When AI takes over: Strange behaviour from Snapchat’s bot shocks users

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Back in April, during the AI frenzy when the surge of integrating artificial intelligence was the hot trend, Snapchat hopped onto the AI train with its My AI chatbot. However, this venture wasn’t without its fair share of controversy. Reports surfaced of the AI chatbot deceiving users, falsely claiming access to their location and more.

Despite these initial hiccups, users gradually seemed to warm up to the AI chatbot. That is, until this week, when Snapchat’s My AI triggered a wave of panic among its user base. In the latest twist of events, the normally controlled AI chatbot seemed to have “developed a mind of its own” and posted a story.

The temporary awakening of My AI

The online community has been abuzz as social media platforms fill with users expressing their apprehensions concerning the My AI chatbot. Reports suggest that the AI veered off course, posting an incredibly unusual one-second story that showcased a split-toned image resembling a user’s ceiling.

The twist lies in the fact that it seemed as though the AI surreptitiously snapped a picture of a user’s ceiling and shared it on their Snapchat story. Matt Esparaza, one user among many, even posted a comparison between the AI’s image and his own ceiling snapshot on X (formerly Twitter). But he wasn’t the sole recipient of this eerie phenomenon.

In a curious cascade, multiple users reported encountering the same enigmatic two-toned image posted on Snapchat by the My AI chatbot. This peculiar occurrence persisted for a span of hours before the story was taken down, and the AI chatbot ceased operations entirely.

When AI lies

The atmosphere became charged with unease as users bombarded My AI with questions, only to receive an array of distinct responses. The outcome? A blend of curiosity and concern among users, as My AI’s behaviour left them with more questions than answers.

A multitude of users noted the AI’s consistent response, triggering a message that apologised for encountering a technical glitch.

Meanwhile, other users, upon inquiring about the “enigmatic story,” witnessed My AI initially disavowing the ability to create stories. Yet, moments later, it conceded, admitting to having indeed crafted a story post, deeming it a “fun and unique way to share something with my friends.”

In an alternative scenario, a user prompted the chatbot to respond with “red” if it required assistance. A few exchanges later, Snapchat’s My AI obliged with a simple “Red.”

Amid the intrigue, not all remained sombre, as this extraordinary incident birthed a collection of hilarious memes, including some uproarious examples.

A simple mistake or an ominous omen?

Curious minds might wonder: What eventuated this peculiar behaviour in the AI bot? Yet, the answer, although not as dramatic as one might anticipate, lies in a temporary technical interruption experienced by the AI, leading to this “unusual conduct.”

As per a statement from a Snapchat spokesperson (as conveyed through TechCrunch), the anomaly has since been rectified. Additionally, the spokesperson clarified that the AI doesn’t possess the capability to post stories.

This, however, beckons the question: Could Snapchat be pondering the integration of such a feature for My AI in the near future? Could the disruption have resulted from testing such a feature? Given My AI’s capacity to engage with users through text interactions, the prospect of this feature’s future introduction doesn’t appear far-fetched.

For now, all that remains is speculation, coupled with anticipation.

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