Binance faces $10 billion penalty from Nigeria for forex manipulation claims

South Africa makes significant strides in the cryptocurrency space

Bitcoin nears record high as investors flock to crypto funds

Decubate sets the pace as a bullish newcomer to the crypto market

Revolutionising Fan Engagement: Web3’s Impact on Sports

Open Source revolution – transforming the landscape of AI

Polkadot (DOT) makes its mark on Coinbase Futures

Institutional adoption of digital assets: Keynote by Alexander Filatov

UAE steps out of FATF greylist

How the MENA region is becoming a hotspot for crypto and blockchain funding

Dubai has become the go-to place for disruptive tech, says Belal Jassoma

CEX and DEX – What’s next for digital asset trading platforms

Unexpected surge: Unraveling the mystery behind AI coins’ rally

Nigeria restricts crypto access to stop currency speculation

Former CEOs of Celsius and FTX share legal representation for fraud charges

Swiss banking giant PostFinance dives into crypto

Dogecoin battles for crypto supremacy

Fastex’s ftNFT set to host celebration of digital innovation at inaugural international awards

Bitcoin Secures Spot as 10th Largest Global Asset

Nobody NFTs surge past 10 ETH in trading volume

2024 Elections: A Shift in Power with California’s Emerging Crypto Voter Base

Enigmatic travels of Shytoshi Kusama: message from El Salvador

FTX: End of revival efforts and start of liquidation

American Bitcoin Academy Founder Faces SEC Charges for Alleged $1.2M Fraud Scheme

Biden Administration Intensifies Scrutiny over Bitcoin Mining Amid Surge in Price

Bitcoin ETFs by BlackRock and Fidelity outshine USD bond funds

Argentina creates free haven for crypto assets

Debunking Misconceptions in the United Nations University’s Bitcoin Mining Study

Charles Schwab’s calculated approach to bitcoin ETFs

Ana Maria Caballero’s poem ‘Cords’ sold for 0.28 Bitcoin at auction

Binance introduces LSK futures – a catalyst for a new uptrend

Efforts for public listing – Circle fintech second attempt for IPO

OKX DEX expands with new Solana cross-chain swaps for global users

Success of Bitcoin EFTS cryptocurrency sell-off – a week on

Binance Research shares insights on 2024 crypto trends

BlackRock’s bitcoin holdings signal optimistic turn in crypto market

Tether Cryptocurrency – concerns of money laundering and scams in Southeast Asia

US Bitcoin ETFs amass $4.6 billion on debut trading day

Bitcoin surges past $47K amid anticipation around ETF approval

Fox Corporation launches content verification protocol on Polygon to combat fake news

UDPN’s fiat-centric stability in cross-border payments

Crypto exchanges adapt to new UK regulations

Hong Kong introduces progressive regulatory framework for stablecoin issuers

Devcon 7 selects Bangkok as host city amid regional crypto growth

Report: Bitcoin Lightning Network transfer capacity surpasses $210M

Federal judge rules against Terraform Labs in SEC’s fraud charges

Bitcoin’s remarkable resurgence beyond legal setback

SEC set to approve first wave of spot bitcoin ETFs

Digital asset execs secure $78m for crypto advocacy, responsible regulations

FTX proposes controversial reorganization plans

U.S. government revise NDAA, impacting cryptocurrency anti-money laundering measures

M&A: ABN Amro acquires European neobroker BUX

Bitcoin, Ethereum prices slide after two-month rally in crypto markets

Société Générale introduces euro-backed stablecoin

Trading platform Robinhood reports 75% surge in crypto trading

Canadian crypto exchanges surpass $736M record, report says

Binance’s new CEO silent on location of global headquarters

Crypto wallet-draining kit Inferno Drainer ceases operation after $70M crypto heist

Binance founder CZ pleads guilty to money laundering charges

P2P app users sue Apple over rising transaction costs

SEC extends deadline for decision on Grayscale’s crypto futures ETF

UK crypto advertising rules gain traction: FCA issues 146 Alerts on first day of regulation

MDIA’s strategic collaboration with AIBC: Shaping Malta’s tech landscape

The laws of entrepreneurship and money

Tailored crypto regulation – insights from industry leaders

Highlights from AIBC Summit: Micro and macro crypto trends

Lasting engagement over larger reach

The new wave of innovation – Is Malta ready?

