Meet the AIBC Balkans/CIS Belgrade 2022 Speakers

Marcin Zarakowski

General Counsel & Chief of Staff

Bitcoin Association

Marcin Zarakowski is th General Counsel & Chief of Staff at Bitcoin Association for BSV. Polish Attorney-at-law based in Zug, Switzerland, specializing in IP law, IT law, data protection (CIPP/E), and AML/KYC with a profound knowledge of various legal aspects of blockchain technology and crypto-assets. Co-chair of the Privacy WG…

Cal Evans

Managing Associate

Gresham International

Cal Evans is the Managing Associate of Gresham International, a UK & Dubai lawyer and US Securities Consultant with experience working in top law firms in both California and London. He undertook advanced IT at a junior college and received the top AVCE recognition award before then undertaking his undergraduate…

Megan Nilsson

Crypto Megan

Megan Nilsson is also known as Crypto Megan on social media. Megan high-end crypto and NFT portfolio advisor to corporations, investors, and celebrities, as well as an investor and member of the Bored Ape Yacht Club, Doodles, World of Women, and many other top-tier NFTs. Currently, Megan is on a…

Mike Prasad



Max Krupyshev

Co-Founder and Leader


CoinsPaid helps 700+ online businesses accept Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. With €1.8 billion worth of crypto already processed in 2021, they are easily a leading crypto payment ecosystem. The CoinsPaid ecosystem includes all services your business needs to accept crypto — from a payment gateway to an OTC exchange. 

Wesley Ellul



Wesley Ellul is an experienced founder and digital marketing professional with a proven track record of working in the entertainment industry. He is skilled in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Ecommerce Consultant, PHP, WordPress, Theater and Event Management. Strong professional with a BA focused on Communication and Media Studies from L-Università…

Josh Berger



Josh Berger has 15+ years experience as a Founder and entrepreneur in tech and entertainment. He started his career innovating social media marketing and ran a global marketing agency in 2009 working with blossoming company to movie studios with hundreds of millions of marketing dollars. Through this endeavor, Josh Co-Founded…

Cordelia Morgan Cooper


CMC Consulting

Cordelia Morgan Cooper has over a decade of international HR and Recruitment experience and has developed a passion for driving happiness and wellbeing in the workplace, having seen first hand the impact of an engaged workforce when it comes to both recruitment and retention. She is passionate about employee well-being,…

Petra Horvatović


Shpigl Agency

Petra Horvatović connects the blockchain industry with art through a platform that promotes contemporary art. She is a Co-founder of the Shpigl agency, which combines classical and new technology, presents multidisciplinary visual artists in an innovative and creative way and creates projects as polygons of collaboration between artists, institutions and…

Jason Poprawa

Founder and CEO


Lazaros Penteridis

Co-Founder & CEO


Lazaros Penteridis is the Co-Founder/CEO at ComeTogether - NFTs with utilities, both physical and digital. NFT ticketing, collectibles, memberships. Lazaros has 8 years bringing new tech to markets. Also, blockchain ticketing and NFTs since 2018. He is former cloud robotics software engineer. I addition, Lazaros is MEng Electrical and Computer…

Aléksa Mil

MD | Operations & Governance


Aléksa Mil is an operational professional in the tech industry with a legal background. Having worked more than 5 years in the technology sphere, she has gained experience in the operating roles of various global edut-tech and fintech start-ups. Her experiences have led her to dive deep into the blockchain…

Nathan Kay


Mempool Ventures

Nathan Kay is a visionary company builder, a prolific key relationship developer, an investor relations specialist, and a sales executive. He started his journey in blockchain in 2017. Since then, Nathan contributed to the launch and building of over 100 global companies guiding founders through funding, token strategy, launch, and…

Gasper Stih

Chief Marketing Officer

Nitro League

Gasper Stih is on a mission to build brands that make an impact. For over seven years, Gasper helped various companies enhance their marketing with his toolbox of specialties: sales and marketing, developing digital marketing materials, and executing media campaigns. He loves data-driven and data-back decisions; results and outputs are…

Dan S. Ciobanu


BUGSY World Society

25+ years of tech experience in the financial and entertainment industries with an international track of projects completed in Europe, US, Central America and Africa. Inventor, ex-fellow phd in AI, master in Business Systems, I currently run Remote 2 All Solutions -  developers of RemotePlay© Technology and BUGSY World Society…

Ari Tomasson



Ari is Icelandic living in Belgrade. He has worked at QuizUp, one of the biggest startups ever from Iceland, where he was a project manager and in business development. 2018, in Belgrade, he started a software agency, Breyta. 2021 he cofounded Darkblock following an Arweave hackathon. He believes that NFTs…

Eloisa Marchesoni


Def.ai Inc.

