Meet our Past Speakers

Gary Vaynerchuk

Creator and CEO


H.H Sheikh Saqer Bin Mohamed Al Qasimi

Member of the Royal Family of the UAE

The Al Qasimi (Arabic: القواسمand, archaically, Joasmee) is an Arab dynasty in that rules emirate of Sharjah, today forming two of the seven emirates of the United Arab Emirates. They are one of the longest reigning royal families in the Arabian peninsula and the oldest ruling house in the UAE.…

Her Majesty Queen Diambi Kabatsuila Tshiyoyo Muata of Congo

AIBC Eurasia Speakers

Diambi Kabatsuila was crowned as the ruler of the Bena Tshiyamba People of the Bakwa Indu of Central Kasai Region part of the ancient Luba Empire in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) on August 31 2016. All the Bakwa Lunta Chiefs have enthroned her on July 15 2017. She…

Nick Spanos

Bitcoin Pioneer

AIBC Eurasia Speakers

Nick Spanos is a pioneer in the bitcoin and blockchain technology space. In 2013, Spanos founded Bitcoin Center NYC -- the world's first-ever cryptocurrency trading floor, which initially opened directly across from the NYSE in 2013. Spanos is also CEO of Blockchain Technologies Corp., which patented VoteWatcher, the first-ever blockchain…

Christopher Jaszczynski

CEO & Founder


Christopher Jaszczynski is a German entrepreneur and Cryptocurrency expert. He is the Co-Founder of MMConsult and MMCrypto, one of the most famous Cryptocurrency-related YouTube channels. As of April 2020, Jaszczynski's YouTube channel, MMCrypto, has more than 50,000 subscribers and over a million of monthly views. The channel mainly focuses on…

Ben Goertzel



He is the Creating Benevolent Decentralized AGI at SingularityNET. "My main focus these days is the SingularityNET project (http://singularitynet.io), which brings AI and blockchain together to create a decentralized open market for AIs. It's a medium for the creation and emergence of AGI, a way to roll out superior AI-as-a-service…

Jane Goodall


J.G Foundation

Jane Goodall is best known for her 60-year study of social and family interactions of wild chimpanzees since she first went to Gombe Stream National Park in Tanzania in 1960, where she witnessed human-like behaviors amongst chimpanzees, including armed conflict. Equipped with little more than a notebook, binoculars, and her…

Josef Holm


Draper Goren Holm

Current Occupation : Founding Partner of Draper Goren Holm.   Education: University of  Maryland , Bachelor’s  degree , computer information system.  GRAZ communication Engineer. Background/Experience:  Josef is a global serial entrepreneur and investor with 25 years of startup growth hacking, business development, and digital marketing experience. He has a passion for disruptive…

H.E. Laila Rahhal El Atfani

President & Founder

Business Gate & I Am Africa Platform

H.E. Laila Rahhal El Atfani is the Founder and President of Business Gate and the Global President of CEC-UK. Business Gate is one of the premier companies specializing in business studies, financial analysis, the evaluation of new and existing projects and the feasibility of business projects in the Gulf region.

Kavon Soltani

SVP Blockchain and Innovations


H.E. Maria Camilleri Calleja

Ambassador of the Republic of Malta and Permanent Representative of Malta to IRENA Abu Dhabi

Government of Malta

Having joined the Public Service and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 2000, Ms Camilleri Calleja was assigned to the Protocol and Consular Office until October 2001 when she moved to form part of the team covering Near Eastern Affairs within the Bilateral Affairs Directorate.  In April 2002, she was…

Robert E. Grant

Founder, CEO

Crown Sterling Limited LLC

Robert E. Grant is the Founder, Chairman, and Managing Partner of Strathspey Crown LLC, a growth equity holding company based in Newport Beach, CA. It has a a broad portfolio of company and asset holdings spanning healthcare, clean energy, social media, and financial technology. In addition, Robert E. Grant is…

The Moon Carl


The Moon

Carl Eric Martin (born in1994) is a YouTuber, Bitcoin advocate and cryptocurrency analyst well known for his famous channel The Moon. His channel is considered to be one of the best YouTube channels on Bitcoin (BTC) and cryptocurrencies. Carl Martin is a well known public figure in the crypto space.

Irina Heaver

The Crypto Lawyer

AIBC Eurasia Speakers

Dr Irina Heaver is a leading FinTech and Crypto lawyer based in Dubai and Switzerland. With over 17 years of experience gained as a Partner in a law firm and in-house as a regional General Counsel, she advised on over 500 billion USD worth of projects and transactions in the…

Ivan Liljeqvist


Moralis Web3

Ivan Liljeqvist Ivan Liljeqvist is the CEO and Founder of Moralis.io - one of the most successful Web3 Development tools helping developers build fast and more efficiently on the blockchain. Ivan is responsible for setting the company’s strategic vision, developing its culture and managing and directing its agendas. Ivan is…

Ilman Shazhaev

Founder & CEO

Farcana Metaverse

Ilman Shazhaev is a unique combination of business savvy and technology explorer with engineering background, he is an emerging professional in the IT, DeepTech, Engineering, AI and Crypto industry, deeply fascinated by international technology integration and implementing worldwide. 10 years of experience in R&D in DeepTech industry as founder and…

Cal Evans

Managing Associate

Gresham International

Cal Evans Cal Evans is the Managing Associate of Gresham International, a UK & Dubai lawyer and US Securities Consultant with experience working in top law firms in both California and London. He undertook advanced IT at a junior college and received the top AVCE recognition award before then undertaking…

Motti Peer



Motti Peer Motti Peer is the CEO of ReBlonde. He is an experienced chief executive officer with a demonstrated history of working in the public relations and communications industry. He is responsible for handling the Public Relations aspects, strategizing, and specializing in crisis management. Motti Peer likes to think “out…

Gil Solomon

Founding Partner

Gil Solomon & Co

Gil Solomon Dubbed as "one of Israeli's leading emerging tech lawyers", Gil Solomon acts for clients in a variety of cross-border corporate transactions with an emphasis on technology related matters, privacy and data protection, cryptocurrency and blockchain, mergers and acquisitions and venture capital investments. Background/Experience: Prior to founding his firm,…

Wesley Ellul



Wesley Ellul is an experienced founder and digital marketing professional with a proven track record of working in the entertainment industry. He is skilled in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Ecommerce Consultant, PHP, WordPress, Theater and Event Management. Strong professional with a BA focused on Communication and Media Studies from L-Università…

David Orban

Managing Advisor

Beyond Enterprizes

David Orban is a global technological thought leader, investor, entrepreneur, author, keynote speaker, and author. He has created and grown a number of businesses over the course of more than two decades. Also, the first to acquire Ether upon the Ethereum debut in 2014. He was an early adopter of…

Tim Draper


Draper Associates

Tim Draper is an American venture capital investor, and in 1985, he founded the company that would become Draper Fisher Jurvetson (DFJ). He also founded Draper Associates and Draper University. In July 2014, Draper received wide coverage for his purchase at a US Marshals Service auction of seized Bitcoins from…

Louis Bellet



Louis Bellet is a software architect and serial entrepreneur in the fintech, crypto & blockchain spaces. For the past ten years, he has been hands-on in the crypto industry, founding Openware, the world’s leading crypto exchange software provider. Now, with Yellow, Louis Belletplans to solve the problem of fragmented liquidity…

Ian Scarffe

Founder member


Ian Scarffe is a serial entrepreneur, investor and consultant with business experience from around the world. As a leading entrepreneur, Ian is on a personal mission to develop a culture of entrepreneurship, helping startups achieve their full potential as well as helping to expand existing companies. Ian has founded ‘Binkplus’,…

Steve Chao

Founder & CEO

Turing Industries

Steve Chao is a Canadian journalist and the senior Asia correspondent for Al Jazeera English. He was the Far East and Asia Bureau Chief for CTV News. He is based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Chao was raised in Toronto where he attended Dr Norman Bethune Collegiate Institute high school. He began his career in Ottawa, reporting for CJOH before moving to Vancouver to work at CTV's Vancouver station.…

Justin Sun

Founder, CEO


Justin Sun, born in 1990, master of University of Pennsylvania, bachelor of Peking University,founder and CEO of mobile social application Peiwo and TRON, the former chief representative for Greater China of Ripple. 2011 Asia Weekly Cover People; 2014 Davos Global Shaper; 2015 CNTV new figure of the year; 2017 Forbes…

Tone Vays


AIBC Eurasia Speakers

Tone has worked on Wall Street for 10 years prior discovering Bitcoin. Since then he has been educating people on his YouTube Channel about the importance of this unique Financial Technology. Tone has been featured in several Documentaries like Magic Money & Bitcoin - Beyond the Bubble and has had…