Trading platform Robinhood reports 55% decline in crypto revenue

Standard Chartered to launch crypto fund in UAE

Ripple’s XRP leads crypto market with 10% gain

BlackRock and U.S. Government threaten bitcoin boom

Stark warning on UK’s crypto regulation plans

Sam Bankman-Fried guilty of massive crypto fraud and money laundering

U.K. announces plans to launch formal crypto regulations in 2024

Analyst: Spot Bitcoin ETF approval may propel token’s price by 75%

Bitcoin soars to new high in 2023, surpassing $35,000 mark

FDIC underprepared for crypto oversight, internal assessment reveals

Bitcoin sees $100M in liquidations after false spot ETF report

Binance suspends new UK customer sign-ups in wake of regulatory crackdown

Minister Griffiths’ crypto plea calling for leniency in advertising regulation

Binance CEO shares predictions on Bitcoin halving

Ex-lieutenant testifies against false reassurances by Sam Bankman-Fried

Coinbase obtains payment license from Singapore’s central bank

Bipartisan lawmakers urge SEC Chair to approve spot bitcoin ETFs

Binance exits Russian crypto market selling business to newcomer

Chase UK bans crypto purchases to combat rising fraud

Hong Kong’s crypto-friendly image tested as JPEX faces fraud probe

FTX sues founder’s parents for misappropriating millions from defunct exchange

Coinbase launches Web3 wallet for institutional, enterprise clients

Crypto market crisis prompts rethink on the use of blockchain

Bitcoin rallies amid strong accumulation by whole coiners

G20 agrees on global framework to regulate crypto assets

Creator League launch stumbles in the wake of NFTs rumour

X secures Rhode Island license, opens doors to cryptocurrency payments

Preparing for Crypto’s next bull run: highlights from AIBC Balkans & CIS discussion

Forex Trading in the digital age and the utilization of technology for achieving success

Cyprus-based Ole Lehmann’s transformation from crypto to AI

AIBC Forex: Meeting new investment challenges

Bitcoin trading activity plummets to lowest level since 2018

Market dynamics shift as Bitcoin plummets to $25,200

Coinbase gains regulatory approval for U.S. crypto futures trading

Viral $SEI Token Airdrop Captures Attention After Binance Listing

Grayscale CEO says courts involvement threatens crypto innovation

FTX Founder Sam Bankman-Fried incarcerated as bail is revoked

Bitcoin’s strong performance overshadows crypto hedge funds in 2023

Bitcoin investors employ fresh strategy free from shorting

Crypto couple pleads guilty to $4.5B Bitcoin-laundering scheme

Bitcoin holds steady at $29.2k amid dormant market

Japan’s Finance Ministry urges X to remove impersonation account amid currency intervention concerns

One week after launch, Kenya suspends Worldcoin crypto project

Crypto regulatory reinforcements divide the US government

Bitcoin stalls, DOGE rises ahead of likely Fed rate hike

SEC hints appeal in lawsuit against Ripple

FTX Founder Sam Bankman-Fried pleads not guilty to criminal charges

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. proposes Bitcoin-focused policies if elected president

Education the key to unlocking Crypto

XRP outperforms Bitcoin, Ethereum as market rally fizzles

CEO of Blackrock is optimistic about cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin, other cryptocurrencies gain amid renewed market optimism

The Philippines: Blockchain capital

Litecoin’s price surge ahead of halving gives hope to Bitcoin investors

Asia’s crypto hubs introduce bans on lending, staking for retail investors

Kraken ordered to provide user data to IRS

South Korean government to protect crypto investors

Bitcoin hits new yearly high as institutional interest grows

Canada unveils plans to foster emerging technologies

Israel confiscates $1.7m in cryptocurrency from Iran’s IRGC and Hezbollah

Bitcoin miners transfer over $1b to crypto exchanges, signaling shifting market dynamics

DigiToads, Pepe Coin set to rally in 2023, analysts say

Wall Street weighs in on Crypto

Deutsche Bank crypto move boosts Bitcoin to June high

ZachXBT’s legal battle sees over $1 million donated by crypto supporters

Understanding Hong Kong’s new guidelines for crypto exchanges

ALGO, FLOW plummet to record lows following SEC lawsuits against Binance, Coinbase

Small country, big impact: Luxembourg spearheads investigation into Web3 and Blockchain

Crypto market in turmoil as SEC sues Binance

Binance operating a web of deception says Securities and Exchange Commission

Security breach at Atomic Wallet results in $35 million losses

Binance’s market share plummet 25% amid increased regulatory pressure

India urges web3 adoption in banking

Sui blockchain partners with Oracle Red Bull Racing

Crypto markets brace for liquidity tightening after U.S. debt ceiling lift

Blend dominates NFT lending as market share soars to 82%

Solana integrates AI in an industry first

Venom Foundation joins forces with Kenya to drive blockchain innovation in Africa

Hong Kong’s SFC grants inaugural web3 licence

Cybercrimes don’t pay: PlugwalkJoe pleads guilty to several high-profile schemes

Republicans pressure Biden administration’s digital assets

NFT trading volume plunges as market capitulates

SEC commissioner calling for more lenient approach toward crypto

Venom’s testnet launch: A catalyst for widespread Blockchain adoption?