Eloisa Marchesoni is a self-made Crypto-entrepreneur and modern digital nomad, European n.1 Tokenomics Expert, disruptive tech business angel, and fixed passive income Crypto Investor. She has been featured in articles on Cointelegraph, Yahoo Finance, APnews, BusinessInsider, and many others, and has been identified as a top expert in worldwide media…

Matteo Gamberale

Founder & CEO


Born and raised in Tuscany, Italy, Matteo Gamberale left his homeland at the age of 19 to work in Casino Management across Europe and the Caribbean. He started his entrepreneurship career at 22 with his first fashion-tech startup in New York. After years in branding, technology, and marketing with over…

Lukas Navickas



Lukas Navickas started investing in crypto in 2017. He is an early investor of DeFi summer in 2020, where he was analyzing & investing in Ethereum-based borrowing & lending protocols. In 2021, he noticed the need for a simple yield generation platform that automates all complex DeFi 2.0 opportunities. He came…

Yaroslav Shakula



Yaroslav Shakula is the CEO of YARD Hub, a venture studio focused on Web3/NFT/P&E projects. Firstly, he has been involved in award-winning Web3 projects as an investor and advisor. Shakula is passionate about DAOs, community-backed projects and gaming industry disruption through blockchain. Yaroslav's professional background includes affiliate marketing, AI, project…

Eugene Shakula

Head of Operations


Eugene Shakula is the Head of Operations at DeepMine - first social economic NFT strategy. Eugene is set to build thriving, cutting-edge and sustainable companies by establishing strong partnerships and enhancing internal processes. Eugene’s got a solid entrepreneurial background and a total of 10+ years of experience in leadership positions. He’s…

Jaguar-Adva Gal


Jaguar Lawyers

Jaguar Lawyers Firm leads international business law consulting, including building companies contractual structure, international licensing, regulatory compliance, and court litigation, as well as legal financial arbitration. The firm's focus sectors are high-tech companies and investors, startups - computer law, internet and apps, and cyber law – Data Privacy and information…

Laura S. Martin


Matrix Mortgage Global

Laura S. Martin is a multi-award winning executive (Growth 500, List 2018 - 2020; Canadian Mortgage Awards 2017-2022) with an Honours BSc. in Cognitive Science from the University of Toronto. She is the COO of the top mortgage brokerage in Canada, Matrix Mortgage Global, which is the first to offer…

Edwin M. Mavarro

CEO & Co-Founder


Gabriele Pauliukaite



Gabriele Pauliukaite is an ultimate DeFi enthusiast investing in various Terra Protocols since the inception of Terra. She is a crypto investor since 2017 and recently co-founded 60 mln. USD worth DeFi Startup and educated people about the investments into DeFi. She is always on the lookout for new partnerships…

Jan Janulewicz


Space Gold Coin

Jarek Bialek


Revenue Capital LLC

Since 2004, Jarek Bialek has been active in the fintech sector, dealing with several B2B products and, in addition taking responsibility for the areas of product management, team building, sales and automated support. He also actively involved in the global startup ecosystem: as a mentor, coach, educator and as an…

Tejinder Kumar

Global Head of Sales

Zonda Global

Tejinder Kumar is a highly experienced and technically minded senior manager with over 16 years of experience in the sales, fintech, and online trading industries with a proven track record of building, scaling and managing high-performing retail and institutional teams. Prior to working for Zonda Global, Tejinder was the Regional…

Adam Waldenberg


The Unigrid Foundation

Adam Waldenberg is a business owner and a passionate Java EE and web developer with proficiency in many programming languages and frameworks. He has been a dedicated Linux user since the early 2000's. On his spare time, he often devotes his time to blockchain products and blockchain-related development. Adam is…

Nils Tharandt Ortiz

Co-Founder and CEO


Nils Tharandt Ortiz, 49, is an entrepreneur, lawyer by education holding 2 legal masters from University of Paris Seine and a specialization in human rights from René Cassin Institute, Strasbourg. After 6 years working at embassies and international organizations, Nils left for the private sector and made successfully 2 exits:…

Javier Celorrio

Co Founder & COO

LitLab Games

Michelangelo Frigo



Adrian A. Trevisan

Managing Director

Umana Medical (GPI Group)