Cordelia Morgan Cooper


CMC Consulting

Cordelia Morgan Cooper Cordelia Morgan Cooper is the Head of People at KaFe Rocks, with a Degree in Philosophical Sciences from Newcastle University and 10 years of experience working within Recruitment and Talent Acquisition before moving into a People-centric role covering Talent Acquisition, Employer Branding, Recruitment and learning and development…

Miko Matsumura



Miko Matsumura founded crypto exchange Evercoin, and is a General Partner with Gumi Cryptos Capital. He is also a venture partner with BitBull Capital and an advisor to Arrington XRP Capital. He is an advisor to LCX, the Liechtenstein Cryptocurrency Exchange. He is an investor in Pantera Capital. He is…

Sunil Rajan



Sunil Rajan is the Co-Founder and President of ePOP, a Green Tech business across digital payments and block chain with a mission to plant 1 million trees by 2025. Sunil brings more than 25 years of experience working in high growth companies in analytics and technology industries. His expertise centres…

Justin Goldston


SydTek DAO

Justin Goldston is a professor at Penn State University. He teaches Project and Supply Chain Management. His research focuses on finding ways to improve the world by using supply chain management, new technologies, and sustainability. Both SydTek DAO and The Guild DAO were started with his help. Students from all…

Hoda A. Alkhzaim


Digital Association for Woman

Hoda A. Alkhzaim has 17 years of experience in industrialization and economic development projects. She has led and motivated several tech-based industrial investments in the UAE and internationally. She worked on several turnaround projects that were aimed to achieve strategic, financial and operational synergies of industrial and business prospects. She…

Craig Obligacion Wilson

Metaverse Consultant

The Unigrid Foundation

«  I’ve been told I am an out of the box visionary thinker, driven to succeed, a hard worker, clever and creative but really, I am just passionate. I have always been naturally attracted to building communities. In the late 90’s I lead a group of friends in a loose…

Justyna Osowska


Women Blockchain Canada

Justyna Osowska is on a journey to build a community and promote women in blockchain through education. She is the Founder of Women in Blockchain Canada with a passion for data, entrepreneurship, marketing and blockchain technology. Justyna, originally entered the blockchain space because she has worked in IT and data…

Dr. Jane Thomason

Leader in blockchain

AIBC Eurasia Speakers

Thought leader in technological innovations and blockchain for social good. Top 10 Digital Frontier Women & Inaugural Quantum Impact Global Champion UN Decade of Women. Recognised in Forbes Magazine (2018) and The Introducer Magazine (2019) as a leader in Blockchain for Social Impact, Jane is a firm believer in the…

Loretta Joseph

Aml/ctf consultant on VASPS

McDonell-Nadeau Consultants

Loretta is a public policy influencer and globally recognized as an authority in digital asset regulation and blockchain technology.Loretta is a highly dynamic, skilled banking, financial and consulting professional with over 30 years in financial markets and related sectors. Loretta is a lifetime fellow of the advisory board of  ADDCA…

Russell Korus

Co-Founder & CEO


Russell Korus is the Co-Founder and CEO at EZ365, a revolutionary digital ecosystem; and the CEO of Wee-Cig International, a publicly traded NFT company. A futurist and visionary, Russell has been a blockchain and cryptocurrency evangelist since first discovering this technology eight years ago. He is a globally recognized thought…

Thierry Ruiz



Mr. Arys Ruiz is a Mexican, Belgian and French national. He spent most of his career in Consulting, Banking, and Commodity Trading. His finance experience ranges from private banks, interdealer brokers, and investment banks such as Scotiabank (Mexico), TP ICAP (London/Geneva) and Credit Suisse (Zurich). His passion for commodity trading…

Dr. Yana Leonova

Deputy General Manager

The Private Office of Sheikh Saqer Bin Mohamed Al Qasimi

Sustainability is the future of investing and can no longer be ignored. Dr Yana Leonova holds a law degree from Russia, an MBA from the UK and a PhD in Economics from Russia. Her experience included various industries worldwide till she became fascinated by the blockchain/technology world 5 years ago…

Viktoria Soltesz


PSP Angels

« I am the founder of the payment consulting firm, PSP Angels, which helps online businesses optimising their payment flows and costs by finding the best payment and banking solutions. (pspangels.com) I am also the Partner of Oxygia, a boutique firm in Malta, which was created to improve the payments processing…

Mati Greenspan

Founder & CEO

Quantum Economics

Mati Greenspan is the Senior Market Analyst at eToro, a global social trading and investment platform and the author of The Complete Guide to Fintech Investing. Mati is a licensed portfolio manager in the European Union and his main focus is on macroeconomic analysis, portfolio diversification and cryptocurrencies.

Kevin Murcko

Founder & CEO


A thought leader in FX, Crypto, and Financial Regulation focusing on bringing real change to capital markets globally. Kevin does not just talk the talk, he walks the walk, advising regulators and governments on matters relating to regulating novel markets and instruments, regulatory sandboxes, CBDC, and related topics.

Marcello Mari



Marcello Mari, the CEO of SingularityDAO, is a native storyteller, with a successful career in journalism and PR, with contributions to publications including TechCrunch and The Guardian. Marcello’s curiosity and passion for new technologies led him to SingularityNET, a decentralized, open-source marketplace for AI algorithms, where he was made head…

Pravash Dey



  « I led formation of the USIndia Blockchain Council and UKIndia Blockchain Council, a consortium of entrepreneurs, innovators, academia researchers, investors, financial institutions and trade & investment organisations. Currently I am also building multimillion dollar worth Blockchain as a Service (BaaS) - Fintech & MediaTech Network @ www.theusibc.com and www.thebrandglobal.com…

Josh O’Cock


Growth Gurus

Josh O’Cock Josh O’Cock has a driven DNA that has seen him thriving at the forefront of social media and digital marketing. Josh has worked in social media and digital marketing and has developed an inspiring approach to digital marketing through consulting, managing and executing these digital strategies with a…

Yahya Mohamed Mao

Founder & EIC


Biography Current occupation As a firm supporter of social impact, education and technology for good, Yahya Mohamed Mao is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Scientya.com – The digital world publication. Considered as one of Switzerland’s fastest growing tech blogs, Yahya aims with Scientya.com to build an international community of contributors…

Josep A. Aliagas

Managing Partner

DIS Capital

Josep A. Aliagas is a global-minded person. Economist, tech-investment banker, serial entrepreneur with multiple successful exits, and a thought leader in developing strategic innovation for success. With over 25 years of experience in business development and consulting for high-profile clients around the world. He focuses on practical business solutions involving…

Sheldon Freedman

Fintech Lawyer


Sheldon Freedman is a US, Canadian and Israel fintech lawyer specializing in blockchain and crypto-related financial services. Sheldon advises global security-token issuers and crypto funds, and is a contributor to the top-ranked Swiss industry private newsletter, The Daily Fintech.

Innocent Clement


CIBA health

Responsible for developing the business strategy for Ciba Health Inc, including establishing policies, goals and mission statements. Closely monitor company's products, services and make recommendations to help increase sales and reduce expenses. Involved with daily routines of Ciba Health Inc, including meeting with potential investors, vendors and product development.

Daven Michaels

Executive Chairman

CurrentC Power

Daven Michaels has been an entrepreneur since he was 15 years old, which means he has been in business for nearly 30 years. A business strategy that he discovered during this time allowed him to turn numerous different company initiatives into incredibly profitable firms, including a couple multimillion-dollar home runs,…

Alex Davis

Founder of Mavryk Finance & CIO Tezos Israel

Tezos Israel

He is currently Chief Innovation Officer at Tezos Israel. Responsible for producing new innovative ideas and overseeing their journey from origination to deployment, Strategic Business Development, Ecosystem Collaboration, Developer Workshops and Marketing Initiatives. He holds a master’s degree in Counterterrorism & Homeland Security with additional specialization in Cyber-Terrorism.

