his businesses as well as himself such as the Marketing…

Saad Ahmad

The Principal Consultant - Emerging Technologies

Decrypted Solutions

Saad Ahmad is an accomplished technology and software industry leader with over 10+ years of experience, specializing in blockchain and web3. As the head of emerging technologies at Bloxbytes, he is responsible for leading the development and implementation of the company’s strategic plans. Saad has a strong track record of…

Alexander Kap


Kaplink and AI for Business

Alexander Kap is an accomplished entrepreneur, keynote speaker, and writer who specializes in blockchain and AI development solutions. As the founder of Kaplink and Lucroom (an online education platform), Alexander has helped startups transform their businesses by leveraging these technologies. Alexander is a sought-after keynote speaker who has delivered presentations…

Oliver De Bono


Quantum Gaming

Parul Tarang Bhargava


vCommission Media Private

Alex Ellul


AE Consulting

Philipp Shayzhanov



Robert Kopitsch

Secretary General

Blockchain for Europe

Robert Kopitsch is the initiator and co-founder of Blockchain for Europe and acts since its foundation in 2018 as its Secretary General. In parallel, Robert also serves as APCO Worldwide’s European Financial Services, FinTech and Blockchain practice lead. Besides that, in 2022 he also advised the DeFi Education Fund (DEF).…

Brendan Mc Kittrick

Chairman & Founder


Brendan McKittrick has worked in leadership roles in two dozen countries, in both large corporations and self-started entrepreneurial ventures. He was global CTO/CIO for world’s largest processor of airline tickets, overseeing the settlement of airline tickets for over 100 countries valued at over $250 billion per annum pre-Covid19. In 2019…

Oleg Ivanov

Venture Investor & Co-founder

Snir Ambar

General Manager of GDAI


A computer scientist turned people scientist. With over a decade of leading strategic business initiatives, Snir became an expert at rapidly matching clients’ needs with disruptive solutions. His extensive knowledge of various industries empowers him to develop customized IT strategies for enterprises worldwide, utilizing the latest technology to get a…

Faraj Abutalibov

Founder & CEO

Daofund VC

Faraj Abutalibov – The Founder & CEO of the crypto fund (Daofund VC) (10 years in Dubai, 15 years in Oil & Gas, BSc, MSc of eng, MBA, Harvard business school executive education, advising 10+ crypto projects). Co-founder and CBDO of crosschain data and liquidity protocol ( Founder of the…

Alex Andryunin

CEO & Founder

Gotbit Hedge Fund

Rene Darmos


Moonhill Capital

René has 14 years of experience in management roles, including transnational corporations such as Red Bull and Unilever. He has more than 8 years of experience as an entrepreneur and 7 years of experience as a crypto investor with an extensive network of contacts and partnerships, built also thanks to…

Elias Ahonen


Cointelegraph/University of Turku

Elias Ahonen is a Finnish-Canadian blockchain and legal expert based in Dubai and described in 2016  as “one of the first Bitcoin historians” in 2016 for his ethnographic book Physical Bitcoins, which was followed by Blockland (2020). His doctoral research at the University of Turku Law School concerns the intersection…

Ekin Tuna

Head of Business Development

Waves Labs

Ekin Tuna is a crypto and finance professional with of more than 10 years in the industry. Since 2014 and after graduating from Leiden University College he has worked in the core teams of multiple Layer 1 protocols including NEM, Oasis Network and Waves in business roles covering finance, fundraising…

Amrita Sethi

NFT Artist

Amrita Sethi is the first NFT artist in the UAE, a pioneer and thought leader in the web 3 space and an award-winning UAE golden visa holder. After a successful career in the banking world, Amrita left the corporate world for a deeper calling to become an artist, leading to…

Fred Antunes



Fred Antunes is the current CEO of RealFevr and in 2015 he founded the Portuguese Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Association. With a background in Philosophy, he coordinates the Post-Graduation in Web3, Blockchain and Cryptoeconomics at ISAG, is a guest lecturer at FCT Nova University and is a member of the contact…