Coinbase sues SEC to demand response over rulemaking petition

Solana Foundation launch carbon emission dashboard

Corruption investigation leads to Venezuelan suspension of crypto operations

Half of Ethereum NFT market plagued by fraud, report says

Jeremy Booth to launch NFT project for Western artists

UK may introduce cryptocurrency-specific regulation within 12 months, top lawmaker says

Technical glitch halts Elon Musk’s liftoff of next-generation rocket

Best crypto casinos in New Zealand

Fan tokens: Santos FC shakes up the gaming world

Blockchain taxation vetoed in Arizona

AIming for the top: Cyberattacks, investment and other AI disruption

FTX retrieving assets and assessing recovery

Bitcoin passes $30,000 threshold, first time since June 2022

Hong Kong SAR vying for Web3 adoption

SushiSwap authorization bug leads to $3.3M loss to crypto theft

Elon Musk facing lawsuit for allegedly inflating Dogecoin price

Bitcoin mining to replace armed conflict, Space Force major says

Bitcoin’s bullish momentum: Implications for the crypto market

Seoul police apprehend three in connection with cryptocurrency-related murder

Senator Elizabeth Warren centers reelection bid around anti-crypto stance

Shaping Web3 marketing: An exclusive interview with Web3m’s Adir Buskila

Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao disputes CFTC’s allegations

Digital asset Sygnum Bank launches in the United Arab Emirates

Tech Talk: Joshua Ellul on the future of Cryptocurrency after Venezuela’s mining ban

BSV Blockchain to modernise the Philippines

SBF allegedly paid a $40 million bribe to Chinese officials

Discounted FTX Crypto offered to Genesis employees, reports Financial Times

MicroStrategy repays $205 million debt-obligation with a 21% discount

Popularity of NFT Gaming in Philippines builds momentum

Binance sued by US regulator

Cryptocurrencies in LATAM: Insights from Venezuela’s mining ban

FDIC negotiates acquisition of SVB by First Citizens

Tron founder Justin Sun charged with fraud and manipulation

Fugitive “cryptocrash” kingpin Do Kwon arrested in Montenegro

Bitcoin dominance surges to 47% in March amid banking crisis

Islamic banking launches Shariah compliant digital coin

Developing decentralized AI

An exclusive interview with ‘The father of blockchain technology’

Plans to scale up NFT tax in the US

Launch of accelerator programme for DAO projects

Investors who started a DCA strategy at $69,000 are up 10%

Digital assets under fire from new US report

New kids on the block – new generations and new tech

NFT wash trading rises for 4th consecutive month in February

Stablecoin transaction successfully executed by NAB

The fall of Silvergate, SVB, and Signature presents ‘opportunity’ for another bank to step up

Chinese exile billionaire charged with crypto fraud

OpenAI’s ChatGPT-4 will beat 90% of exam participants

Jimmy Nguyen: “Bitcoin is a force that wants to comply with law”

AIBC Insight – ‘This is a classic run on the banks’ says financial risk guru

UAE to launch Digital Assets Oasis in Ras al Khaimah

Silicon Valley Bank collapse and the great reset

Maximising engagement in a digital world: John Lee’s strategies shared at AIBC Eurasia Summit

AIBC Eurasia Summit: Hopeful tomorrow with a risk-based approach to crypto innovation

Coinbase Suspends Trading of Binance-USD Stablecoin on Regulatory Concern

Ordinals spark debate over Bitcoin’s ‘purpose’

Europe’s new crypto MiCA regulations; pros and cons

AIBC Insight – A cryptocurrency that is Shariah-compliant

President Biden proposes higher tax for crypto mining

Crypto-friendly bank Silvergate announces ‘voluntary liquidation’

Bolt founder in legal battle over alleged DAO fraud

Voyager cleared to sell assets to Binance.US pending SEC objection

Utah introduces new bill to recognize DAOs

Grayscale Investments and executives sued by FTX debtors

Australia Reserve Bank reveals use-cases for pilot CBDC

Downfall of Nishad Singh as he pleads guilty to six charges

Innovator’s dilemma: Mastercard chooses to become a dinosaur?

Forbes: Binance transferred $1.8 billion stablecoin collateral, similar to FTX

Self-custody will be the “biggest benefactor” of crypto custodians crackdown, say CEOs

Large NFT dump traded on BLUR

NFT tokens will preserve Titanic legacy

Ruja Ignatova reported to have been murdered in 2018

Coinbase surpasses expectations with $605 million net revenue

Hong Kong announces new licensing regime for virtual assets

NFT conference is cancelled

Report: the SEC sharpens its knives; goes after Do Kwon

Citadel Securities discloses large stake in struggling Silvergate

Binance loses $900m worth of crypto in 24 hours after Paxos BUSD suspension

Super Bowl advertises free Ethereum DigiDaigaku NFTs

Report: SEC’s controversial ruling against Kraken provokes strong pushback

No crypto advertising on Super Bowl Sunday

Coinbase CEO cites ‘rumours’ the SEC may ban staking for retail users

NFT lawsuit: Hermès wins trademark over Metabirkin bags

Islamic Coin has a huge potential for Malta’s participation

UK Chancellor reveals Britcoin’s Roadmap: Savings not allowed!

NFT market ramping up: Louis Vuitton launches partnership with Kusama

Bithumb owner arrested in S. Korea for allegedly siphoning $50m

ARK Invest maintains $1M Bitcoin forecast by 2030

Will venture capitalists be held accountable for investing in FTX?

