UAE steps out of FATF greylist

Transformative impact of AI on global trade to be discussed at WTO in Abu Dhabi

Singapore allocates over €690 million to enhance AI capabilities in five years

Deciphering the challenges and reservations in the EU’s MICA Regulation

India’s fintech giant Paytm faces regulatory challenges

American Bitcoin Academy Founder Faces SEC Charges for Alleged $1.2M Fraud Scheme

Biden Administration Intensifies Scrutiny over Bitcoin Mining Amid Surge in Price

Meta’s new era: AI image labelling on social media platforms

Ups and downs of US chip market

Bitcoin surges past $47K amid anticipation around ETF approval

Crypto exchanges adapt to new UK regulations

New York Times vs. OpenAI and Microsoft

Federal judge rules against Terraform Labs in SEC’s fraud charges

UK Fund launches plunge to a 20-year low

SEC set to approve first wave of spot bitcoin ETFs

Digital asset execs secure $78m for crypto advocacy, responsible regulations

U.S. government revise NDAA, impacting cryptocurrency anti-money laundering measures

Celebrating five years of MDIA: National AI strategy & vision realignment conference

Binance founder CZ pleads guilty to money laundering charges

P2P app users sue Apple over rising transaction costs

SEC extends deadline for decision on Grayscale’s crypto futures ETF

Irish Association advocates for fintech hub

Tailored crypto regulation – insights from industry leaders

U.K. announces plans to launch formal crypto regulations in 2024

Analyst: Spot Bitcoin ETF approval may propel token’s price by 75%

FDIC underprepared for crypto oversight, internal assessment reveals

Ex-lieutenant testifies against false reassurances by Sam Bankman-Fried

Coinbase obtains payment license from Singapore’s central bank

French creative organisations call for AI protections

UK Science Secretary pledges to control AI

Bipartisan lawmakers urge SEC Chair to approve spot bitcoin ETFs

Pennsylvania appoints regulatory AI board

G20 agrees on global framework to regulate crypto assets

AI summit brings risks to the forefront

X secures Rhode Island license, opens doors to cryptocurrency payments

MiCA: Cyprus conference examines a new era of crypto regulation at AIBC Balkans & CIS

Cyprus – a growing tech hub and investment gateway into the EU

Influential websites blocking AI from their data

Craig Wright at center of legal fight over billions in Bitcoins

Coinbase gains regulatory approval for U.S. crypto futures trading

SEC delays approval of ARK Invest’s Bitcoin ETF

When AI takes over: Strange behaviour from Snapchat’s bot shocks users

Grayscale CEO says courts involvement threatens crypto innovation

Google, Universal Music partnership a possibility, report says

AI to support 911 operators

Keystroke espionage: Is AI eavesdropping on your typing?

Japan’s Finance Ministry urges X to remove impersonation account amid currency intervention concerns

AI named a chronic and long-term risk in the UK

Meta poised for AI entry

Crypto regulatory reinforcements divide the US government

SEC hints appeal in lawsuit against Ripple

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. proposes Bitcoin-focused policies if elected president

Sen. Warren requests SEC investigation into Tesla

Commissioner Lee on corporate governance and regulation in the Philippines

Google hit with lawsuit for AI training practices

AI in the UK: A £400B challenge

Asia’s crypto hubs introduce bans on lending, staking for retail investors

AI-powered toys and their less than fun risks

Kraken ordered to provide user data to IRS

Jakarta tackles dire traffic congestion with AI traffic lights

South Korean government to protect crypto investors

Canada unveils plans to foster emerging technologies

AI legislation criticised by EU companies

Israel confiscates $1.7m in cryptocurrency from Iran’s IRGC and Hezbollah

Wall Street weighs in on Crypto

Central Bank of Philippines launches open finance framework for digital transformation

ZachXBT’s legal battle sees over $1 million donated by crypto supporters

ALGO, FLOW plummet to record lows following SEC lawsuits against Binance, Coinbase

Central Bank of Brazil to launch digital currency

Rishi Sunak pledges to make UK the safest global AI hub

Dutch legislation to scrutinise foreign students in technical studies

Europe pioneers new era of Blockchain-powered credential verification

UK PM announces AI focused summit

Crypto market in turmoil as SEC sues Binance

Binance’s market share plummet 25% amid increased regulatory pressure

Gunning for the soul of the tune: The wild west of music and AI

Crypto markets brace for liquidity tightening after U.S. debt ceiling lift

AI surveillance at risk of aiding stalkers

Unveiling Blockchain 4.0: Laos’ path to digital transformation

Revolut awaits decision by Bank of England

Chinese man narrowly escapes AI wielding fraudster

AI images of US Pentagon explosion go viral

Meta fined $1.3 billion for data breach

The creative potential unleashed: Insights from entertainment stars on AI

Open AI CEO faces US Senate hearing

Emerging technologies bill aims to foster responsible American leadership

MidjourneyAI and Stable Diffusion sued in invasive copyright claim

Blockchain centre in China to train 500K specialists

Bank of England responds with an increase in interest rates

Cybercrimes don’t pay: PlugwalkJoe pleads guilty to several high-profile schemes

Malta commits €3m to implement AI-powered SAS for tax evasion detection

AI-generated fake news gets Chinese man arrested

AI industry leaders meet with US President

BROKEN NEWS: Biden dead, top 10 superfoods and other AI-generated drivel

DLTs pinpointed in new White House National Standards Strategy

Nigeria joins other leading tech countries in adopting Blockchain at national level

