Super Bowl advertises free Ethereum DigiDaigaku NFTs

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Limit Break, a Web3 gaming start-up, paid US $6.5 million for advertising its anime-inspired NFT game project during Super Bowl. The commercial featured a QR code to scan and mine a free Ethereum NFT. 10,000 collectable NFTs were made available for this promotion.

As no crypto commercials were expected to be aired during Super Bowl this year, viewers were surprised to see the NFT-powered game being advertised. The advert claimed that viewers would be able to mint or generate the free NFT inspired by the DigiDaigaku game project simply by scanning it.

Gabriel Leydon’s Twitter profile

Viewers claimed that in reality, scanning the QR code redirected them to Gabriel Leydon’s profile on Twitter after a few seconds.  Leydon is the co-founder and CEO of Limit Break.

CryptoTwitter users were disappointed as they were expecting a windfall from a free mint and got “engagement farming” from Leydon instead.

Ethereum wallet

To claim the NFT, users needed an Ethereum wallet. Mainstream viewers complained that the minting process was too complicated and that it excluded crypto newcomers. A number of seasoned crypto traders have been leaving comments on CryptoTwitter to say that the onboarding process to create a wallet was not easy for the mass public.


Crypto Twitter was flooded with complaints however a spokesperson for Limit Break responded that a number of the promised free Ethereum NFTs for the DigiDaigaku collection were given out as a result of the Super Bowl commercial. The free NFTs that were claimed by viewers have since been trading on secondary markets.


According to data from NFT marketplace OpenSea, the DigiDaigaku Dragon Eggs NFTs were trading for over 0.5 ETH (over US $750) right after the mint, although the price has been fluctuating.

NFT trading during Super Bowl

Trading started during the Super Bowl commercial break and carried on throughout Rhianna’s performance during the half time show. The price of the cheapest-listed NFT dropped to about 0.32 ETH (US $485) on OpenSea but climbed again to about 0.39 ETH (US $585). Around 12 ETH (over US $1.3 million) worth of trades have already changed hands since the commercial was aired.

Another chance to participate

The fluctuating price may be due to uncertainty around a second announcement to promote DigiDaigaku NFTs. Leydon has been tweeting about a second-chance mint for another 5,000 NFTs.  To be eligible for the promotion, users need to register via the DigiDaigaku website and retweet one of Leydon’s tweets. It is unclear if these NFTs are part of the original 10,000 total or whether the second round is a new release.

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