Top 10 DeFi Platforms to Watch Out for in 2024

Written by Zoran Krdzic Top 10 DeFi Platforms to Watch Out for in 2024

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) is revolutionizing the financial sector by providing decentralized financial services that eliminate intermediaries, offering more security, transparency, and accessibility. In 2024, the DeFi space continues to grow rapidly, with numerous platforms leading the innovation in decentralized finance. This article explores the top DeFi platforms of 2024, highlighting their features, benefits, and why they are worth watching.

What is a DeFi Platform?

DeFi platforms are decentralized financial systems that operate on blockchain technology, particularly on the Ethereum blockchain. These platforms provide users with various financial services, such as lending, borrowing, trading, and investing, without relying on traditional financial institutions. The decentralized nature of these platforms ensures greater transparency and security.

Why DeFi Platforms Are Crucial in 2024

DeFi platforms are becoming increasingly important in 2024 due to their potential to transform traditional finance. By offering decentralized financial services, they provide a more inclusive and accessible financial system. Additionally, the integration of smart contracts and blockchain technology enhances security and reduces costs associated with traditional financial services.

We also suggest that you check out this video explaining blockchain technology, which provides the underpinning for all DeFi platforms:

Top DeFi Platforms to Watch in 2024

Compound Finance

Overview: Compound Finance is a leading DeFi platform known for its decentralized lending and borrowing services. Users can supply assets to the Compound liquidity pool and earn interest, or borrow assets by providing collateral.


  • Decentralized Lending and Borrowing: Users can lend their crypto assets to earn interest or borrow against their holdings.
  • Interest Rates: The interest rates are determined algorithmically based on supply and demand.
  • Security: Compound uses audited smart contracts to ensure the security of users’ funds.

Why Watch in 2024: Compound continues to innovate with new features, such as integrating more crypto assets and improving its user interface. Its commitment to security and transparency makes it a reliable platform in the DeFi space.

Curve Finance

Overview: Curve Finance is a decentralized exchange (DEX) optimized for stablecoin trading. It offers low fees and low slippage, making it ideal for users looking to trade stablecoins efficiently.


  • Stablecoin Trading: Curve Finance specializes in stablecoin trading, providing low volatility and high liquidity.
  • Low Fees: The platform charges minimal fees, making it cost-effective for traders.
  • Liquidity Pools: Users can provide liquidity to the pools and earn rewards in the form of trading fees and CRV tokens.

Why Watch in 2024: Curve Finance’s focus on stablecoins makes it a unique player in the DeFi landscape. Its efficient trading mechanisms and growing list of supported stablecoins position it as a top DEX to watch.

Yearn Finance

Overview: Yearn Finance automates the process of yield farming by allocating users’ funds to the most profitable DeFi protocols. It aims to maximize returns for its users by leveraging various strategies.


  • Automated Yield Farming: Yearn Finance automates the process of moving funds between different DeFi protocols to optimize returns.
  • Vaults: Users can deposit assets into Yearn’s Vaults, which use complex strategies to earn yield.7
  • Governance: YFI token holders can participate in the governance of the platform, voting on proposals and changes.

Why Watch in 2024: Yearn Finance’s innovative yield farming strategies and strong community governance make it a standout platform in the DeFi space. Its continuous development and addition of new strategies keep it relevant and competitive.

As of 2024, $55.95 billion of value is locked in decentralized finance, and the number is still growing.


Overview: Aave is a decentralized lending platform known for its innovative features such as flash loans and liquidity pools. It supports a wide range of crypto assets for lending and borrowing.


  • Flash Loans: Aave pioneered flash loans, which allow users to borrow funds without collateral as long as the loan is repaid within the same transaction.
  • Liquidity Pools: Users can provide liquidity to Aave’s pools and earn interest.
  • Interest Rate Switching: Borrowers can switch between stable and variable interest rates.

Why Watch in 2024: Aave’s continuous innovation, including the introduction of new financial products and expanding its range of supported assets, ensures its position as a leading DeFi platform.


Overview: Uniswap is a decentralized exchange that enables users to trade cryptocurrencies directly from their wallets using an automated market maker (AMM) system.


  • AMM System: Uniswap uses an AMM model to provide liquidity, allowing users to trade directly from their wallets.
  • Liquidity Provision: Users can add liquidity to trading pairs and earn a share of the trading fees.
  • Wide Asset Support: Uniswap supports a vast range of ERC-20 tokens.

Why Watch in 2024: Uniswap’s simplicity, wide range of supported tokens, and high liquidity make it a go-to platform for decentralized trading. Its upcoming upgrades, such as Uniswap v3, are expected to enhance its functionality and user experience.


Overview: Synthetix is a decentralized platform for trading synthetic assets, which are digital representations of real-world assets like stocks, commodities, and fiat currencies.

  • Synthetic Assets: Synthetix allows users to trade synthetic assets, gaining exposure to real-world assets without holding them.
  • Staking and Rewards: Users can stake SNX tokens to mint synthetic assets and earn rewards.
  • Decentralized Oracle Network: Synthetix uses decentralized oracles to provide accurate price feeds for its synthetic assets.