Islamic Finance and Banking – too good an opportunity to miss?

A case for Bitcoin? Lebanon devalues official exchange rate by 90%

DeFi exploits and smarter phishing scams to haunt crypto this year: Cybersecurity experts

NYDIG: Tether supply growth is ‘positive’ for crypto

Bank of England Former Director to AIBC News: “OneCoin similar to Madoff scam”

What’s next for FTX’s Sam Bankman-Fried?

Genesis update: disputes with creditors to be resolved without mediator

Crypto infrastructure firm Blockstream raises $125 million to expand mining operations

What to watch in crypto in the next few weeks

ETH Shanghai Mainnet Hosts Shadow Fork preview

Silvergate in crisis: Billions withdrawn as DCG faces bankruptcy

SEC sues Genesis Global and Gemini

Genesis Global is the latest casualty of the crypto market

The various uses of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology

Coinbase and Kraken exit Japanese Crypto market

Bitcoin surges 28% in weeks: new year, new rally?

A wild ride in 2023? Here are the big predictions

Why 2023 is the best year to learn crypto properly

Best ways to make money with cryptocurrency

European Central Bank is tinkering with the idea of digital currency

North Korean Lazarus Hacking Group moves 41,000 Ether over weekend

Is Machine Learning the best way to defend web3 from exploits?

Fiat and Crypto on Miss Universe stage: Who of the two will fare better?

Lessons learned from the FTX fallout: the power of self-custody

Crypto lender Nexo linked to user financing terrorism

Cameron Winklevoss demands removal of DCG CEO Barry Silbert in open letter

Bankman-Fried says Robinhood Shares needed for legal defence

Staked ETH withdrawals for validators will open in March

Will the EU ban Bitcoin in the future?

Digital Currency Group faces Jan. 8th Ultimatum to resolve debacle

Genesis Block Day: Bitcoin turns 14

Crypto arbitrage in 2022; 5 governments who embraced crypto

Proof-of-Reserves: an emerging trust standard for centralised exchanges

Ethereum Prepares for Shanghai fork in March 2023

Creditor meeting reveals FTX has over $1 billion in cash on hand

Setting aside differences: a common-sense approach for crypto regulators

Nigeria reportedly to pass bill legalising cryptocurrencies

PayPal and MetaMask lock arms to introduce Web 3.0 services

Tether to reduce secured loans to zero by 2023 amid lengthy PR battle

Sam Bankman-Fried disliked Bitcoin because he couldn’t control it: Ark CEO

Debunking the ECB’s attacks on Bitcoin

Further blow for crypto as Europe arrests VP Eva Kaili

Gridless raises $2m to support African bitcoin mining expansion 

Crypto influencers get second wind after FTX collapse

Crypto companies hit with U.S SEC guidelines letter

Singapore’s Amber Group latest crypto firm to lay off staff

Prominent economist Paul Krugman predicts the end of Crypto

Bybit and Swyftx among Crypto firms trimming their workforce

Standard Chartered warns of potential 70% drop for Bitcoin in 2023

Binance pauses withdrawals following Ankr $5 million hack

Binance gets first East Asia license through Sakura (SEBC) purchase

Brazil legitimises Bitcoin payments with new regulatory framework

Crypto winter for BlockFi and Bitfront as both file for bankruptcy

Blockchain seen as tipping the scale toward net-zero emissions

Crypto not included in SEC’s plan for Nigeria

Crypto assets in the spotlight as Uzbekistan doles out major reforms

Singapore police investigate potential fraud at Hodlnaut

It’s crucial we remain dedicated to developing the crypto space, says Crypto Megan

Major crypto brokerage Genesis denies plans to declare bankruptcy

Binance to create industry recovery fund after FTX collapse

FTX files for bankruptcy protection, CEO Bankman-Fried resigns

FTX woes likely to cause contagion with more pain to come, analysts say

Binance CEO calls for more transparency after dropping FTX bailout

U.S. solves Silk Road Dark Web mystery, seizes $3.36b in Bitcoin

Binance to buy following liquidity crunch

Crypto markets roiled by Binance FTT sale

Fed: Crypto no longer included in top 10 most-cited potential risks

Singapore-based Amber raises $100 million at ‘flat valuation’

Which blockchain trends should the gaming industry take note of?

