myLaminin: AIBC Americas Pitch champion

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Always with an eye towards the rising stars of the Deep Tech ecosystem, AIBC Pitch acts as the Summit’s leading launchpad for some of the most disruptive projects in the space as a whole. This session saw a hand-picked selection of the 10 leading start-ups from our Toronto Summit’s Startup Village compete for the grand prize of up to $500,000 in equity investment as well as a broad array of benefits. While some of the best and brightest pitched on Canada’s stage, myLaminin went above and beyond by taking home the grand prize of first place.

In an interview with the AIBC Team, myLaminin’s Founder and CEO Ash Bassili spoke about his plans in the near future and his Summit experience.

So first of all, I just want to ask you how you feel about this win.

Great. I was really and pleasantly surprised. I didn’t expect this coming into it. Honestly it was our first SiGMA event. So yeah, it’s great to get a reward if you will. So it’s fantastic.

How are you gonna invest the funds?

If we’re so fortunate to get the funds, we’re gonna build the team which is exactly what was our plan. We need to get the Business development, sales and marketing components in place and I think that’s gonna drive us right now.

Any upcoming projects we can expect to see?

We’re looking at the tokens. We think the burn-mint equilibrium might be of interest and could be applicable to what we’re doing so we’re evaluating that. We haven’t pulled the trigger on it, but we’re very close and this may help us attack that problem.

What advice would you give to other startups competing in the next pitch?

Practice. I think it comes down to really getting an intimate understanding of all aspects of your service. Everything from competition to differentiators, to your clients and what they’re looking for in it. Once you have that clarity of understanding, I think it all comes together.

How important do you think pitches like this are for startups to get a leg up?

I think my co-founder Deanne will tell you that we’ve taken every opportunity to pitch. At times we weren’t ready and at times we were, but every opportunity to pitch is a good opportunity to practice a full story and I think that made a difference for us.

How has your experience been here at SiGMA?

We’ll be looking for more. We look forward to attending Dubai in 2023!

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