Sami Chlagou


Cross The Ages

Prashant K Singh

Consulting manager

Global Consulting Organization

In his current role at DD, he works with global teams on Digital transformation and modernization projects. Across his career in IT and Management Consulting, he has contributed towards - Advisory & Consulting, Solutioning & Architecture, Consultative Sales, and Research. Most of it has been around Emerging Technologies; and he has…

Vytautas Karalevicius



Vytautas Karalevičius is a science-driven entrepreneur with a strong financial background. He is currently working on Bitcoin and virtual payment card ventures, also interested in academic projects. Vytautas studied at University of Durham, obtained a bachelor’s degree of Arts with honors in Business Finance. He holds a master’s degree of…


Singer & Producer

Black Eyed Peas

Allen Pineda Lindo, (b. 28 November 1974) is better known as Apl.de.ap. He was born in the impoverished district of Sapang Bato in Angeles City in the province of Pampanga, Philippines. He is of Afro-Filipino descent. Apl.de.ap is part of a famous hip hop group, the Black Eyed Peas. During…

Ilja Radlgruber


Pantaflow Digital Business

Companies lose money every day because they don't know what their company already knows. I scale business growth through the implementation of AI on key knowledge processes. With these skills, I leverage and structure your key knowledge processes - AI Strategy Consultant (with MBA in Digital Business) - Certified IT…

James Crypto Guru

Crypto Influencer

AIBC Eurasia Speakers

A versatile industry veteran with 18 years of Business & Investing experience. Semi-retired multi-millionaire whose Knowledge, Analysis and Prediction of Crypto & Stock Markets are impeccable and unmatched. A professional with an exceptional track record in daily Bitcoin Price Prediction on Youtube. Highly Popular Youtube Analyst whose content helps people…

Gustavo Montero

Senior Blockchain Advisor


Gustavo is Swiss, trained Engineer, MBA, MSc. Over 30 year’s senior Banking/Finance management experience at Chairman, Board of Directors, and CEO level. Solid Corporate- Private Equity Management/ Finance experience, including Fintech - Blockchain, DEFI , Crypto currencies , M & A, IPO, ICO, STO. – Specialist in Company strategy ,…

Alex Vavilov

Investment Director

iTech Capital

  He obtained a bachelor’s degree of International Economics, Management and Finance, Economics from The Università Bocconi. He also holds a master’s degree focus on Finance and General from IE Business School. The Master in Finance has been consistently ranked in the top 4 by the Financial Times´ Global Masters…

Dr. Jason Gamage



professional with over 31 years of experience in the field across various industry verticals, specializing in ISO 27001 implementations. His experience includes working with companies such as Microsoft, Merrill Lynch, Delek US Holdings, Nintendo, Fashion Nova, TOMS Shoes, and AVG.  His global experience includes working with various cultures in multiple…

Jiazi Li


The Future Hour

He holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Management from Washington College. He has exchange Program for one semester. Have gained global perspective by taking Cross Cultural Management class and working with students from diverse cultural backgrounds. Acquired hands-on experience through using Bloomberg Terminal in Accounting class. Became more…

Claudio Chifa

CISO & Founder


Founder DLTCode : Cybersecurity, Blockchain & InnovationFounder: Cybersecurity, Blockchain & Innovation  Extensive knowledge of designing, monitoring, and controlling data security, creating guidelines to ensure compliance, and reporting on possible improvements.

Joseph Borg


WH Partners

Before joining WH Partners, Joseph was the Chief Regulatory Officer at the Malta Gaming Authority (formerly the Lotteries and Gaming Authority, Malta). He was also an elected Member on the Board of Trustees of the International Association of Gaming Regulators (IAGR), a position which he held throughout 2012. Joseph first…

Sophie Smith


Nabta Health

She is Founder and CEO of Nabta since five years.Nabta Health (nabtahealth.com) is a hybrid healthcare company accelerating the detection, diagnosis, and treatment of chronic diseases in women in emerging markets. « By combining the best of digital and traditional healthcare along clinical pathways, we empower women in the Middle East,…

Kaze A. Onguene

CEO & Lead Innovator


Creative and Futuristic Tech. entrepreneur and software engineer. Using AI, robots and blockchain to design the city of the future and a sustainable society He is CEO – Founder since eight years of BRAINCITIES LAB.   « BRAINCITIES LAB is an award-winning startup that is shaping the future with AI and…

Jesse Berger

Founder Member


Jesse Berger is a media and technology entrepreneur. He began his career as the co-founder of Radical Studios, a filmed entertainment and publishing enterprise of comic book intellectual properties. Jesse has produced 6 films that have generated over $850 million in gross revenue worldwide to date. In 2013, Jesse was…

Stefan Kovach

Managing Director

ThinkChangers Ltd

« I am a senior commercial executive with a passion for disruptive digital businesses. With over 20 years of experience in the travel, entertainment and gaming sectors, having held senior roles in a number of high growth companies including Virgin Atlantic, Opodo, PokerStars, BWIN and FunFair Technologies. Over this time I…

Berthold Glass

NFT Entrepreneur

NFT Club

Berthold Glass is an entrepreneur and international keynote speaker. He is all-in into NFT and loves to share his vision about the advantages of the digital economy. As a networker and moderator, he brings together the brightest minds of the industry. Berthold is the founder of the NFT Club, a mastermind group with…

Yuriy Nos

VP innovation


« To me, Business is all about following your dreams and making an impact. "Create a New Normal" has been my motto since childhood. When I was at school, I have assembled a COM-port-connected gadget that allowed any TV remote control to interact with a PC through Infra-Red signals. I worked…

Steven Walbroehl

Co-Founder & CISO


Steven is Chief Security Officer and cofounder of Halborn, a cybersecurity organization specializing in blockchain companies. With over 15 years of experience in cybersecurity, Steven is an industry expert, trainer, and technical leader in penetration testing, ethical hacking, web application, and cloud security, infrastructure security, vulnerability scanning and detection, IT…

Fernando Martinho

Founder & CEO


He holds a bachelor’s degree of science with honors focus on Enginnering from Kingston University. He is currently Managing Director for three years at Deatopic Ltd. Since its inception in 2015, Datopic headquartered in India, is continuously delivering customer centric solution on new age technology stack. Primarily into product engineering,…

Laura K. Inamedinova


LKI Consulting

Laura K. Inamedinova is the CEO of London based, Marketing, Design and Web Development agency “LKI Consulting". The majority of "LKI Consulting" clients are B2B technology-based companies working in the industries such as Software, Mobile, SaaS, Big Data, Fintech, Cybersecurity, etc. LKI Consulting is an international Marketing, Design and Web…

Anita Kalergis


Ipsum Consulting

Anita is a seasoned business development and market-making professional having nearly 20 years of experience from all over Europe and the Middle East. She is a multilingual expert on building professional networks and has an unbeatable track record in opening new markets for businesses. Creative, innovative, and forward-thinking Sales Executive…

Paulius Vaitkevicius

General Counsil

VILP Solutions

Paulius Vaitkevičius is an EU focused legal counsel with 7+ years of experience in corporate and regulatory compliance law. Before founding VILP Solutions, he worked for a number 1 law firm in Baltics - Ellex. He has advised a number of Fortune 500 and FTSE 100 companies, the largest funds…

Florian Grummes

Managing Director

Midas Touch Consulting

Florian Grummes is an independent analyst and consultant who has been active in the financial markets since 1995. Being an individual and contrarian thinker he turned bullish on Gold & Silver in 2002 and started focusing on this neglected sector. He spent years improving his technical anlaysis skills and attended…

Marina Petrichenko

Head of Growth


Crypto Marina is a growth hacker with 8 years experience of marketing, business development, and project management within the fintech space. During her career she was focusing on crypto/blockchain/Defi/NFT/metaverse projects.  Currently Marina is a marketing consultant and Head of Growth at Nym Technologies - a privacy infrastructure that prevents data leakage by protecting metadata…

Frank Fitzgerald

CEO & Founder


Frank Fitzgerald is both an outstanding mentor and manager. He has the ability to educate his employees while concurrently enabling them to excel and succeed on their own. He encourages a “go getter” attitude and has a willingness to see his employees thrive and learn new and exciting technologies. Frank…

Matias Lapuschin

Head of content


Matias Lapuschin is currently the head of content marketing operations at Sensorium — a technology company focused on accelerating the transition to the metaverse. "I'm an award-winning marketing and corporate communications professional with over a decade of experience in the global fintech, entertainment, and technology sectors. My job is about…

O.V. Wolff

Managing Director

Oasis Labs

Oliver von Wolff is Managing Director of Crypto Oasis Labs, a UAE focused Blockchain Ecosystem that has joined forces with Investors & Collectors, Startups & Projects, Corporates, Governments & Associations, Science & Research and Service Providers. The core elements of the Ecosystem are physical and regulatory Infrastructure, Capital and Talent.The…

Yudi Xu



Yudi Xu is currently CEO / Product Lead at Mobify since one year. "MobiFi is the future-proof solution to tackle urban mobility challenges. Combining blockchain technology, DeFi, and tokenization, we are building a sustainable mobility ecosystem to help service providers streamline their operations so they can offer a seamless transit…

Tomer Jordi Chaffer

Technical Writer

Women Blockchain Canada

T.J. Chaffer has a passion for education, innovation, and social impact. He holds an undergraduate degree in Biology (Honours) from Acadia University and currently completing a master’s degree in Experimental Medicine at McGill University. In an attempt to highlight the potential for social change of decentralization, his research focuses on…

Bruce Porter Jr.