Crypto exchange Deribit suffers $28 million loss in hot wallet hack

Avoid ‘celebrity ambassadors’ and focus on building a loyal web3 community

Bitget inks partnership with football legend Leo Messi

Singapore issues new regulations on crypto trading

Australia to continue taxing cryptos as foreign currency

Apple rolls out new App Store rules for crypto and NFT payments

Optimism for crypto as advocate Rishi Sunak becomes UK’s PM

Blockchain infrastructure seen attracting lion’s share of investment

Ripple gets hold of Hinman files which say Ethereum isn’t security

DeFi regulation needs to address liquidity sources

Tesla’s Q3 report shows Musk a Hodler with $218m in Bitcoin

J.P. Morgan hires former Celsius head of regulatory affairs

Crypto whales seen accumulating assets as prices rise

LetsExchange supports more than 1,500 Cryptocurrencies

EU to range cryptos according to energy efficiency

AIBC in retrospect: the top 10 conference moments

Fed Vice Chair Barr urges stablecoin regulation for banks

Chile Congress passes fintech bill after two years

Coinbase to sue traders who exploited Georgian pricing glitch

Guinness World Records adds BTC to latest edition

MasterCard extends partnership with Paxos to boost crypto trading

France greenlights Société Générale’s crypto operations

Binance to support mining industry by lending $500M

Step accrues $500 million fund, opens crypto investment to teens

Coinbase partners with Google and extends reach to Singapore

Crypto needs regulation, trust, and usability for mass adoption, say experts

Portugal to impose 28% tax on all crypto gains

Huobi appoints five industry leaders, including Justin Sun, to advisory board

Crypto hack results in $100 million BNB Stolen

Triple fund tokenization, Hamilton Lane partners with Securitize

M31 Capital for crypto, launches $100m Web3 Opportunity Fund

Nasdaq’s crypto exchange launch on hold till further regulatory affirmations

FSOC warn cryptos could pose risks to the financial system without regulation and oversight

Kim Kardashian pays SEC $1.26M fine in crypto pump and dump case

Indian crypto exchange WazirX lays off over 40% of its workforce

Study says Bitcoin impact greater than gold mining

Blackrock ups blockchain presence with new European ETF

FTX US relieves crypto winter fallout, wins bid for Voyager Digital LLC

Israel: Bits of Gold becomes the first active company granted licence to operate as a virtual asset service

Compute North files for bankruptcy under as much as $500m debt

“Colorado is officially accepting cryptocurrency as a payment option for all taxes.”

Jesse Powell, CEO of Kraken steps down

Limitless potential: 3air set to make waves on Web3

S.Korea prosecutors turn to Interpol to track Terraform Labs founder

BREAKING: Ethereum’s long-awaited Merge has just gone live

Bitpapa soars into Kenya, secures footing in the African crypto market

Not cryptic about Crypto: Canadian Conservatives elect pro-Bitcoin leader

The most used payment methods in online casinos 2022

UK’s new Liz Truss on the Block

JP Morgan Head of Digital Assets: “Most of crypto is still junk”

AIBC Balkans: A Staggering First Day

Kuwait offers low-cost haven for Bitcoin miners

Qatar announces blueprint for National Blockchain strategy

[WATCH] NeOlympians: AIBC College and the future of sports

How to submit a Crypto-Exchange CASP application to CySEC

“The future is here”: Deloitte on Blockchain-backed Real Estate

Moralis and Cronos integrate to lay the foundations for Web3

Security Matters: PepsiCo’s Blockchain partner for recycling

Reno: a city built on the Blockchain

Blocksport’s Tour de Force: From Europe to the Globe

Ties that bind: the potential of Blockchain supply chains

India’s sustainable Blockchain unicorn: 5ire raises $100m for expansion

GameFi: Fueling the Future with Hubertus Thonhauser

Wholistic innovation in an uncertain world with Dieter Brockmeyer

British ArmNFT?: Crypto scammers hack UK military twitter, YouTube

Dubai, the crypto oasis of the world with Ralf Glabischnig

Society 4.0 with Virginia Mijes Martin

MiCA: EU reins in Blockchain sector with new set of regulations

Cross-pollination station: AIBC Start-Up pitches

Swissborg: a new wave of innovation

Free Trade in the Emerald City: OzFinance and Blockchain-based Free Trade Zones

From Foster Care To Blockchain Leader: Dustin Plantholt Leads The Way

The genie is out of the bottle: Why are VCs excited about GameFi?

Probably Nothing: Cristiano Ronaldo becomes Binance partner, launches NFT

Crypto-Lobbying: Increase in crypto-donations for political campaigns

Price of Solana plunges after the second outage in a month

[WATCH] How to build a DAO at AIBC Dubai 2022

AIBC Intelligence: The rise of DeSci, Blockchain and the future of Research

World Economic Forum launches initiative to build a better Metaverse

[WATCH] The future of Data Sovereignty with Robert Grant at AIBC 2022

AIBC College officially debuts with Web3.0 Documentary

El Mocambo: AIBC America’s first choice for Awards

AIBC Intelligence: Blockchain and National Security

Cardano: What Is it and How to Use It

Cryptocurrency Pricing, Market and Trading Digest for March 2022

What is NFT Virtual Land and How to Buy Virtual Land in Metaverse?

[WATCH] LBank global CEO Allen Wei addresses the importance of CEX in the Web3.0 era

Capx – liquid vesting & token lifecycle management 

Crypto Panther Club and the evolution of NFTs

FasTToken is the first to acquire the electronic currency license from Abu Dhabi

What is Cryptography?

