Silvergate in crisis: Billions withdrawn as DCG faces bankruptcy

SEC sues Genesis Global and Gemini

Genesis Global is the latest casualty of the crypto market

Bankman-Fried says Robinhood Shares needed for legal defence

Twitter’s market share rockets 55% in 2022, while Facebook slides 12%

Creditor meeting reveals FTX has over $1 billion in cash on hand

Sam Bankman-Fried disliked Bitcoin because he couldn’t control it: Ark CEO

Crypto companies hit with U.S SEC guidelines letter

Prominent economist Paul Krugman predicts the end of Crypto

Bybit and Swyftx among Crypto firms trimming their workforce

Standard Chartered warns of potential 70% drop for Bitcoin in 2023

Brazil legitimises Bitcoin payments with new regulatory framework

Twitter to allot Blue, Grey, and Gold check marks to user accounts in bid to stop impersonation

U.S. solves Silk Road Dark Web mystery, seizes $3.36b in Bitcoin

Fed: Crypto no longer included in top 10 most-cited potential risks

Meta stock plunges after second quarterly revenue decline

J.P. Morgan hires former Celsius head of regulatory affairs

Fed Vice Chair Barr urges stablecoin regulation for banks

Chile Congress passes fintech bill after two years

Step accrues $500 million fund, opens crypto investment to teens

Crypto hack results in $100 million BNB Stolen

Triple fund tokenization, Hamilton Lane partners with Securitize

M31 Capital for crypto, launches $100m Web3 Opportunity Fund

FSOC warn cryptos could pose risks to the financial system without regulation and oversight

Compute North files for bankruptcy under as much as $500m debt

“Colorado is officially accepting cryptocurrency as a payment option for all taxes.”

GTA VI leak confirmed as legit in largest data breach in gaming history

Not cryptic about Crypto: Canadian Conservatives elect pro-Bitcoin leader

JP Morgan Head of Digital Assets: “Most of crypto is still junk”

AI eyes on the sky: SNAD and the future of astronomical research

Reno: a city built on the Blockchain

The Pentagon: “Blockchain isn’t decentralized, is vulnerable and outdated”

University of Chicago create near-perfect crime detection AI

myLaminin: AIBC Americas Pitch champion

From Foster Care To Blockchain Leader: Dustin Plantholt Leads The Way

Crypto-Lobbying: Increase in crypto-donations for political campaigns

Next Generation, New Continent: AIBC Americas’ debut rocks Toronto

AIBC Americas: Welcome to Day 1

Top 10 things you need to know for the AIBC Summit

Drum roll please: The AIBC Americas Award Nominees

Platforming the Future: Top 5 Panels from the AIBC Summit

El Mocambo: AIBC America’s first choice for Awards

AIBC Toronto brings together the leading minds of the Deep Tech World

“The money will follow the talent”: Emerging Tech, Gaming and Toronto

President Biden issues and signs Executive Order on Cryptocurrencies and Digital assets

AIBC Toronto opens online registration with early bird tickets

MFSA licensed payment firm Finaro acquired by Shift4 in a $575m deal

VIP networking dinner launches AIBC Toronto

Tech behemoths compete for top talent: Strong Microsoft HoloLens team reportedly gone to Meta

A hand-held guide on cryptocurrency for American policymakers is in the works and may be published in early 2022

The Kleinman Case: Craig Wright wins US court case over bitcoin store worth billions

Paypal co-founder states that rising US inflation is pushing investors towards Crypto

Facebook to rebrand under new name

Bitcoin mining will heat Canadian homes

After a major outage that also affected Instagram, WhatsApp, and Messenger, Facebook is back up

XRP hodlers’ not allowed to be defendants in SEC v Ripple case

International meeting to discuss cyber security collaboration

President Bukele claims a third of Salvadorans use Chivo wallet “actively”

Powell: Federal bank still undecided about CBDC

Robinhood eyes new crypto wallet feature

Three former US intelligence officers charged with UAE hacking scheme

Relyance AI lands 25M in Series funding round

Fake Walmart v Litecoin partnership causes waves

US sees 27% supporting Bitcoin as legal tender – YouGov

Ripple ordered by Judge to produce over 1 million Slack messages to SEC

Potential BTC and ETH functionality on Twitter following screenshots

WhatsApp slapped with €225m penalty for privacy breach

El Salvador sees anti-bitcoin law protests due to pensions

Budweiser? More like Blockchainweiser

Facebook Messenger revamps features as it turns 10

Coinbase catastrophe? Money stolen, people blocked

Visa purchases $150k CryptoPunk NFT

PayPal rolls out cryptocurrency service in the UK

Tesla announces launch of humanoid AI robot in 2022

El Salvador Finance Minister clarifies “optional” use of Bitcoin

Doge on a bullish venture

Microsoft choose Ethereum in fight against piracy

Venmo debuts Cash Back to Crypto feature

Venezuelan Bitcoin miners off the grid

Is Uruguay a step closer to accepting crypto as legal tender?