Why Watch in 2024: Synthetix’s ability to offer exposure to traditional assets in a decentralized manner makes it a unique platform in the DeFi ecosystem. Its continuous innovation and expansion of supported assets are key reasons to watch it closely.


Overview: MakerDAO is a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) that issues the DAI stablecoin, a decentralized, collateral-backed stablecoin.


  • DAI Stablecoin: DAI is a stablecoin pegged to the US dollar, backed by collateral held in smart contracts.
  • Collateralized Debt Positions (CDPs): Users can create CDPs by locking up collateral to generate DAI.
  • Governance: MKR token holders govern the MakerDAO platform, voting on key decisions and risk parameters.

Why Watch in 2024: MakerDAO’s stablecoin, DAI, is a cornerstone of the DeFi ecosystem. Its stability and decentralization make it a trusted asset for DeFi users, and its governance model ensures continuous improvement and adaptation.


Overview: Balancer is a decentralized exchange and automated portfolio manager that allows users to create liquidity pools with multiple tokens.


  • Customizable Liquidity Pools: Users can create liquidity pools with varying proportions of tokens, providing flexibility in portfolio management.
  • Liquidity Mining: Users can earn BAL tokens by providing liquidity to Balancer pools.
  • Smart Order Routing: Balancer’s smart order routing ensures efficient trade execution and optimal pricing.

Why Watch in 2024: Balancer’s unique approach to liquidity provision and portfolio management sets it apart from other DEXs. Its flexibility and continuous development make it a platform to watch in the evolving DeFi landscape.


Overview: SushiSwap is a decentralized exchange and yield farming platform that offers a variety of DeFi services, including staking, lending, and trading.


  • Community-Driven: SushiSwap emphasizes community governance, allowing users to vote on platform changes and improvements.
  • Yield Farming: Users can stake their tokens to earn rewards in the form of SUSHI tokens.
  • Expanding Ecosystem: SushiSwap continuously adds new features and integrates with other DeFi protocols.

Why Watch in 2024: SushiSwap’s rapid growth and community-driven approach make it a dynamic and adaptable platform in the DeFi space. Its expanding ecosystem and innovative features ensure its relevance and competitiveness.


Overview: Bancor is a decentralized liquidity network that allows users to convert tokens directly from their wallets without the need for a counterparty.

  • Continuous Liquidity: Bancor provides continuous liquidity for supported tokens through its automated market maker (AMM) system.
  • Impermanent Loss Protection: Bancor offers protection against impermanent loss, making it attractive for liquidity providers.
  • Cross-Chain Trading: Bancor supports cross-chain trading, enabling users to trade tokens across different blockchains.

Why Watch in 2024: Bancor’s continuous innovation, including its impermanent loss protection and cross-chain capabilities, make it a standout platform in the DeFi ecosystem. Its focus on improving the user experience and expanding its supported assets positions it as a top DeFi platform to watch.

Decentralized finance (DeFi) market is projected to surpass $446.43 billion by year 2031.

Benefits of Using DeFi Platforms

DeFi platforms offer numerous benefits, including enhanced security, lower fees, and greater accessibility. By eliminating intermediaries, these platforms provide more control to users over their assets and transactions. Additionally, the transparency of blockchain technology ensures that all transactions are visible and verifiable.

How to Get Started with DeFi Platforms

To get started with DeFi platforms, users need to create a digital wallet, acquire cryptocurrency (such as Ethereum), and connect their wallet to a DeFi platform. From there, they can explore various DeFi services, such as lending, borrowing, and trading.

DeFi Lending: A Game Changer

DeFi lending platforms, such as Compound and Aave, allow users to lend their crypto assets and earn interest. These platforms use smart contracts to automate the lending process, ensuring transparency and security.

The Role of Smart Contracts in DeFi

Smart contracts are self-executing contracts with the terms of the agreement directly written into code. They play a crucial role in DeFi by enabling automated and trustless transactions, reducing the need for intermediaries.

Risks and Challenges in DeFi

While DeFi offers many benefits, it also comes with risks, such as smart contract vulnerabilities and regulatory uncertainty. Users must conduct thorough research and understand the risks before engaging in DeFi activities.

The Future of DeFi: Trends to Watch

The DeFi space is rapidly evolving, with new trends and innovations emerging. Key trends to watch in 2024 include the rise of decentralized exchanges, the integration of DeFi with traditional finance, and the growth of DeFi insurance products.


DeFi platforms are revolutionizing the financial industry by offering decentralized, transparent, and secure financial services. The top DeFi platforms of 2024, such as Compound Finance, Curve Finance, and Yearn Finance, are leading the way in innovation and providing users with new opportunities to manage and grow their assets. To better understand these platforms, we suggest you learn about crypto and blockchain basics first, and then dive into the DeFi subject matter. Good luck!