Washington Elite

Bruce Porter Jr. has brought together world leaders developing the digital landscape from blockchain to the metaverse. Porter brings a solid track record. His name is synonymous with the Bitcoin monetary revolution. Bruce is the CEO at GlobalBoost, a decentralized communications company based in Washington, DC. Their blockchain produces BSTY…

Daniel García

Co Founder


Daniel García is an entrepreneur with strong skills in technology. He passionate about the environment and software development with a proven track record in high performance computing, he takes great care in the detail and quality of his work. A strong believer in disruption driven by computing high performance, he…

Fernanda Accorsi

Marketing director


« I am a senior marketing and communication manager for commercializing products, platforms and services which demonstrate positive social and environmental impact. I have nurtured a career collaborating with a multinational community of professionals, large corporations, and startups. With over 15 years of experience, I support brands in building their business…

Sam Katiela


Mamemo Consulting

Raised & educated in Germany, Sam Katiela is an Artist of Meaningful Stories, which he narrates through Physical Spaces (Pavilions & Public Architecture), Digital Art (3D Mapping & Interactive technologies), Installations (Sculptures & Designs) , Creative Performances (Shows), Motion Pictures (Documentaries & Films) and Strategic Content Development (Related to Complex…

Jon Karas

President, Co-Founder


Finance, Entertainment and Technology industry entrepreneur, seasoned capital formation leader, film producer, and talent representative. With over 25 years in the entertainment and finance industries, Jon is a major force at the intersection of celebrity and social good. He is a founding Advisory Board member of Slate Entertainment Group, creator…

Venus Brown

Owner & CEO

Buddah Brown I.

Brown began working in the music industry in the late 1980s hosting his own radio show on WKYS in Washington D.C.Brown's radio show later led to an internship at the Black Entertainment Television (BET) D.C. headquarters working in the fields of television production and talent coordination. The internship allowed Brown to write for the BET…

Gordon Einstein

Founding Partner


Gordon Einstein is a hybrid Crypto-Attorney, Technologist, and Enterprise Strategist. Gordon received his undergraduate degree in Politics in 1991 from Brandeis University in Boston and then received his JD in 1995 from the USC Gould School of Law in Los Angeles. Initially, Gordon's law practice centered on startup, venture capital,…

Adrian Niculescu


CloudCoin Consortium

Adrian Niculescu Adrian Niculescu is a successful fintech investor and estate entrepreneur, spending more than 20 years building and developing companies. Adrian is the CEO of Meta Description but above all, he is the CMO EMEA of CloudCoin Consortium, a digital currency you can store offline in a PNG or…

Aryan Behzadi



Aryan Behzadi is Director and Co-Founder at ARize Group. The main problem ARize solves is the misunderstanding because of the lack of visualization. ​ ARize is the first Augmented & Virtual Reality Platform that allows everyone to create, view their own augmented & virtual reality experience and share it with…

Tomás Domingos

VP of communications


Tomás Domingos is Vice President at CURATE since six months. CURATE is the world’s first blockchain agnostic gasless physical goods and NFT marketplace that also serves as a gasless multichain bridge between major chains such as ETH, BNB, ALGO, EGLD, AVAX. This is the first crypto-currency project he's been involved…

Debsena Chakraborty

General Manager


Debsena Chakraborty has over 15 years of global experience in the Digital and Mobile Marketing and Products industry, with expertise in product management, delivery/implementation and monetization. She worked with clients across Europe, APAC, Middle East and Africa. Clients include Amazon, Noon, Talabat Vodafone, Etisalat, Universal Music, Rotana, Deezer, Johnson &…

Lars Rinnan

CEO & futurist

Amesto NextBridge

Lars Rinnan is a visionary CEO, angel investor, board member, public speaker and futurist from Oslo, Norway. Lars has more than 25 years management experience, and over the course of 7 years has started 6 companies within business intelligence and artificial intelligence, all joined together in Amesto NextBridge. He is…

Eric Forst

Co Founder

TTM Advisory

Eric Forst is an experienced executive and strategic leader with more than 20 years of experience and expertise in Product Development, Sales and Marketing for leading SaaS, AI, blockchain, and professional services firms. For almost 5 years, he was Vice President of Business Development at Visible Technologies, a social media analytics…

Niko De Jonghe


Blockchain Valley

Niko De Jonghe CEO & Founder Blockchain Valley A born leader and visionary. After envisioning and successfully scaling countless companies, the culmination of his experience and vision brought him to identifying his most impressive creation to date – Blockchain Valley. An early adopter of Blockchain Technology (2010) and an active cryptocurrency investor, Niko could…

Johann Polecsak



Johann Polecsak is the co-founder and CTO of QAN. QAN is the IT innovator in the field of practical post-quantum cryptography (PQC) applications. They have implemented a post-quantum cryptography algorithm in 2 available quantum resistant products: 1. QANplatform (QAN blockchain platform), 2. QANFence quantum resistant VPN software. His mission with…

Eloisa Marchesoni


Def.ai Inc.

Eloisa Marchesoni is a self-made Crypto-entrepreneur and modern digital nomad, European n.1 Tokenomics Expert, disruptive tech business angel, and fixed passive income Crypto Investor. She has been featured in articles on Cointelegraph, Yahoo Finance, APnews, BusinessInsider, and many others, and has been identified as a top expert in worldwide media…

Anna Agu


Lex Law Office

Anna is a co-founder and partner of Lex Law Office. She is a leading Fintech lawyer based in Estonia, representing clients worldwide. She has a bachelor's degree in Taxation from the Estonian Academy of Security Sciences and a Master's degree in Law from the University of Tallinn. Anna has extensive…

Daniele Monteleone


Web3 Labs

Daniele Monteleone aka Robotica | International Tech Entrepreneur | Blockchain Specialist | Applied Researcher AI & IoT | Chief Visionary Officer (CVO) | Independent Advisor on Digital Strategy, Technology and Information Policy; “We grow up in a world that revolves around money. But our real mission is to leave a…

Dieter Brockmeyer


Diplomatic World

Dieter Brockmeyer Dieter Brockmeyer is a senior media industry and innovation expert, author, international speaker, and host. He is Chief Project Office (CPO) of the Brussels based media group Diplomatic World and cofounder of the streaming platform Diplomatic World Media and the Diplomatic World Institute (DWI). He is partner and…

Felix Mago



Felix is Co-Founder of Dash NEXT & Dash Thailand. Dash is the leading cryptocurrency for real-life payments. Dash Next is focused on biz-dev and partnerships. Dash Thailand has established the first crypto payment ecosystem in Asia. He published the “Bitcoin Handbook” and is Co-Founder of FUTERIO and the Blocktech Institute.…

Bob Ultee

Founder and CEO

Bob Eco

"In 2020 BoB Eco was born. A new, innovative way of making Africa greener. Join us in creating 200,000 green jobs! We are creating thousands of jobs and declared war against pollution through the world of Crypto. We are the first tokenisation of a for-profit social enterprise in the world.…

Mr. Key

Co Founder

Forward Protocol

Mr. KEY (Karnika E. Yashwant) is an impact entrepreneur building and supporting the next billion dollar start-ups. Co-founder of Forward Protocol, and founder of Utopian Capital and KEY Difference Media, he is has been in the blockchain space since 2013. He continues to hold many strategic positions, and is a…

Vilma Mattila

Co Founder


+8 years in Crypto, +150 Mil Fund, +68 Portfolio Companies (3 Unicorns) A Problem-Solver, Polymath, Autodidact, Polyglot Providing Funding for Blockchain Infrastructure, Layer 2 Scaling & DeFi Kindly message on Telegram @lecrypto Currently involved with: 5ire.org, PolyGame, FXDX, Mintlayer (Bitcoin Sidechain),Fomolabs, Avenue Marketplace, Radom.network

Josh Berger



Josh Berger Josh Berger has 15+ years experience as a Founder and entrepreneur in tech and entertainment. He started his career innovating social media marketing and ran a global marketing agency in 2009 working with blossoming company to movie studios with hundreds of millions of marketing dollars. Through this endeavor,…

Sofya Puzhaykina

Operations Director

My Liquidity Partner

She is Director of Operations at My Liquidity Partner. 500+ Liquidity Partners...Over $20M+ in Total Liquidity Pool Operation. A Ruby Family Foundation Initiative, a Blockchain-Based Foundation.