Dr Deeban Ratneswaran


GD10 Capital

Co-founder of GD10 Capital (VC with a string of successes in blockchain, Web3 and gaming) and Marketing10 (marketing subsidiary which supported many successful projects including,, and others. Currently launching a gaming incubator and centralised exchange. Dr Deeban has advised on over $50mill worth of funding 2019-22 and…

Darrach Campbell

Management Director

Esports Management Group (EMG)

Darrach has years of international experience within investment banking, family offices, legal, gaming, esports and entertainment. As management director of the Dubai born entity “Esports Management Group”, Darrach has a vision to make Dubai a global powerhouse when it comes to all things gaming and esports. Through strategic investments, festival…

Iosif Peterfi

Founder & CEO

Ethernity CLOUD

Meet Iosif Peterfi, the innovative Founder and CEO of Ethernity CLOUD.With a remarkable 20-year track record in key tech infrastructure positions, including roles at the US Department of Defense and Max Planck Digital Library, Iosif is a true visionary in the industry. As a distinguished speaker at AIBC panel, he…

Nikola Tchakarov

Head of Sales


Mahmoud El Sidani



Mahmoud Sidani, known to many as Mr. Moudz, is a Lebanese-born, Saudi-raised fashion & lifestyle blogger based in Dubai. Starting his career as a buyer at Dubai’s Level Shoes, Mr. Moudz has become one of the Middle East’s top male social media influencers with a reach spanning throughout Europe and…

Dr. Nisheta Sachdev

Managing Director

Luna PR

Nisheta Sachdev is an Indian-American marketing and PR specialist. She has been involved in the blockchain space since 2017 and has helped launch Luna Media Corp and build Luna PR, an award-winning PR and marketing agency based in Dubai that has worked with over 600 tech companies. Playing an active…

Dr Somdutta Singh

Founder & CEO

Assiduus Global Inc.

Dr Somdutta Singh is a serial entrepreneur and angel investor operating her third venture, Assiduus Global Inc., a leading cross-border, cross-marketplace E-commerce accelerator generating $300 million in GMV. Dr Som has had two highly successful multi-million dollar exits before she founded Assiduus Global. An MIT alumna, Dr Som has been…

Euni Wong

Web 3 Advisor, Crypto Trader, Investor

Mikheil Didebulidze

Founder & CEO

Arena Games

Founder and CEO at Arena Games and Degamefi. An entrepreneur, and an investor with extensive experience in crypto and blockchain fields.  Mikheil Didebulidze joined the industry back in 2017 and became one of the pioneers in the development of industrial mining in Georgia. Mikheil Didebulidze is an entrepreneur and an…

Stase Blitz


PIN-UP Partners

Mouloukou Sanoh


Cassava Network

Mouloukou Sanoh is the Co-founder of Cassava Network, a Web3 platform focused on entertainment, gaming and rewards for the African continent. He is keenly interested in driving Web3 adoption in Africa. Mouloukou is also an Investment Manager at Adaverse, a $100 million fund backed by Emurgo, and a Vice President…

Jayden Sage


Global Crypto Council

Jayden Sage is the Founder & CEO of Global Crypto Council (GCC). He is a Wall Street Mathematician who has been in the Blockchain space since 2011. He serves as a Speaker & Advisor to startups, universities, governments, and industry in the upcoming transformation to distributed value creation. His particular…

Andrew Matushkin

Head of Global Business Development


Andrew Matushkin is a Head of Global Business Development at B2Broker Group of Companies. Bachelor degree in Economics and Master degree  in International Business Strategy. With substantial experience in the financial market, including fintech, brokerage and payment business. Andrew has been a part of the B2Broker group from early stages…