Sheikh of Dubai Mohammed bin Rashin Al Maktoum passes landmark Virtual Asset Regulation Law

QANplatform, the world’s first quantum-resistant ETH-compatible L1 coming to AIBC Dubai

MFSA licensed payment firm Finaro acquired by Shift4 in a $575m deal

One-stop-shop for digital privacy: The DTSocialize Ecosystem and its Community

DeFi Guide: What is Decentralized Finance & How Does it Work

9 Lesser-Known Facts About Bitcoin

Crypto Terms for Beginners Part 2

[WATCH] Crypto-Charity: Corporate philanthropy on the Blockchain at AIBC Europe

Crypto Terms For Beginners Part 1: The Most Important Cryptocurrency Terminology

Ukrainian parliament passes bill legalising crypto

Crypto Security News Digest for February 2022

Cryptocurrency Pricing, Market and Trading Digest for February 2022

[WATCH] NFT News Digest for February 2022

[WATCH] Nick Spanos tackles the will to persevere, centralization and the triumph of Blockchain at AIBC 2021

[WATCH] Akon announces the AKOIN Mastercard at AIBC 2021

What Is a LaunchPad?

[WATCH] Crypto-Humanitarianism: Impact investing and the Blockchain with Philippe Bednarek at AIBC 2021

[WATCH] Regulation: Crypto’s Friend or Foe? with Eneko Knorr at AIBC 2021

The Guide to Metaverse Marketplaces & Worlds

Metaverse News, Events, and Developments For January 2022

[WATCH] The DeFi Trinity: Tone Vays and the future of Bitcoin at AIBC 2021

[WATCH] The Ethical Blockchain: Emerging tech as a tool for the greater good at AIBC Europe 2021

[WATCH] Shirly Valge, VelasChain and Next Gen Blockchains in the Industrial Revolution 4.0 at AIBC Europe 2021

The second exodus: Instability in Kazakhstan may affect the regional Bitcoin mining industry

Leader of EY’s Blockchain section states that “2022 is all about Ethereum”

“Count of Monte Crypto” Dustin Plantholt joins AIBC as Advisor

YetAi, the NFT project built on Solana and powered completely through Artificial Intelligence

An internal note by Meta’s chief technology officer indicates that they aim towards having a “deep compatibility” with Blockchain moving forward

A hand-held guide on cryptocurrency for American policymakers is in the works and may be published in early 2022

Chief Economist of the International Monetary Fund signals the need for a global policy approach towards cryptocurrencies

Becoming a licensed Foundation – ADA Finance takes the next steps forward for real-world solutions

The Bank of Russia issues prohibition restricting fund managers from exposing clients to crypto-related assets

In a landmark move, Binance Australia becomes the first ever crypto-exchange to start reporting ESG metrics

The Kleinman Case: Craig Wright wins US court case over bitcoin store worth billions

BitMart to compensate victims of $150m hack

NFTs for the sea: OpenEarth Foundation are using holographic NFTs to raise money for marine protection

“In the end, there’s going to be a wake up call, a zero sum game.” Thierry Arys Ruiz on the Gold Standard, the Crypto-bubble and monetary degeneration

Malta Week 2021 kicks off a new Post-COVID age of innovation and commerce

Woonkly Labs’ NFT Social Network plans to change the rules of the game

Woonkly Labs nominated as Crypto community of the year

Daniel Santos, Spanish entrepreneur, nominated for crypto influencer of the year award

GAUGECASH: The world’s first decentralised monetary system powered by and Polygon

Crypterns Crypto Comic launches at AIBC Europe

Sneak peek: The mother of all conferences awaits – AIBC Europe ‘21

Belgian cold-wallet NGRAVE sets a new security standard for crypto storage

Puppy Planet sells PUP token to public in preparation of full game launching soon

Paying your way through Cyberspace: Crypto-Wallet and Computecoin token launched for the Metaverse

Paypal co-founder states that rising US inflation is pushing investors towards Crypto

Crypto market: Why Ethereum has risen sharply

The Dogefather and the lost son – SHIB plummits after Musk tweets

Russian oil wells to mine crypto

DeFi surge under the Sharia – Afghanistan’s crypto trading

XRP hodlers’ not allowed to be defendants in SEC v Ripple case

International meeting to discuss cyber security collaboration

Iran, US and Australia see major shifts in crypto

Iranian crypto mining ban comes to an end

China widens its crypto crackdown

President Bukele claims a third of Salvadorans use Chivo wallet “actively”

Content creator? Get paid in Bitcoin to use Twitter

Txeya looking to provide greater funding equality for female, BAME and LGBTQ+ entrepreneurs

Powell: Federal bank still undecided about CBDC

OpenSea Goes Mobile

The history and cross-sell potential of esports betting for crypto casinos

Crypto Tax Code: Korean Finance Minister fights attempts to delay

Hong Kong landlords permitted to lease to crypto exchanges

Fake Walmart v Litecoin partnership causes waves

South Korea crypto crackdown to result in $2.6B losses

US sees 27% supporting Bitcoin as legal tender – YouGov

ABEY token now available to trade on Liquid Global exchange

NFT-based slot launched by Red Tiger

Ripple ordered by Judge to produce over 1 million Slack messages to SEC

Potential BTC and ETH functionality on Twitter following screenshots

BitConnect: Largest cryptocurrency fraud ever charged criminally

TDEFI to host Blockchain Business Hackathon with Future Blockchain Summit at GITEX 2021