Romex Jha

CEO International


Romex is the CEO of ZB International, a global digital asset management group headed by its flagship platform, ZB.com. ZB.com has grown under Romex’s stewardship to become one of the most trusted and secure digital asset exchanges, keeping the trading activities of over 15 million users secure and building tremendous trust and loyalty between both…

Fernando Antunes

Founder & Professor

Brasilia Marketing School

Fernando Antunes: "I will be a better person tomorrow than today. I truly believe that conveying in a practical and pragmatic way what I have learned can accelerate the growth of people and organizations, and transform the society. Therefore, I help people, companies and institutions to develop themselves in pursuit…

Maria Vovchok



Maria Vovchok is a journalist who is passionate about blockchain technology. She holds a degree in English-Ukrainian translation. Previously, she worked at the Ukrainian National Radio Station as a presenter, which lead to work as a presenter at Crypta-TV, CryptoCoin.News, and Crypto Market News. Maria is a moderator and host…

Edwin M. Mavarro

CEO & Co-Founder


Vasilisa Marinchuk

Founding Member

Centre Blockchain de Catalunya

Vasilisa is a Founding member, Board Member, and Director of International Relations and Engagements of the Blockchain Center of Catalonia, which aims to foster the adoption of blockchain technology in the Catalonia region in cooperation with the Ministry of Digital Policy and the Chamber of Commerce of Catalonia. Managing director…

Filipe Castro

Founder & CCO


Filipe is the Co-Founder of Utrust, a digital currency payment platform. He currently takes the role of Chief Compliance Officer, setting the security and compliance procedures to protect and safeguard the platform while mitigating risk. He is an executive in the crypto assets industry with previous experience in early-stage ventures,…

Michelle Chivunga


Global Policy House

Michelle Chivunga N has vast experience in designing government policy frameworks; analyzing corporate finance packages and sourcing investments for global projects. Michelle is also recognized worldwide as a blockchain professional and major influencer with access to an extensive network of global stakeholders in the digital economy and financing space. In…

Kumar Gaurav

Founder & CEO


Kumar is the Founder & CEO of Cashaa, a UK based neo-bank providing businesses access to crucial banking infrastructure. Kumar started his career as an engineer by building navigation systems for Ferrari before pivoting into the FinTech space in 2014 to begin working on blockchain-powered innovations. In recognition of his…

Nikola Stojanow

General Partner


Nikola is a blockchain veteran, who co-founded aeternity blockchain in 2016. During that time built multiple ecosystems and advised numerous projects, globally. Since he left aeternity in 2020, Nikola continues to push innovation in the DeFi and NFT space as investor, mentor and supporter.

Irina S. Litchfield



Irina S. Litchfield is President of Lumeria, an IR firm. She is the founder of BlockchainCubed, a DLT consulting firm. She is a senior advisor at SpaceFund, advisor at ProChain Capital and founding advisor at ABE, a global securities exchange. She cofounded a payments/gaming company in 2005. Early to the…

Rone De Beauvoir

Founder & CEO

XCEL Crypto Partners

Gabriel Laender



Dr. Franklin Cachia

Senior Manager Tax & Regulated Industries


Franklin is an experienced lawyer with main areas of practice being International and Maltese Tax Law, Financial Services Law and VFA & Blockchain Law. He heads the Tax and Regulated Industries Unit at CSB Group. Franklin is an experienced tax and accounting lecturer and skilled in Transfer Pricing, Managed Funds,…

Wahid Chammas


Faith Tribe

Kristijan Glibo

Founder & CEO


Visionary and specialist in blockchain technology with a mission to bring better value to the economy and business. Decentralizing interdependent business processes with advanced and proven blockchain models.

Jorge Sebastiao



Jorge Sebastiao is a prominent ICT speaker internationally. Jorge Sebastiao is a seasoned CTO with expertise in blockchain, AI, IoT, cyber security, managed services, cloud computing, big data, and ICT innovation. He is focused on commercial value and offers experience, creativity, structure, motivation, and agility to the table. Jorge Sebastiaohas…

Takhmina Nasimova

Project Management


Georgina Kyriakoudes

CEO and Co-Founder

Aria Health

Mandy Rowbottom


TalentFind Solutions

"I formed OHR in 2012 as a UK company which initially specialised in the recruitment of western trained medical professionals to the Middle East but is now able to provide recruitment services globally. Our continued success and growth caused us to development TalentFind - the world's first intelligent medical recruitment…

Artur Pszczolkowski



Artur is an international expert with a passion and strength in creating partnerships and solutions with clients, partners, and teams, for mutually beneficial commercial objectives. He has over 15 years of general management experience and wide expertise in co-operation with advertising agencies & media houses on planning & executing global…

Michael Pearl



Michael Pearl, the Chief Operating Officer of Kirobo, is a fintech and blockchain executive with over ten years of experience managing teams and projects. Michael Pearl has led client outreach, acquisition, and retention in the domains of trading, personal finance, online banking, and blockchain technology as a licensed attorney and former…

Lior Lamesh

Co-Founder & CEO


Lior Lamesh is the Co-Founder and CEO of GK8, a cybersecurity company that offers a self-managed digital-assets management platform for banks and financial institutions, bridging the gap between conventional finance and the world of digital assets. Lior is an expert in finance, digital assets, and cybersecurity. He holds 7 US-registered…

Fabio Pezzotti

Founder & CEO


Fabio Pezzotti, Founder and CEO of Iconium, is a tech entrepreneur with experience in the industry from 1998. Following several roles in business development and strategic consulting for global companies’ business across Paris, London, and Milan, Fabio founded numerous ventures, including: Xoom Spa, an internet company which quickly became the…

Vasja Zupan



Vasja Zupan is the President of Matrix. He guided the platform as it braced for takeoff, securing its license from the regulator and building up its initial portfolio. Now, Vasja taps his rich professional experience in a diverse set of areas ranging from blockchain and cryptocurrencies to operations and turnaround…

Jana Junele

CEO and Founder


Celine Moille



Céline Moille is a French lawyer (Lyon Bar - France - since 2014 and Montreal Bar - Canada - since 2019). She did a PhD in private international law. Céline joined Deloitte in April 2021. She has been involved in business law advice and litigation (particularly in contract law, competition…

Sergey Sevantsyan


dTV ThinkTank Community

Sergey Sevantsyan is Mastermind of Think Tank Community, Business-mediator, Conciliator, Connector, International Public Keynote Speaker, Event Moderator, Investment Relations & International Community Relations Manager, Mentor, Technical-evangelist, CITO, Networker. With 25+ years of experience in ICT, Sergey is conducting a huge amount of projects around the globe by participating for an…

Gene Deyev

Chief Executive Officer


For 20 years, Gene Deyev has conducted business in many industries - from IT to trading stocks, connected cars and digital assets on the blockchain. In November of 2018, Mr. Deyev have founded Stobox. The ultimate goal of the Company is to build a system of DLT-based accounting systems with…

Sohail Khan


The Joint Venture Group

Pekka Kelkka

Cryptos Advisor

ALPEX Global

Pekka Kelkka Blockchain Business Consultant, OTC Crypto Trader and Digital Marketer CEO, CBO, CDO, and Owner of True Advantage Consulting LTD. Pekka established his first internet company 1994 providing solutions and services to e.g. IBM, HP, Oracle, Netscape, Nokia, Mc Donald's, several Telecom Operators and Government Entities. He is a…

Jimmy Zhao

Founder & Chairman


Jimmy Zhao , Founder of ZBX.com – Ex Head of Global Strategy for ZB.com. Crypto investor – Venture partner at Y investment co-managing 100 million USD and invested in blockchain AI and Bio medicals. Serial entrepreneur with 10 years experience working in Europe, e.g. featured in NBC news, Irish Independent.…

Georgiy Sekretaryuk



Micky Watkins


World Mobile

World Mobile Group is on a mission to connect everyone, everywhere. With nearly four billion people left offline, digital exclusion is a significant problem. Unlike traditional mobile networks, World Mobile Group is run by the people for the people, so anyone can connect their community to the Internet and share…

Adam Waldenberg


The Unigrid Foundation

Adam Waldenberg is a business owner and a passionate Java EE and web developer with proficiency in many programming languages and frameworks. He has been a dedicated Linux user since the early 2000's. On his spare time, he often devotes his time to blockchain products and blockchain-related development. Adam is…

Lars Seier Christensen



Leslie Ntifo-Siaw



Ramon Addazi Gouveia

Co-Founder & Co-CEO

Italy World

Brian Christensen



Adrian A. Trevisan

Managing Director

Umana Medical (GPI Group)

Mario Nawfal


NFT Technologies

Mario Nawfal is the Founder of the Athena Group of Companies, a business conglomerate of 15+ companies that operates in more than 40 countries. He started his first business with $300 in the bank selling blenders door to door which led to Froothie Australia. Through unconventional marketing techniques, efficient logistical…

Lasha Antadze

Co - Founder

Rarify NFT

Lasha is the co-founder of Rarify, Developer platform for NFTs. Company’s mission is to fuel the development of digital assets, by providing and simplifying access to the ownership economy. We accelerate business innovations by removing technical barriers to entry for non-fungible token (NFT) technology. Our products enable the creation, management,…