Michelle Crawford

Managing Partner


Abdallah Al Ghifari

Senior Esports Manager, Level Infinite MENA

Tencent Global Games

Arman Babaian

Growth Expert

Zorka Agency

Tim Mangnall

Founder & CEO

Capital Block

Tim Mangnall is CEO and Founder of Capital Block, Europe’s leading web3 consultancy dedicated to sports and entertainment. Capital Block is an evolution of Capital Sports Media, which owns and manages Sports inventory and general media activity across football clubs in Europe, Middle East, North Africa and Turkey. Tim began…

Seva Krutsko

CEO, Member of the Board

Vondel Digital

Karan G

Senior Investment Associate

Cypher Capital

Karan Gandhi is a Senior Investment Associate at Cypher Capital – a $100m blockchain-focused venture capital fund based out of Dubai, UAE. Prior to working in Blockchain, Karan worked as a senior venture architect building tech startups for the largest licensing authority in the UAE. He has vast experience scaling…

Marko Balac



Marko Balac is the founder and CEO of DexStar, a blockchain platform aimed at bridging the financing gap for real world sustainable projects. Prior to DexStar, he was involved with startups, multinationals, and government organizations. His experience spans Asia, Europe, and the Middle East. Marko holds a Bachelor of Science…

Antoine Kanaan


Lebanon Law Review

Antoine Kanaan founded and runs the Lebanon Law Review in 2020, an academic research institution meant to enlighten, reform, and inspire the Lebanon Legal Community. The Law Reveals has since grown to over 90 members, and has partnered up with renowned international legal actors like LexisNexis and Konrad Adenauer Stiftung.…

Uliana Protashchuk


Pin-up Global

Vít Jedlička



Since his early high school days, Vit Jedlicka has been interested in classical liberalism. He became actively involved in the libertarian movement after reading Frederic Bastiat’s books.  Vit received his bachelor’s degree from the University of Economics, Prague, the Czech Republic, in 2009. His thesis was on central banking and…

Mariya Spartalis


Terreus Capital

Mariya Spartalis, a highly accomplished financial influencer and industry expert. With a remarkable career spanning over 25 years, Mariya has held prestigious positions in the banking sector, making significant contributions to the financial landscape. Mariya Spartalis was ex director of the first Swiss crypto bank, Falcon, located in Switzerland. Her…

Eric Barbier

Founder & CEO


Eric Barbier is a serial entrepreneur who has built and scaled multiple payments companies globally. This includes TransferTo (now Thunes and DT One) and Mobile 365 (acquired by SAP). Today, he is the CEO and founder of TripleA, the first cryptocurrency payments gateway to be licensed by the Monetary Authority…

Jan Robert Schutte

Co-Founder, Crypto Trader & Coach


Jan Robert is CEO & Co-founder of CryptoAcademy The Netherlands, which acts as a bridge to the Crypto market for investors and traders. As a crypto trader & coach, Jan Robert helps investors be successful and profitable in the crypto market. He is also a well-known and respected international keynote…

Przemysław Kral


Zonda Global

Przemyslaw has 20 years of experience in the legal field as the founder of a law firm specializing in cryptocurrencies, due diligence, criminal economic matters, and setting up and running companies in the EU. As CEO of Zonda exchange, Przemysław is determining the vision and growth trajectory of the company…

Yuriy Dvoinos

Chief Innovation Officer

Bruce Porter Jr.


Washington Elite

Bruce Porter Jr. has brought together world leaders developing the digital landscape from blockchain to the metaverse. Porter brings a solid track record. His name is synonymous with the Bitcoin monetary revolution. Bruce is the CEO at GlobalBoost, a decentralized communications company based in Washington, DC. Their blockchain produces BSTY…

Rizwan Mughal

Senior Legal Consultant


Rizwan is a UK qualified lawyer with over 10 years’ of legal experience. He has High Court, Appeals Court, and Technology and Construction Courts experience, together with non-contentious commercial contracts experience, and has represented clients across a range of sectors, most notably in sports, construction, trade, and emerging technology. Rizwan…