El Salvador sees anti-bitcoin law protests due to pensions

12-year-old nets almost $300K from NFTs

EDFS launch a pioneering next generation of NFT and decentralized storage

Coinbase catastrophe? Money stolen, people blocked

PayPal rolls out cryptocurrency service in the UK

El Salvador Finance Minister clarifies “optional” use of Bitcoin

Bitcoin pushes crypto market to $2 trillion for the first time in 3 months

Doge on a bullish venture

Microsoft choose Ethereum in fight against piracy

Aston Villa to roll out $AVL fan token on

PSG include crypto tokens in Messi’s contract

Venmo debuts Cash Back to Crypto feature

Venezuelan Bitcoin miners off the grid

Is Binance heading towards troubled waters?

Goodbye CZ! Binance Seeks Out New CEO

Is Uruguay a step closer to accepting crypto as legal tender?

Akoin to rollout in Kenya following successful pilot

The great hash-rate migration: Go West!

Jihan Wu’s crypto firm Matrixport achieves unicorn status

What happened between Bitcoin and Amazon this week?

Malta Community Chest Fund takes on Binance over €7m crypto pledge

Inter Milan replace Pirelli sponsor with

“Ethereum: The Infinite Garden” Documentary generates more than 1,000 Ether

Blockchain revolution in Buenos Aires shipping

Binance abandons support for ‘stock tokens’ amid growing regulatory scrutiny

Amrita Sethi, NFT artist who created Voice Art

Crypto purchase limit on Paypal increased to $100K weekly

Italian regulator joins countries in Binance warnings

Tanzania announces new plans to create blockchain advisory team

TikTok bans all crypto-related content

Blockchain island Malta issues first crypto transfer license

Five things you need to know about Baby Doge

Most Salvadorans sceptical of Bitcoin

EU to centralize crypto regulations

Britain boosts Binance rivals with bans

Turkey seeing 11 times more crypto usage

The Tiger King cryptoverse: buy or goodbye?

Binance CEO announces regulatory renaissance

Iranian crypto miners ordered to halt in spite of licensing

EU SEPA transfers banned from Binance

TRON Group acquires American Crypto Systems

5 things you need to know about EU crypto laws

Over $19 million in seized crypto sold by Feds reports DDoS attack

The trade race – which currency will rule the world?

Baby Doge skyrockets after Elon Musk tweet

Banking Crypto

E-Commerce on the Loot Box engine

34% of Robinhood’s crypto revenue due to Dogecoin

Transforming Africa’s mining sector through blockchain featured in Formula 1

Robinhood faces penalty of $70m

UK crypto firms take stand against watchdog scrutiny

The Crypto Climate Accord: crypto to go green

South Korean banks request pass on crypto fraud

British Police seize ₤114 million in crypto

US DOJ beefing up crypto legal sector

Mode Global Holdings approved by UK regulator

Andreessen Horowitz launches $2.2 billion crypto fund

MidEast launches first Dubai crypto listing

Kraken eyes IPO

Ukraine proposes new DeFi regulations

Danske Bank will not block crypto

Indonesia cracked down on DeFi competition against CBDC

Time isn’t ripe for Salvadoran Bitcoin salaries

Regulatory Pressure halts certain South Korean crypto coin exchanges

Swiss Sygnum Bank launches DeFi trading

Tunisia rethinks imprisonment of crypto traders

Musk’s mood swing: Tesla will readopt Bitcoin once it’s green

UPDATE: New York Bitcoin ban bill fails to pass

Bitcoin Taproot Upgrade to launch in November

Iran confiscates 3,000 unlicensed crypto mining devices

Several crypto tutorial sites banned in Russia

Project Jura tests CBDC bridge between Swiss and French banks

US Senate hearing criticises Bitcoin, praises CBDC

Grand Theft Auto 6 might feature crypto trading

Paraguay prepares to become crypto hub of LatAm

Trump stamps down Bitcoin price with Fox News rant

Musk and Buterin bond over Dogethereum plans

Bitcoin has become legal tender – El Salvador’s dive into DeFi

Binance enforces US sanctions – All Zimbabwean nationals banned

South African tax collectors demand personal data on crypto traders

Low engergy prices trigger crypto rush in Argentina

TigerKing Token launched to fund legal team

AIBC Summit provides perspectives for optimistic crypto future

AIBC Awards honours the pioneers of the future

Crypto developments and politics sculpting the future – the first day of AIBC Summit is drawing to a close

The future is now! AIBC Summit kicks off today

Peru in a crypto rush

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Will Tesla implement Dogecoin? Musk takes to Twitter

Musk distances Tesla’s brand from carbon consumptive crypto – Bitcoin on a dive

Crypto regulations in South Korea tying the noose on decentralization

Global computer chip shortage causes crypto craving Russians to stock up

Elon Musk launches Twitter poll: Should Tesla accept Dogecoin?