Denis Chernikov

Head of Media

The Private Office of Sheikh Saqer Bin Mohamed Al Qasimi

Serial entrepreneur with focus on international business development. Founder of the first metaverse production house in Dubai "Ve Creative". Expert in #metaverse, digital space, innovative technologies and business networking. Since 2021 has joined the Private Office of Sheikh Saqer Bin Mohamed Al Qasimi as a Head of Media department. Supported…

Saeed Hareb Al Darmaki


Sheesha Finance

Stephen Meade



Stephen Meade is an American entrepreneur, executive and business founder who is passionate about creating companies that make a difference in the world. He has the ability to catapult an idea from pure concept to the creation of a thriving business. In the past 20 years, Stephen has created, incubated…

Rico Pang

Co-Founder & CEO

Sanctum Global Ventures

Rico Pang is a serial entrepreneur, global venture builder, founding partner of several VC funds, and a regular speaker at international conferences on Digital Economy, Smart Cities, Social Impact. He has over 20 years of experience in emerging markets across real-estate, supply chain management, e-commerce, FinTech, private equity & public…

Muhammad Ahsan Khan

Co-Founder & CEO


Mr. Muhammad Ahsan Khan is the Blockchain Evangelist and Cryptocurrency Proponent, Investor, Innovator, and Generalist. Muhammad is the co-founder & CEO of MEASA Salaar Innovations Limited - a FinTech and Innovation startup licensed by DIFC. And Co-founder & Executive Director of MEASA Defi - an investment management and holding company…

Asaf Naim

Co-Founder & CEO


Asaf Naim is an experienced accountant and veteran entrepreneur with a master’s degree in business taxation. Asaf Naim has served at companies like Bank Leumi and Ernst & Young, as well as leading multiple startups in Israel and the United States. He’s passionate about blockchain technology and its applications for…

Simona Vasile

Digitalization Leader


Biyan Mienert

Crypto Lawyer


Biyan Mienert is a Legal expert and Lawyer in the field of Blockchain Technology and currently, researcher at the Institute for the Law of Digitalization, at Marburg University. He received his law degree from Heidelberg University. Biyan Mienert conducts research in the interface between AI and Blockchain Technology. He developed…

Tal Itzhak Ron

Chairman & CEO

Tal Ron Drihem & Co.

Tal Itzhak Ron graduated from the University of Haifa Law School, and is a winner of the Faculty of Law Aladdin Prize for Best Paper in Law and Technology (2000). He also holds a B.Sc. in Computer Science from the University of Haifa and an M.Sc. in Computer Science from…

Bruce Jeong



“I became an Eurasia representative of Sheikh Saqer Bin Mohamed Al Qasimi of a royal family office officially not a an Advisor but a Board member and currently a Deputy CEO of the Eulogian Foundation and mainly working about the Crypto M&A, Blockchain IPO, and consulting about the development of…

Dr. Raullen Chai



Dr. Raullen Chai is an expert cryptographer, privacy and data security expert who before co-founding IoTeX worked at Google, Uber and Oracle. His vision for IoTeX is to ensure the IoT MachineFi economy that by 2030 could be worth $12 trillion. He is a highly-regarded academic with a Ph.D. from…

Jimmy Chan


Oly Sport

A Philosopher at Heart, Optimizer by Training, CEO as Profession Jimmy is the CEO and Co-Founder of Oly Sport: an NFT eSport horse racing metaverse gamefi project. For Jimmy, COVID-19 unmasked the separation, corruption, and fear that lies embedded in the state of humanity. Oly Sport is designed to unite…

Alex G. Chan

AIBC Eurasia Speakers

Dan Friedman



Dan M. Friedman, a native of Kiev, Ukraine, immigrated to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA at the age of twelve.    Dan started his professional career in 1999 as a developer for 2Bridge, a San Francisco-based software company and one of the pioneers in Web Content Management Systems. In 2001, Dan continued his career with advanced Java,…

Fraser Gordon



CEO of Quantum Works DMCC - A game development company focused on seamlessly integrating the blockchain into AAA consumer focused titles. CEO of Onboard DMCC - Creating easy Onboarding for everyone into cryptocurrency and payment gateways for new and existing companies in the blockchain space. Previously working in the film…

Vesa Kivinen

Artist & Founder

VESA Digital LLC

Eman Pulis



Alex Agut



Daniel Lipshitz



Brooklyn Earick


Rad NFTv

Raheel Iqbal


The Game Storm Studios

Eugenio Gonzalez


OZ Finance

Yasmin Isar Munoz

Trade Advisor & Data Privacy Specialist

Sesam Connect

"Yasmin is very keen on constant challenges which allow her learn new skills and explore new sectors. She is proud to manage the strengthening of the economic ties & trade promotion between foreign Governments and GCC Authorities and key local players, encouraging partnerships with local corporations and expanding the foreign…

Viktor Bodnar



Tey El-Rjula

Co-Founder & CEO


"Tey's story is an unlikely one. Labeled as The Invisible Man at the age of 5 to becoming one literally in the Netherlands 25 years later. He is an early adopter of Bitcoin, Pioneering the use of blockchain to break financial and identity barriers. Tey started a tech4good company that…

Lawrence Ong

Head of Special Projects


Lawrence is currently the Head of Special Projects at MELD, a DeFi, crypto-fiat lending protocol presently valued at $500 million, where he manages Operations, Exchange Listings and Investor Relations. He is based in Amsterdam, Netherlands, working predominantly in Europe. Previous to MELD, Lawrence gained a wide breadth of experience, ranging…

Damon Zwarich

Co Founder & CMO


"Co-Founder of Charli3 - Oracles for Cardano. Blockchain advisor to VyFinance, AdaFinanace, and Paribus. Working to continually innovate in the crypto space"

Jaguar-Adva Gal


Jaguar Lawyers

Jaguar Lawyers Firm leads international business law consulting, including building companies contractual structure, international licensing, regulatory compliance, and court litigation, as well as legal financial arbitration. The firm's focus sectors are high-tech companies and investors, startups - computer law, internet and apps, and cyber law – Data Privacy and information…

Karnika Yashwant

Chairman & Managing Director

KEY Difference Media

Mr. KEY started his entrepreneurship journey at the age of 14. Before turning 20, he had already been involved with many business ventures, which are now flourishing due to his innovative strategies and marketing expertise. Mr. KEY continues to inspire many businesses, and is constantly developing cutting-edge marketing strategies and…

Christof Waton

AIBC Eurasia Speakers

Christof Waton is the Founder and CEO of ADA Finance (ADAFI Token). He studied at CVO STEP, which is a school that offers a wide range of courses leading to a secondary school diploma. It is possible to combine a vocational course with a separate complementary general education course. In…

Mamadou Kwidjim Toure


Ubuntu Coin

Mamadou Founder of Ubuntu Group, an investment/advisory and financial services platform committed to deliver bundled financial and social returns to stakeholders through disruptive technologies and innovative business models. Mamadou recently led the creation of Ubuntu Coin (UCoin), a Digital Currency backed by natural resources, aimed at fostering, inclusive wealth creation…

Igor Gordeev

Chief Commercial Officer


Matthew Dixon

CEO & Founder


Eddy Travia



Igor Runets



Adrian Wilkinson


TalentFind Solutions

Michael Tendo


Pearl Data Firm

"I founded a data science consultancy(Pearl Data Firm) providing Enterprise AI solutions across the Health, Finance, and Energy industries. I have worked in several data science roles at startups before founding a Health Records sharing startup(Mage) in addition to academic publications on Blockchain technology, and Statistics and Data Science."