Mark Thorne


Centurion FC

Zulqarnain Javaid


UAE Trade Connect

Zul Javaid was appointed as CEO of UAE Trade Connect in the year 2020. He has been a part of Etisalat, the Middle East’s leading telco and digital group spanning over a decade in various senior leadership roles. Prior to this, Zul has been CEO and CFO in various telecommunication…

Roberto Gallo

CEO and Founder

Centurion FC

Mr. Gallo Roberto is the CEO and Founder of CENTURION FC. Mr. Gallo was an early advocate of Mixed Martial Arts and has a distinguished 26-year history of contributions to the industry. Mr. Gallo was a MMA fighter training and competing all over the world in the very beginning of…

Jorge Carrasco

Managing Director. Blockchain & Digital Assets

FTI Consulting

Jorge Carrasco is a Blockchain and Web3 expert and enthusiast, with more than 15 years of experience building and developing lines of business related to emerging technologies. Mr. Carrasco supports clients in developing strategies for enterprise blockchain implementation across multiple sectors, and has supported nationwide consortium implementations Mr. Carrasco has…

Niraj Kumar

Head of Global Transaction Banking

United Arab Bank

Niraj presently heads Global Transaction Banking at United Arab Bank. He is a seasoned banker experienced in conventional and Islamic banking and has previously worked with Emirates NBD and Noor Bank in the UAE. His experience in India includes working with HDFC Bank and ICICI Bank having managed regional roles.…

Kamran Ahsan

Senior Director, AI and Smart Data

e& enterprise

With professional experience of 25 years in ICT, Kamran Ahsan brings demonstrated achievements in building, transforming and accelerating business plans by propelling technological, financial and people performance. He offers a unique combination of technology and business acumen with a credible track-record in serving public and private sectors and service provider…

Jean-Michel Azzopardi

Chief Strategy Officer


Jean Michel is an accomplished tech and business professional with a strong background in blockchain and startups. With over a decade of experience, he excels in driving partnerships, sales, and innovation. Jean has secured significant funding, pioneered groundbreaking blockchain technology, and built top-performing remote teams. As a public speaker and…

Yanislav Malahov


æternity Blockchain

Yanislav Malahov, a veritable veteran of the game, is an expert innovator with more than a decade’s worth of experience in the fields of crypto and blockchain. The “Godfather of Ethereum,” who has for a long time been considered a foremost blockchain expert and pioneer, has (co)created and launched seven…

Sean Ellul


Metaverse Architects

Faisal Alshehhi

Manager - Digital Economy Acceleration

Dubai Chambers

Amina Methi

Founder & Creative Director

KRWN studio

An Azeri-American founder, serial entrepreneur, multidisciplinary creative, advisor and consultant with a career that spans across Dubai, Baku, Milan and New York City. As an alumni of Bocconi University, Amina is also a keynote speaker, Web 3.0 strategist, panelist, and podcast guest on topics pertaining to digital self-identity, creative and…

Melanie Dow

Content Manager


Melanie is a content manager with over a decade of experience in content and marketing. With a passion for Web3, NFTs and DeFi, my aim is to raise awareness of blockchain technology as a driver for positive change and inclusion through gaming.

Shawn Chong

Head of Business


Fernando Martinho

Co-founder & CEO

Nick Bahl



Nick Bahl is the founder of ReelStar and a business magnate with companies ranging from media and entertainment to property development. Having found Sizzlen Productions – an award-winning media and entertainment company specializing in arranging live concerts, film productions, and film distribution in Australia – Mr. Bahl brings with him…

Christian Ribeiro



Amit Singh Rathore

Founder & CEO

Football Fan app & FanCoin®

Amit is the Founder & CEO of leading Web 3.0 social sports and media app called “Football Fan”. Football Fan app empowers fans to create revenue streams for themselves by collecting FanCoin® cryptocurrency for posting content (e.g., videos, photos, podcasts, chat rooms etc.), engagement or playing games. Once fans collect…

Ivan Navodniy

Chief Product Officer


Ivan Navodniy is a Chief Product Officer at B2Broker, graduated from American University in Bulgaria, majoring in Business Administration and Information Systems. With 6 years of IT product management experience, Ivan has been a part of the company since the very beginning and has an outstanding knowledge about building a…

Xena Kash



Crypto Kid (Efe Kelemci)

The Youngest Crypto Influencer

‘I’m 15! And I am an Angel Investor, Crypto Content Creator, Technical Analyst and Speaker. My mission is to educate my generation about disruptive technology and prepare them for the real world.’

