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GameStop stock slump pushes down meme coins: DOG, MAGA, BONK, and others

The price drop of GameStop stock (NYSE:GME) has significantly affected meme coins, causing price declines across the board. Despite being…

Posted: 13/06/2024

Posted by: Aleksandar Simonovic

Bitcoin leads crypto market downturn amid plummeting prices

The cryptocurrency market, which had been riding a wave of optimism, was confronted with a sudden reversal today as several…

Posted: 11/06/2024

Posted by: Aleksandar Simonovic

Kaia blockchain launched in the Philippines to tap Asian market

Kaia, the newly formed blockchain platform, has been unveiled in the Philippines, reflecting a strategic move to leverage Asia's potential…


Posted by: Jenny Ortiz

At the crossroads between crypto and gaming

In a recent keynote address at the AIBC Asia conference, Mariusz Gąsiewski. CEE Mobile Gaming and Apps, a prominent figure…

Posted: 05/06/2024

Posted by: Katy

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