David Lolaev

CEO & Founder

Salad Labs

Two higher education, PHD of economic sciences, diploma with honors. The expert on the state purchases since 2017г. Worked in various fields: started with HoReCa; launched projects in the banking sector; opened the center of authorisation and was actively engaged in the public procurement market. In 2016, he became actively…

Muhammad Salman Anjum

Chief Mate


Salman has been named a “Top 100 Blockchain Leader in World.” As a Founder and Chief Mate of InvoiceMate he is co-creating future of invoice processing with blockchain enabled trusted process and enhanced efficiency. Aiming to solve real world business issue of inefficient invoice processing and would result in saving…

Marijana Škrivanko

SEO Strategy Lead

Catena Media

Tony Evans


FGC Group

Dusty BC Cryptonews

Crypto Influencer


Michael Ourabah

Head of Corporate Development

Legends of Bezogia

BSO is the Ethernet network, cloud and hosting provider of choice for global businesses wanting superior technology infrastructure and connectivity to the world’s most dynamic marketplaces. We pioneer technology across emerging and established markets, designing solutions that offer the highest availability and lowest latency in the industry. Wherever you are…

Josephine Karner

Co - Founder

Iconic Mates

Digital innovator, empowering businesses to achieve more through technology. My experience ranges from bits&bytes implementations up to building innovative business cases. I enjoy bringing bleeding edge IOT, analytics and AI innovations to the mass. Worked on projects and with customers from 4 continents and picked up from each experience a…

Simit Naik

Director, Commercial & Strategy


Saeed Mohammed Ali Alhebsi

Advisor in AI and Senior Project Manager

UAE Ministry of Human Resources & Emiratisation | Serial Entrepreneur

Joshua Johnson


Beyond Meta

Joshua Johnson's interest in crypto began in 2016 when he was introduced to Abra. Abra's innovations in cryptocurrencies challenged and opened his eyes to the potential of bitcoin early on. In 2017-2018, Sinopharm's efforts in China within supply chain technology in healthcare inspired Johnson to connect the brand’s activities with…

Gregor Žavcer

Executive director


James Wo

Founder & Chairman

ETC Labs

Kim Nevelsteen


AIBC Eurasia Speakers

Kirill Mishanin


Infodriver Capital

Matej Novota

Data & Complaints Department Lead

Casino Guru

Meike Krautscheid

Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) & Lead Blockchain Consultant


Meike Krautscheid is an entrepreneur and a leading global specialist in blockchain-based use cases and business transformation. In her role as Chief Commercial Officer at SmartLedger, she is analyzing the problem areas of different industries and companies, highlighting how blockchain technology, as well as Smart and Ricardian Contracts help to…

Sonia Saleem

CEO and Founder

SET International

Thomas Menard

Blockchain Entrepreneur


Thomas Ménard is a young French serial entrepreneur who started by creating a statistical analysis algorithm at 17. He is now in charge of the strategic choices (or help to choose) and the development of the projects he leads or advises. He has been passionately contributing to blockchain and crypto-currency…

Tudor Holotescu



Valerie Hawley

Affiliate Partner

True Global Ventures

Larry Pang


Rarify NFT

Larry Pang is a Founding Member and Head of Business Development at IoTeX. Graduated from MIT and spent five years as a Management Consultant at Oliver Wyman before joining IoTeX. Larry got into crypto after doing a consulting project in 2016 with the World Economic Forum on global payments —…

Vasil Tuchkov

Head of Creative

StudioRubik Productions

Amrita Sethi

NFT Artist


An award-winning multi-media and NFT/tech artist, born and raised in Kenya, a British citizen of Indian origin, residing through Switzerland, Zimbabwe, Uganda, and the United Kingdom, before moving to Dubai in 2007 - Amrita’s art reflects her international diversity and combines the sweetness of tradition and storytelling with the energy…

Amin Siala

Digital Growth Consultant


Amin Siala runs the exclusive Google Growth Program supporting new product and market launches for the most ambitious advertisers across the Emerging Markets covering Lead Generation & Ecommerce for numerous verticals with a specific focus on performance campaigns. Amin's consulted 100s of top advertisers on their global expansion and scaling…

Anastasia Lit


TalentFind Solutions

Dana Al Salem

Global Tech Entrepreneur & Innovation Expert | Advisor


Dereck Alexander Jon Hoogenkamp

Chairman & Managing Director

Yalla Limited

Dhaval Parikh


New Tribe Capital

A crypto and blockchain enthusiast, Dhaval Parikh has been monitoring and investing in this space since a long time, a key person for project identification and investment.

Domenik Maier

CEO & CO - Founder

iBLOXX Proprietary Trading DMCC

Bijan Alizadeh

Founder & Partner


BIJAN ALIZADEH (Founder & Partner, Cypher Capital) Bijan is one of the leaders in the blockchain ecosystem in the Middle East and is the co-founder of Phoenix Technology, which is building one of the biggest Bitcoin mining farms in the UAE and has 450 MW of operational mining farms across…

Dr. Marwan Al Zarouni


Dubai Blockchain Center

Dr. Marwan Al Zarouni CISSP is a Crypto Pioneer and the CEO of Dubai's Blockchain Center. The center provides crypto training courses and awareness programs for students, entrepreneurs and government departments. On February 2018, Marwan founded the region's first crypto over the counted desk with the establishment of his company…

Dr. Basim Zafar


Experts Vision Consulting (EVC)

Dr. Dmitry Mikhailov


Farcana Metaverse

Dr. Dmitry Mikhailov is PhD, associate professor, MBA and Member of Russian Academy of science. Professor of 3 world leading Universities in USA, China, Russia. He has 10+ years of experience in R&D in deeptech industry as co-founder of deeptech start-ups. Russian Science Federal award, he is author of 8…

Dr. Justine Scerri Herrera


MK Fintech Partners

Dr. Justine Scerri Herrera is a young passionate Lawyer, Advisory, Consultancy, licencing and directorships: Financial Services (EMI/PI licencing), Investment Services, and Virtual Financial Assets Sector (Crypto & Blockchain Activities and Licensing). Director of MK Fintech Partners - subsidiary of Michael Kyprianou & co LL.C Her personal Qualities include: Determination, Confidence,…

Dr. Mohamed Al Hemairy

TTOC Research Outreach Department

Unversity of Sharjah

Hamdee Khader


Devo Protocol

"First Generation Professional pursuing a JD/MBA at the University of North Carolina School of Law and the Kenan-Flagler Business School. Graduated summa cum laude from North Carolina State University with a degree in Business Administration - Information Technology."

Harjyot Singh

Technology Director

Human Protocol

Harjyot Singh is the Technology Director at HUMAN Protocol. A seasoned engineering leader, he has worked in a variety of companies and industries over the past decade, with a focus on finance and distributed computing. He has also previously founded two start-ups, tackling issues such as misinformation and privacy. His…

Jad Wahab

Director of Engineering

BSV Blockchain Association

Joel Dietz

Serial Entrepreneur

AIBC Eurasia Speakers

Joel Dietz is a serial entrepreneur and intellectual historian who helped found several key initiatives in the cryptocurrency space, including Ethereum, MetaMask, the first smart contract educational channel, and the first academic work on cryptoeconomics. His research interests focus on the confluence of blockchain network topologies and swarm intelligence, especially…

Jonathan Camilleri Bowman

CEO & Project Visionary


Bob Wazneh



Started my first business when I was 16 and since then grew non-stop. Currently leading 14+ companies in 40 countries with more than 200 contractors. I built the biggest growth hacking agency in 2020 www.wearegrowthhackers.com and partnered with Mario Nawfal (who is already speaking at your event) We applied the growth hacking techniques…

Julian Goffin

Director and CEO


A commercially minded Payment expert experienced in Business Development (B2B & B2C), Solution Orientated Sales, High Risk Markets - including igaming and affiliates. With his knowledge and expertise, he inspires and encourages his team, whilst leading by example. A true leader in every sense.

Lee Ucheoma Ohaeri



Lisa Loud

Co-Founder & CEO


Lisa Loud is a FinTech influencer and international bi-lingual speaker on the practical applications of blockchain and new trends in cryptocurrency. Lisa currently works as the GM of Digital Assets & Blockchain for Zytara and as the co-founder of FLUIDEFI INC. Lisa’s entrepreneurial success and FinTech expertise make her a…

Ahmed Yousif


Black Stone Data Solutions

Vibhor Khare

Founder & CEO

Alpha Vault

Marco Stagliano

CEO & Founder

Another – 1

Marco Stagliano is an Italy Born Entrepreneur and a Sneakers collector based in Shanghai. Founder of ANOTHER-1 NFT Platform build by and for Sneakerheads. Marco has an extensive experience in Corporate Finance, M&A, and  has developed business across Asia and Europe. Also act as head of operation for AngelVest, a…

Jay Moore

Co-Founder & CCO


Melanie Mohr

Founder & CEO

WOM Protocol

Melanie Mohr is a Berlin-based entrepreneur with 20 years’ experience in media, marketing and mobile applications. In 2016 she founded YEAY - the leading community for Generation Z to share honest recommendation videos with one another about the lifestyle products they love. In 2018 she became the founder and CEO…

Jayden Sage

Founder & GP

Celestial VENTURES

Investor, Speaker, Advisor: Space 2.0 Investor, Speaker, Advisor: Metaverses Focused on Spaces..Inner & Outer. The Future will be everything you need but nothing you expect. Buckle up! Author of upcoming Book: "The Future of Money"

Khalid Ferdous Howladar

Senior Managing Director / Head of Credit & Sukuk Advisory

R.J. Fleming & Co.