David Palmer

Co-Founder & CPO

Vodafone’s Digital Asset Broker (DAB)

David Palmer is a digital visionary and global platform innovator. He is the Chief Product Officer and co-founder of Vodafone’s Digital Asset Broker (DAB) platform, and one of the leaders in blockchain technology for Vodafone Business. David is a recognized thought leader in blockchain, Web3 and the application of these…

Josef Holm

Founding Partner

Draper Goren Holm

Poste actuel : Partenaire fondateur de Draper Goren Holm. Formation : Université du Maryland, licence en informatique. Ingénieur communication GRAZ. Expérience : Josef Holm est un entrepreneur en série et un investisseur international avec 25 ans d’expérience dans la croissance des startups, du développement commercial et du marketing numérique. Il…

DDr. Davorin Kralj

Founder & CEO

Institute for Creative Management

Vadim Dyakov

Head of Strategy


Lotta Vainio


VESA Digital

Alice Stork


Incryptoland PR & Marketing

Klaus Kajetski

Founder & CEO

YaLLa Esports

Klaus Kajetski, Middle East esports trailblazer and serial entrepreneur with 20 years of gaming experience, founder and CEO of YaLLa Esports.  Finnish-born now Dubai based since 2011, paving the way for regional esports ecosystem to thrive with a legacy of nurturing local talent and creating champions. Today, YaLLa Esports has…

Ripul Mahajan


Ripul Mahajan is a seasoned veteran in the world of crypto. With his early entry into the industry in 2017, he has accumulated a wealth of knowledge and expertise that has made him a sought-after keynote speaker at some of the most prestigious blockchain conferences around the world. His speaking…

Miguel Francis-Santiago

Founder & CEO

The Future is Now DAO

Eran Elhanani


BullPerks and GamesPad

Arsenii Miakotnikov

Managing Partner

Input PR & Marketing

Expert in creating and executing marketing strategies for tech & blockchain projects. As the Chief Marketing officer at Midas Investments helped to increase the platform’s TVL from $16 million to $317 million. Utilizing skills in content marketing, growth hacking, and setting up crypto referral systems, Arseny has co-founded three NFT…

Pati Murtazalieva

VP Global Sales Operations


Alex Meurer



Mariangel Garcia

Community Lead

BNB Chain

Mariangel Garcia is a versatile leader with a passion for digital marketing and promoting the adoption of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. She has been working with leadership programs since 2013 as Venezuelan Youth Ambassador by the U.S. Department of State and Partners of the Americas. She has been part of…

Bruno Sanmartin

Web3 Investor & Co-Founder


Bruno is a profesional investor and trader, he also grew a community of +20.000 investors in less than a year He is the co-founder of Mediacrypto, a marketing company specialized on blockchains. He is also the CMO at Prime Numbers, an ecosystem composed of different protocols that generate revenue for…

Matteo Gamberale

Founder & CEO


Arushi Goel

Specialist, Data Policy and Blockchain, Centre for Fourth Industrial Revolution India

World Economic Forum

Arushi Goel is a specialist for data policy and blockchain at World Economic Forum Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution India. She leads work on strategic and governance issues relating to data sharing through data exchanges and technology policy for blockchain and digital assets to drive innovation and sustainable development,…

Pavel Dergachev


Pavel Dergachev Pavel Dergachev is one of the founders of 4H Agency and a visionary. He has 7+ years’ experience in the gambling and tech sector (including the most significant international gambling operators and media giants). This experience allows him to bring a business-oriented approach to Agency’s operations. At 4H…