Twitter pilots ‘Shop Module’ for US customers

What happened between Bitcoin and Amazon this week?

Blockchain revolution in Buenos Aires shipping

Binance abandons support for ‘stock tokens’ amid growing regulatory scrutiny

Crypto purchase limit on Paypal increased to $100K weekly

Most Salvadorans sceptical of Bitcoin

Bill proposed to pay salaries in Crypto in Argentina – report

TRON Group acquires American Crypto Systems

Over $19 million in seized crypto sold by Feds

Baby Doge skyrockets after Elon Musk tweet

Andreessen Horowitz launches $2.2 billion crypto fund

Time isn’t ripe for Salvadoran Bitcoin salaries

US Senate hearing criticises Bitcoin, praises CBDC

Grand Theft Auto 6 might feature crypto trading

Paraguay prepares to become crypto hub of LatAm

Trump stamps down Bitcoin price with Fox News rant

Bitcoin has become legal tender – El Salvador’s dive into DeFi

Low engergy prices trigger crypto rush in Argentina

TigerKing Token launched to fund legal team

Peru in a crypto rush

Revenge of the Bit – Elon’s crypto tweets cause backlash

Musk distances Tesla’s brand from carbon consumptive crypto – Bitcoin on a dive

Cryptocurrency at the Strip for the first time with opening of Resorts World Las Vegas

Andreessen Horowitz teases $1bn cryptocurrency VC fund

Biden Administration pressured by Task Force to tighten crypto regulation

Tom Brady’s football card sells for $1.7million in Litecoin

Kansas City Chiefs’ Sean Culkin becomes latest sports star to receive salary in bitcoin

US: Miami faces competition to become the “bitcoin hub”

Charles Schwab set to introduce crypto services depending on US regulations

Goldman Sachs adds bitcoin to its market performance list of assets

Cryptocurrencies burst onto Miami’s nightclub scene

Brazil’s Central Bank becomes latest government to explore CBDC

History made as Coinbase Global Inc is listed on NASDAQ

Digital Yuan vs Dollar: Battle for world domination

Goldman Sachs: Big evolution on the way for crypto regulation

Argentinian Central bank faces action over crypto user data

Miami: The cryptocurrency capital of the world?

Top 15 Central Banks taking on digital currencies

Sacramento Kings to give players bitcoin option for their salaries

JP Morgan: Bitcoin’s decrease in volatility makes it more attractive

Stanford University researchers develop AI that identifies emotion on artwork

MLB to utilise NFTs to increase fan engagement

Visa integrates USDC support as financial giants continue to join the crypto industry

Federal Reserve planning its own digital dollar prototype

Dapper Labs partners with Alchemy to boost NBA TopShot

Serena Williams joins star-studded investment team in Bitcoin Rewards startup Lolli

Bitcoin becomes world’s third largest currency

Morgan Stanley becomes first major US bank to allow clients access to bitcoin funds

Elon Musk releases NFT, receives bids worth millions of dollars

Mizuho Bank: $24Billion stimulus cheques to be used to buy bitcoin

DC Comics’ NFT warning: Do not participate in NFT Auctions featuring DC’s IP

MLB: Oakland Athletic will now accept bitcoin payments for 2021 season

Goldman Sachs anticipates explosion in bitcoin customer demand

NBA Blockchain Advisory Committee backed by franchise owners

UPDATED: Jack Dorsey sells first ever tweet as an NFT, with the highest bid set at $2.9million

First wearable health monitor tracks your cardiovascular signals and biochemical levels

You are no longer the customer, you are the product – Tim Cook

US President Joe Biden freezes regulations related to cryptocurrency wallets

Major banks are investing in the crypto market: here’s why

AI could help patients get more rest says Feinstein Institute for Research

Twitter CEO backs Bitcoin in latest thread

Meet Meena, Google’s first conversational AI

N.KRAT Group AG contested Microsoft’s patent application

EOS-based project to unleash its Facebook killer?