Senior Managing Director / Head of Credit & Sukuk Advisory business at R.J. Flemings & Co. (UK/UAE) Partner - Acreditus (UK/UAE - startup investing/advisory Chairman of Governance Board - MRHB DeFi (Halal/Ethical DeFi) Chief Strategy & Risk Officer - Blossom Finance (USA - fintech) ex-Chairman of the Board - Small…

Miguel Carvaglio



Maral Nouri


Luna PR

Stemming out of Luna PR, Luna VC is a crypto venture capital run by leading females in the crypto space, who invest in early-stage projects in the crypto industry. Since our inception in September 2021, we have invested over 10 million dollars in seed and private round projects across the…

Michael Gord

Co-Founder & CEO

GDA Capital

Serial entrepreneur and disruptive technology investor focused on mass adoption of digital assets.

Nikita Sachdev

Founder & CEO

Luna PR

Prateek Rao

Entrepreneur, Investor, Advisor and Founder

Dubai Crypto Club

Prateek Rao is a Dubai based entrepreneur, investor, advisor and founder of Dubai Crypto Club, an exclusive space where selected crypto community members get together for fun events and networking opportunities. Currently co-founder of Decentralized Global, the first private crypto liquidity bank that provides liquid assets to blockchain startups with…

Nicole Purin

International Finance Lawyer

Experienced Senior Legal Counsel with a demonstrated history of working in the banking industry. Strong legal professional skilled in Securities, Investment Banking, Derivatives, Joint Ventures, and Capital Markets.

Oscar Andrade


Bancambios DeFi

-Ambassador at Solana - Ambassador at NEAR - GDF.io member since 2019 - ITSA.global member since 2020 - Contributor at Decentralized Identity Foundation since 2019

Ramiro Gamen

Co-Founder & Head of Business Development


Sanja Kon



Saqr Ereiqat

Co-Founder & Managing Partner

Crypro Oasis

Co-Founder at the Crypto Oasis   Saqr Mashhor Ereiqat is a consultant focusing on fintech, blockchain solutions, healthcare, and innovation management. A thirteen-year veteran of IBM in Middle East and Africa, he is the former Head of Public Sector Consultancy in Dubai, where is recognized as a pioneer in enterprise…

Stefan Beyer

Co Founder

Oak Security

Dr. Stefan Beyer is a cybersecurity expert specialized in blockchain security and cryptography. As a distributed systems researcher, he worked on subjects, such as distributed consensus, reliable group communication, and replication protocols, long before these concepts were adopted by blockchain technology with the emergence of Bitcoin and subsequent protocols. He…

Ting Peng


Cross The Ages

Ting Peng comes from an international cooperation background and is a former university teacher. She’s passionate about how disruptive technologies can empower people and help businesses transform in the new digital era. She has an entrepreneurial spirit and has joined several Fintech startups since 2017. She speaks fluent Chinese, English,…

Victor Olmo


New Tribe Capital

An astute leader, blockchain and crypto enthusiast who is well connected and always knows the solution. His unique social skills and knowledge will always give you the result you seek.

Gaurang Torvekar

AIBC Eurasia Speakers

Gaurang is the Co-Founder and CEO of Indorse, a Blockchain Studio specialising in Play-to-earn games. Active in the Blockchain space for 5+ years, this is his second Blockchain startup. He has been writing Smart Contracts on Ethereum even before the Mainnet was launched. He has more than ten years of experience…

Nikolay Shkilev, Phd

Co-Founder and CEO


Market Cap > $300 mln. Founder of Private Business Club  Rated Top 3 in People of Blockchain. Serial entrepreneur. A businessman with 20 years of experience of owning different types of businesses, ranging from Ecommerce, FMCG, Fintech, medicine and logistics to IT technologies.  In parallel, he work as a mentor,…

Carlos Prada

Founder & CEO


Ben Jorgensen



Kirill Bryanov

Policy editor



CEO & Lead Innovator


Salah Eddine Mimouni



Mike Prasad



Nick Shigov

Head of Business Development


Saitej Annareddy

Co - Founder & CEO


Kevin Soltani

Blockchain Technologist & Investor

Gima Group

Kevin is a serial entrepreneur and a blockchain technologist, he is the managing partner and CEO of GIMA Group, an alternative investment advisory and fund based in Los Angeles. Kevin has focused on investments that specialize in blockchain x gaming, real estate and metaverse experiences. 

Sheikh Mende


Dubai Blockchain Center

Eleonora Menichetti


Human Factor Italia

Entrepreneur, Investor, Human Factor Instructor, Team Building Manager, Sinergy & Motivation Expert, DeFi and Crypto Instruments Trainer Over 20 years of Experience in an Airline Company and over 10 years as Human Factor Instructor for Safety in Aviation has decided to bring her competiences like Communication, Team Building, Sinergy and…

Alexey Mikheev


Mikheev Consulting

Alexey Mikheev is expert in the field of digital technologies and blockchain. He is founder of a closed investment club, speaker of international conferences in the digital economy niche, businessman, investor, scientist, Doctor of Economics, certified director of IoD of the British Institute of Directors, associate professor of MGIMO.

Artem Gribanov

Co-founder, CMO and Smart contract developer

BlockCzech R&D Lab

Artem Gribanov Artem Gribanov is a results-oriented, collaborative, enthusiastic software engineer and business developer with excellent communication skills and over 6 years of experience. Artem Gribanov loves challenges, willing to grow as a professional, experiment, and explore new opportunities. He has been interested in a fusion between technology, art and…

Can Azizoglu

Founder And General Manager


Mariam Hanzratyan

Head representative in the Middle East


Vincent Choy


OZ Finance

Thomas Fanning



Dustin Plantholt

Founder & CEO


Dustin Plantholt Dustin Plantholt, is a Forbes Monaco Crypto Editor, Bitcoin.com Podcast Host & Internationally recognized Crypto Advisor. Dustin also hosts the world renowned inspirational “Life’s Tough” podcast. Dustin’s past crypto & non crypto interviews include some of the most inspiring people on the planet such as: boxing icon Evander…

David Zou

Managing Director


David Zou is a fintech consultant, a private equity analyst, and a social entrepreneur. Having started a charitable initiative tackling the growing epidemic of homelessness in a sustainable manner in 2019, he's worked with some of the pacific northwest's brightest minds. Currently, he is consulting for one of Canada's leading…

Dave Pulis



Dave Pulis is a finance veteran with over fourteen years of trading experience. His background includes institutional trading at Exante, previously he served as Director at EuroMed Capital. In his early career, Pulis was a visiting lecturer at the University of Malta delivering lectures on Edward de Bono's Lateral Thinking,…

Daniel Bernard

Venture Partner

Mindspring Capital

With 20 years’ experience in the Sports Industry, Daniel’s career spans the media and broadcast, analytics and betting sectors. Having founded major data analysis and integration operations, he has had extensive experience in Sports Betting, delivering product and platforms to emerging markets. Daniel is currently an active investor into sports…

Almir Muminovic



With over 20 years’ experience working for fast-paced, high profile companies in Service, Sales, Compliance and Operations Management, I am innovative and knowledgeable. Over the course of my career I have demonstrated my ability to lead international ventures and drive profitable growth in competitive markets. A confident senior manager, I…

Jimmy Nguyen

Founding President

BSV Blockchain Association

Jimmy Nguyen is Founding President of Bitcoin Association, the global industry organization for the business of Bitcoin and is a leading advocate for Bitcoin SV (BSV). He was formerly CEO of nChain Group, the world wide leader in advisory, research and development of blockchain technologies; Jimmy currently serves as Chair…

James Haft

Executive Chairman


Entrepreneur and Merchant Banker focused on the scaling of Web 3.0, and adoption of Distributed Ledger Tech and decentralized, secure data platforms and solutions as they are adopted by individuals, enterprises and political entities to improve security, speed, and cost. Believer in democratization and self-sovereignty of identity, data and value.…

Brad Bulent



Brad Yasar is an entrepreneur, investor, mentor, and advisor with a global focus on blockchain and innovative technologies. Brad is currently the CEO of EQIFI, the premiere decentralized global banking platform. He is also the Founder of Beyond Enterprises, offering strategic and technical leadership, advisory, and support to projects in…

Pranav Sharma

Founding Partner

Woodstock Fund

Mayur Relekar



Felix Mago


Dash Next

Felix is Co-Founder of Dash NEXT & Dash Thailand. Dash is the leading cryptocurrency for real-life payments. Dash Next is focused on biz-dev and partnerships. Dash Thailand has established the first crypto payment ecosystem in Asia. He published the “Bitcoin Handbook” and is Co-Founder of FUTERIO and the Blocktech Institute.

Nils Tharandt Ortiz

Co-Founder and CEO


Nils Tharandt Ortiz, 49, is an entrepreneur, lawyer by education holding 2 legal masters from University of Paris Seine and a specialization in human rights from René Cassin Institute, Strasbourg. After 6 years working at embassies and international organizations, Nils left for the private sector and made successfully 2 exits:…