Elena Kupriianova

Chief Marketing Officer, Creative Director

Salah Eddine Mimouni



Salah Eddine Mimouni Salah Eddine Mimouni is a serial entrepreneur, public speaker, digital marketing expert, and the founder of Richmedia Digital Agency and Salah Eddine Mimouni is from the Moroccan city of Casablanca-Settat. Salah Eddine works in “Marketing & Advertising,” “Higher Education,” “Information Technology & Services,” “Fine Art,” and…

Pavel Jakovlev

Founder & Managing Partner

ANCORE Strategy

Zavier Murtza



Nikolett Vilmos


CRX Media

Milan Novaković



Milan Novaković established the marketing agency ‘HIREQUARTERS’ in 2017, with the mission of bringing value, quality, and authenticity to the field of digital marketing. Milan Novaković believes that communication is critical to conducting business successfully, and as such, he is always available and prompt to react to any queries you…

Sabitov Daniil


Marlerino Group

Julian Goffin

Executive Director & CEO


Julian Goffin is the Executive Director and CEO of Finductive Ltd, holding this position for the past 3 years and being part of the team that created the idea of a finductive dream many years before that. A commercially minded payments expert with vast knowledge and experience in business development,…

Arshiya “xArshyy” Faraghat

Streamer & Esports Host

Four04 Esports

Passionate about transforming the e-sports industry in the MENA region, I have several years of experience in gaming and content creation. With a background in dentistry, I made the bold decision to follow my true passion for gaming, starting as a streamer and growing a dedicated following. Since then, I…

Hilary Stewart-Jones

GCB Advisor

Hilary Stewart-Jones is a practicing UK lawyer who has specialized in assisting gambling companies and associated businesses since 1995 both in house and in private practice. She headed sector teams as a partner at BLP and DLA UK LLP, where she was able to leverage an international network to help…

Dion Croom

Founder & CEO

Ovii Technologies, PLC

Dion Croom is acknowledged as a Social Entrepreneur and virtual world pioneer in avatar digital media and its use in translating virtual world branding into real world success for the benefit of society at large. Bridging the digital divide. Games-based intervention strategies, emergent in-action on-action models, commercial products, and patented…

James Ashton


Vegas City Limited

Georgina Kyriakoudes

CEO & Co-Founder

aria health

Catie Romero-Finger

Founder & CEO

BABs Lab

Catie Romero-Finger is a marketing strategist and leader with over 15 years’ experience in diverse industries. Catie is on a mission to assist organizations create and craft a story for their products, services, or solutions that will help them reach more people and obtain wider market adoption. She has a passion…

Sheraz Ahmed

Co-Executive Director

Crypto Valley Association

Sheraz Ahmed has advised hundreds of organisations on the implementation of modern Web3 practices to further their business objectives. As the Managing Partner of STORM Partners, the world-renowned solution provider, and as the Co-Executive Director of the Crypto Valley Association, he drives growth, collaboration, and integrity across the global blockchain…

Mritunjay Singh

Lead - Trade Product Management


“Mritunjay, is a Trade finance professional with over 25 years of transaction banking experience based out of India, Singapore, Australia and UAE. He leads Trade products for ADCB. He brings in wealth of Trade finance experience in documentary and open account trade into the region gained through structuring solutions for…

Bhargava Sistla

Product Manager

UAE Trade Connect

Bhargava is a senior Financial Crime professional with extensive experience of working in Advisory consulting, Banking, and FinTech’s. In his current role at UAE Trade Connect (UTC), he is responsible for managing business analytics, product design and enhancement, and aiding executive team in designing and executing business development strategy of…

Miguel Palencia

Co-Founder & COO

Qtum Foundation

Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of Qtum foundation , Miguel Palencia has 9 years’ experience in blockchain technology and 21 years’ experience in server administration, and Linux development. His blockchain experience has allowed him to participate in global conferences and meetings with medium and large companies. Miguel has developed block…

