We live in an era of radical innovation and technological progress with the rapid emergence, adoption and integration of several novel frontier industries being just on the horizon. AIBC is a globally respected nexus for emerging technologies with the best and brightest in the world of Blockchain, Artificial intelligence, Quantum Computing and several other sectors all calling the summit home.

Launched in 2018 in Malta and founded by Eman Pulis, the inaugural summit set the stage by acting as a launchpad for Malta’s novel regulation on DLT, being amongst the first states to do so and setting the stage for the mass adoption of the technology. Since then, the summit has been one of the core hubs for leading figures from several emerging tech sectors, laying the foundation for the economy of the Future.

Bringing the future to you

The conference is active across five geographical areas with summits being found in Asia, Americas, Balkans/CIS, Europe and Africa with an international audience to match. Exhibitors and delegates are drawn from across the world to participate in inspiring keynote speeches, enlightening panels, workshops and much more. Our speakers are drawn from the pioneers of the emerging tech world, thought leaders and industry titans who’s labour had brought the full potential of their ventures into areas such as the Blockchain and AI into the mainstream and became pillars of the global economy in the process. Through the platform provided by our summit, these leading figures discuss, deliberate and set the stage for the coming Industrial Revolution 4.0.

By attending the summits, our delegates gain a foothold in the community that is leading the charge in emerging tech adoption. Other than embedding themselves in the collective of the future, delegates will also have several opportunities to exhibit, market and network at our events. Exhibitors will be able to display their accomplishments, services and products to a massive audience of C-suite executives, decision makers and investors. We also offer a massive variety of options in terms of marketing, both physical and digital, with this including novel tactics such as drone displays! Finally, we believe that every event needs to strike a balance between work and leisure so we provide our lucky delegates with several opportunities to unwind, dine, wine and refine their contact list with some of the most up-and-coming figures in this industry.



With the summit heavily embodying the virtues of entrepreneurship and innovation, our conference provides ambitious start-ups with several opportunities to scale exponentially with several alumni of our programmes being leading market makers in their own right in the present.


Our Start-Up Pitch combines showmanship with vision by having our top 100 start-ups competing for a chance to win up to $500,000 in equity investment as well as several other benefits.


We are also partnered with Ikigai Ventures, a UK-based Venture Capital firm that specialises in emerging sectors, who has a physical presence at each of our summits.


Our media presence is equally global with our network for thought leaders and sectoral experts contributing towards one of the best informed and authoritative outlets in the industry.


Supported by an elite media team, the footage can be found on our social media free of charge for educational purposes.


We also compile the most important and interesting opinion pieces, thought leadership sections and grand reveals in our own emerging and medical tech magazine block. 


It is published three times a year in two separate languages  and is a cherished read for a broad variety of C-Suite executives, decision makers and policy executives around the world.



Our events are divided into five main geographical location; Asia, Americas, Balkans/CIS, Europe and Africa with each year seeing a different location being chosen for each one. You may find the details for each location on their respective about page.

You can register for the events by pressing the book pass button on the About page of the specific event you’d like to join.  If tickets are available already, you may choose which package you’d prefer. If they are unavailable, you may register your interest and be amongst the first to know when tickets are out as well as being first in line for early bird tickets.

Each delegate has the opportunity to purchase a broad selection of packages that would give them booth locations with excellent footflow, putting them at the front and centre of a global crowd of C-Suite Executives, digital and physical marketing opportunities and an infinite variety of other options.

Given the calibre of the events and the level of quality we ensure they strive to, our speakers are handpicked from amongst the elite of the industry for their knowledge, expertise, accomplishments and oratory skills. If you think you’re up to the task, contact Emily Micallef on [email protected].

Our sister verticals tackle a broad variety of industries such as iGaming (SiGMA), Digital Marketing (AGS) and Medical Technology (Med-Tech World.) Given how the conferences tend to happen in parallel with each other, this also makes our summits the perfect place for cross-pollination between industries.

Joining AIBC as a part of the broader SiGMA family  means you’ll be a vital pillar of a global enterprise, using your skills to spark innovation across a wide variety of different frontier technologies while meeting the pioneers spearheading the future.

This would also mean that you’ll be working in an international firm that is an accredited workplace, being nominated by interns and full-time employees alike as a company that values initiative and investing in the skillset of its employees. Click here for a list of opportunities.

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