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Zoran Krdzic

Zoran Krdzic

Content Writer

Zoran Krdzic, an accomplished content and technical writer with an electrical engineering background, has spent the last decade meticulously crafting technical content for a global audience. His portfolio spans engaging blog posts, insightful articles, detailed user guides, authoritative whitepapers, and more, serving several international companies. Zoran’s tech enthusiasm has guided him through diverse industries such as crypto, blockchain, AI, IoT, telco, and digital marketing, enriching his expertise and enabling him to simplify complex technologies for a broad audience.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Zoran is deeply passionate about photography, film, design, history, military aviation, and music. These interests not only fuel his creativity but also provide a unique lens through which he views and interprets the rapidly evolving world of Web3 and AI technologies. In a nutshell, Zoran Krdzic stands at the intersection of technology and creativity, his work a testament to his wide-ranging interests and deep knowledge.

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