Alex Antsyferov

Chief Business Officer


Bartek Sibiga


Bio  Founder and CEO of, a leading CEE Influencer marketing agency. Cofounder of Dynamic Lab, TraitSwap and Fancy Bears. Well-known NFT investor holder of many BAYCs and Binance-certified KOL. Polish champion in freestyle skiing and represented Poland on the national team. Speaker at WEB3 and economics conferences like Economic…

Pooria Haddad

Founder and CEO


I graduated from Computer Science in Master degree. My thesis is about AI and Neural  Network’s structure prediction path. I started Filoger as an AI company in 2018. For now I’m also AI Product Owner at Entekhab Electronic Holding which is the largest home appliances and IOT in my country.…

Elena Rzianina

Founder & CEO

Lenkep Recruitment

Alexander Filatov

Co-Founder & CEO


Since 2018 Alexander Filatov is a co-founder and CEO at EverX – core developer of the Everscale blockchain platform. In this capacity he has been with the project from its inception, making an important contribution to the Everscale ecosystem where he also contributed to a few more start ups. Alexander…

Roman Shportko

Executive Producer


Stephen Arnold



Stephen is a creative professional with a background in creative production for AAA video games. He has worked with some of the most well-known studios on projects including Cyberpunk 2077, Star Citizen, Batman Arkham Origins, God of War and Just Cause 4. In 2018, he founded Fracture Labs to create…

Felix Mago


SPACE, Dash NEXT & Futerio

Felix Mago is a co-founder and chief of crypto of SPACE, a commerce-focused Metaverse. He is an expert in DeFi, Metaverse, NFTs and decentralized business. Felix is also co-founder of the consulting company Futerio, Create3Labs, Blocktech Institute and Dash Next, the leading cryptocurrency for real-life payments, where he drives biz-dev…

Samuel Huber



Uma Hagenguth

Founder & COO


Uma is Co-founder & COO at APPICS, a web3 development company based in Zug, Switzerland and she is Board member at L1-Blockchain Telos. She’s been fulltime in the blockchain space since 2016 and co-founded her company in 2018. APPICS is most well known for their reward-based social media dApp APPICS…

Pavel Prigolovko

Co-Founder & CSO


Alexandre Raffin


GAINS Associates

Alexandre Raffin is the Co-Founder and CEO of GAINS Associates, one of the largest, oldest and most active crypto communities in the world. Alexandre holds a Master’s degree in Computer Science. He is passionate about new technologies and can’t wait to be a part of new and exciting revolutions that…

Michael Cutajar

Head of Sales

Metaverse Architects

Khaled Moharem

President – Middle East


Khaled is a dynamic, passionate, creative and highly communicative leader who genuinely values employee and client relationships and successfully drives teams to deliver results far beyond targets. This charismatic leader has developed extensive expertise from his vast experiences in the financial payments segment, nurtured over 21 years of business relationships…

Mina Henin

Product Development Specialist

An Aeronautical Engineer by education and Product Development Specialist by profession and passion. Mina is a true believer in the transformative power of blockchain technology and the potential of the crypto industry to change the world. In his current role in BeInCrypto, Mina draws on his extensive experience to lead…

Sheikh Muhammad Noman

Co-Founder/ Business Development Partner

Mortgage Hub/ W3WNA / Sandjar Group / IPE

Dmytro Budorin

CEO & Co-Founder


As a Сo-Founder and CEO, Dyma Budorin leads a team of 120+ Hacken talents and empowers the vision of a safer Web3. With 8+ years of auditing experience at Deloitte and C4 CCSSA Certification, Dyma focuses on bringing transparency and trust to the crypto industry by providing high-level cybersecurity services.…

Manan Shah

Founder and CEO

Avalance Global Solutions

Entrepreneur since 19, the tech genius is enthusiastic about internet safety. He then became CEO of Avalance Global Solutions, which has protected some of the world’s greatest businesses and made a digital stir. At 21, he investigated cybercrime for Twitter, Yahoo!, Facebook, Nokia, Blackberry, PayPal, Skype, Google, Apple, and Microsoft.…