Vyacheslav Ermakov



Vyacheslav Ermakov has 10 years of experience in investment attraction and consulting both in public and private sector and 9 years of experience in crypto. He holds a bachelor’s degree in international relations and oriental studies, bachelor's degree in law and a master’s degree in Management of innovation processes from…

Alexandre Hardouin

Co-Founder & CEO

Metarchitect Studio

Alexandre Hardouin is the French founder of Metarchitect Studio and a serial entrepreneur. Metarchitect Studio is a team of dedicated professionals passionate about blockchain. Besides this, he's a former tech investment banker who is interested in blockchain and entrepreneurship. He left his job in traditional finance to pursue his dream…

Mihail Velkoski

Co-Founder & Business Development Director

PMC International

Yasaswy Sarma Veluri


CR Square Finance

Entrit Metai


NewCo Tech

Entrit Metai is currently working as CTO to one of the first Blockchain start-ups in Greece, NewCo Tech. He holds a MEng in Electrical and Computer Engineering (Technical University of Crete). He has worked as a software engineer for several companies in Europe into consulting and expanding the capabilities of…

Dr. Alina Kornienko

Co-founder & COO


Stefan Dejanovic


OVII Technologies PLC

Stefan is an IT professional and PhD candidate that holds an MSc degree in computer science with a focus in the research and development of blockchain, data and system security, and software optimisation. He continued his academic studies as a PhD student, where his main research topics were security, cryptography and blockchain.…

Aleksandar Matanović

Co-Founder & CEO


Aleksandar Matanović has been in the crypto industry since 2012, when he co-founded a local bitcoin exchange www.ecd.rs, making it the oldest crypto business in the region. Besides the exchange, his company also operates a network of cryptocurrency ATMs, has developed a cryptocurrency payment application for merchants and has spearheaded…

Ludovico Rossi

Chief Revenue Officer


Srdjan Dejanovic

Founder & CEO

Legal Transformers

Alistair Pernigo



Filip Cristian



Artem Gribanov

Co-founder, CMO and Smart contract developer

BlockCzech R&D Lab

Luca Arrigo


Metaverse Architects

Sean Ellul


Metaverse Architects

Vasilisa Marinchuk

Founding Member

Centre Blockchain de Catalunya

Vasilisa is a Founding member, Board Member, and Director of International Relations and Engagements of the Blockchain Center of Catalonia, which aims to foster the adoption of blockchain technology in the Catalonia region in cooperation with the Ministry of Digital Policy and the Chamber of Commerce of Catalonia. Managing director…

Luka Vukicevic

Sales Business Development Manager

Ultimate Fintech

Alex Migitko

Co-Founder and CEO

Unique Venture Clubs

Liudas Kanapienis

Co-Founder & CEO


Teuta Franjkovic

Editor in Chief


Teuta Franjkovic is the Editor in Chief of Micky News. Furthermore, she's an experienced writer and editor with over 15 years of experience. She is an expert in cryptocurrency, technology, macroeconomics, and blockchain. She is in charge of giving readers a thorough analysis of how the above technologies are used…

Kristijan Glibo

Founder & CEO


Visionary and specialist in blockchain technology with a mission to bring better value to the economy and business. Decentralizing interdependent business processes with advanced and proven blockchain models.

Michela Silvestri

Institutional Sales

Huobi Global

Keo Sar

Co-Founder & CRO

Metamall Group

Marina Grujić

Growth Manager


Vyara Savova

Public Policy & Communication Expert

European Crypto Initiative

Vyara Savova is a tech and human rights lawyer. Additionally, she's a public policy & communication expert. She's especially fond of web3 and DeFi. EUCI, the European Crypto Initiative, is a group based in Brussels and Vyara is part of it. Its goal is to tell EU lawmakers about the…

Milos Rakcevic

Head of Business Development & Partnerships


Srdjan Vukmirovic


University of Novi Sad

Arvin Khamseh

NFT Marketing Expert

Sold Out NFTs

Sami Sipilä



Sami Sipilä is the CEO of HouseMaster, a company putting the idle money in iGaming to work and Beasts of Poker, an iGaming affiliate catering to high value poker players. Born in Helsinki Finland, Sami started his career as an IT entrepreneur after high school and sold his first company…

Alireza Siadat



Josipa Majic Predin



Alexander Blanc



Ognjen Mitric



Michael Greenberg

Chief Revenue Officer

Turnford College

Satish Chander