Gold rush for Chia, ground-breaking and green

Digital Tenge: Kazakhstan makes CBDC implementation plans

Blockchain hackers snatch $100m in Q1 2021

Ethereum hits $3000, value quadruples in 2021

Biden Administration pressured by Task Force to tighten crypto regulation

Tesla’s bitcoin portfolio now worth $2.5billion

Nigerian regulator issues warning on crypto investments

Kansas City Chiefs’ Sean Culkin becomes latest sports star to receive salary in bitcoin

Goldman Sachs adds bitcoin to its market performance list of assets

Southampton F.C are now able to pay player bonuses with bitcoin

The expansion of the online world: Crypto-Casinos

South Korea: BNK Busan set to offer banking services to crypto exchanges

Serena Williams joins star-studded investment team in Bitcoin Rewards startup Lolli

Crypto & Blockchain enter the humanitarian world

JMP Securities: $1.5 trillion flow expected into bitcoin

Elon Musk: Teslas can now be bought with Bitcoin

Crypto Exchange FTX front runner for Miami Heat Arena naming rights

Ireland enforces AML checks for crypto and digital currency firms

Dubai: Crypto businesses receive green light in economic free zone

Bitcoin becomes world’s third largest currency

Morgan Stanley becomes first major US bank to allow clients access to bitcoin funds

Hawaiian House Democrats put pressure on regulator to turnover stringent crypto regulations

Mizuho Bank: $24Billion stimulus cheques to be used to buy bitcoin

MLB: Oakland Athletic will now accept bitcoin payments for 2021 season

French Lawmaker backs petition allowing Central Bank to hold and buy Bitcoin

Goldman Sachs anticipates explosion in bitcoin customer demand

France: 611 bitcoins seized from hackers are up for auction

Norwegian oil billionaire places liquid company assets in Bitcoin

NBA Blockchain Advisory Committee backed by franchise owners

Gordon Einstein believes bitcoin value could surge to 100K by end of year

China set to introduce new digital currency

Goldman Sachs’ Bitcoin trading desk returns

Thailand announces new crypto rules for traders

Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond introduces new Chief Innovation Officer role

Thailand targets tourism recovery via Japanese crypto-holders

Jay Z and Jack Dorsey join forces in Bitcoin endowment fund

Akoin on the verge of becoming the ultimate crypto of Mwale Medtech City

Ransomware attacks skyrocket in Bitcoin-related crime

US President Joe Biden freezes regulations related to cryptocurrency wallets

Exploring the CoinCasso brand

Ripple facing lawsuit after Tetragon makes waves following SEC charges

AIBC speaker Brock Pierce announces US presidential bid

European Commission passes first ever legislation concerning crypto assets

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South Korean Parliament gives the go ahead to officially legalise cryptocurrencies

محمد الفردان يعقد شراكة مع سيقما و قمة مانيلا للبلوك تشين و الذكاء الاصطناعي to redefine blockchain transaction security 

Apcopay launches elegro’s Crypto Acceptance for merchants

 HwgPay blockchain ecosystem launches in Malaysia

فيسبوك يطلق عملته الرقمية الجديدة ليبرا

جاستن صن يفوز بالغداء مع وارن بافيت

Caspian Technologies’ SpatiumTM blockchain moves into Belarus’ Hi-Tech Park

[WATCH] You don’t need to pursue money to be successful says Brock Pierce

Bloomberg: Low volatility signals bottoming as “speculation leaves”

Anna Frankowska – There’s lack of awareness and education

إنك لست بحاجة إلى ملاحقة الأموال لتكون ناجحًا” يقول بروك بيرس”

جون مكافي يطلق عملة مشفرة

الإستثمار هو الإستخدام الأساسي للبيتكوين ـــ بوبي لي

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دبي تحصد نجاح البلوك تشين- سعادة خورام شروف

De:central Days 2019 – Inside the world’s digital economy

INVAO to advance United Arab Emirate’s blockchain strategy

Bakkt’s Futures platform scheduled to begin trading in December

The future of cryptocurrency – is it in stablecoins?

Demystifying Decentralization 

Bitcoin’s primary use should be as an investment – Bobby Lee

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UAE’s Health Ministry launches blockchain platform

N.KRAT Group AG contested Microsoft’s patent application and a seamless financial democracy

SiGMA Group launches new office in Kiev, Ukraine

Blockchain Island 2.0 is ready to be installed

Reuters and Synthesia reveal AI video report

Philippines’ Crypto Valley of Asia to get its own airport

Cornerstone joins Velocity Network Foundation

Bitcoin price surges to three-month high exceeding 9k

Volvo to use blockchain in cobalt tracking

Eleven French companies launch the ADAN

Back to Bitcoin basics as the inevitable halving looms