Speed Camera AI trialled in the UK

FIDO Alliance: Passkey technology developed by Google, Apple, and Microsoft

Competing for AI developers

Avoiding the catastrophic misuse of artificial intelligence – departure of Professor Hinton from Google

Professor Alexiei Dingli unravels the blunders of AI

Lula’s government proposes new laws in Brazil

JP Morgan Chase absorbs First Republic Bank

First Republic Bank in crisis – another casualty for US banking

Generative AI – A human balancing act

SEC commissioner calling for more lenient approach toward crypto

Dark day for Microsoft as UK rejects acquisition of Activision Blizzard

Coinbase sues SEC to demand response over rulemaking petition

UK demonstrates its commitment to leveraging the benefits and advancements of tech and AI

Corruption investigation leads to Venezuelan suspension of crypto operations

Israeli battlefield operations integrating AI

Schumacher family incensed at AI interview

“TruthGPT” is on its way

UK may introduce cryptocurrency-specific regulation within 12 months, top lawmaker says

AI deployment pressures felt by Google CEO

Generative AI’s societal integration

Blockchain taxation vetoed in Arizona

FTX retrieving assets and assessing recovery

BT to tap into UK gov’s £2.5bn support fund towards Quantum tech

Japanese Government to adopt AI

India to forgo AI legislation

Bitcoin mining to replace armed conflict, Space Force major says

Ban on ChatGPT effective in Italy

Senator Elizabeth Warren centers reelection bid around anti-crypto stance

El Salvador striving for salvation

SBF allegedly paid a $40 million bribe to Chinese officials

Binance sued by US regulator

Cryptocurrencies in LATAM: Insights from Venezuela’s mining ban

Security concerns arise after Twitter source code leak

Is TikTok giving China national control?

Fugitive “cryptocrash” kingpin Do Kwon arrested in Montenegro

Digital assets under fire from new US report

The fall of Silvergate, SVB, and Signature presents ‘opportunity’ for another bank to step up

Silicon Valley Bank collapse and the great reset

AIBC Eurasia Summit: Hopeful tomorrow with a risk-based approach to crypto innovation

HSBC UK-arm moves to acquire Silicon Valley Bank’s for just over $1

Europe’s new crypto MiCA regulations; pros and cons

Australia Reserve Bank reveals use-cases for pilot CBDC

Is AI a doomed bubble? These economists seem to think so!

Voyager issues SBF subpoena to testify in bankruptcy proceedings

What’s next for FTX’s Sam Bankman-Fried?

Microsoft to lay off 10,000 employees from its global workforce

A wild ride in 2023? Here are the big predictions

North Korean Lazarus Hacking Group moves 41,000 Ether over weekend

Is Machine Learning the best way to defend web3 from exploits?

Fiat and Crypto on Miss Universe stage: Who of the two will fare better?

Lessons learned from the FTX fallout: the power of self-custody

Crypto lender Nexo linked to user financing terrorism

Cameron Winklevoss demands removal of DCG CEO Barry Silbert in open letter

Bankman-Fried says Robinhood Shares needed for legal defence

Digital Currency Group faces Jan. 8th Ultimatum to resolve debacle

Crypto arbitrage in 2022; 5 governments who embraced crypto

Setting aside differences: a common-sense approach for crypto regulators

Nigeria reportedly to pass bill legalising cryptocurrencies

ChatGPT – A watershed for widespread adoption of AI

Sam Bankman-Fried disliked Bitcoin because he couldn’t control it: Ark CEO

Crypto companies hit with U.S SEC guidelines letter

Brazil legitimises Bitcoin payments with new regulatory framework

Crypto winter for BlockFi and Bitfront as both file for bankruptcy

Crypto assets in the spotlight as Uzbekistan doles out major reforms

Twitter to allot Blue, Grey, and Gold check marks to user accounts in bid to stop impersonation

Singapore police investigate potential fraud at Hodlnaut

Binance to create industry recovery fund after FTX collapse

FTX files for bankruptcy protection, CEO Bankman-Fried resigns

FTX woes likely to cause contagion with more pain to come, analysts say

Binance CEO calls for more transparency after dropping FTX bailout

U.S. solves Silk Road Dark Web mystery, seizes $3.36b in Bitcoin

Crypto exchange Deribit suffers $28 million loss in hot wallet hack

Singapore issues new regulations on crypto trading

Australia to continue taxing cryptos as foreign currency

Optimism for crypto as advocate Rishi Sunak becomes UK’s PM

Singapore court says NFTs are property

Russia’s Duma rejects cryptocurrency mining draft bill

South Africa says cryptocurrencies are financial products

Ripple gets hold of Hinman files which say Ethereum isn’t security

DeFi regulation needs to address liquidity sources

EU to range cryptos according to energy efficiency

Fed Vice Chair Barr urges stablecoin regulation for banks

Chile Congress passes fintech bill after two years

France greenlights Société Générale’s crypto operations

Coinbase partners with Google and extends reach to Singapore

Crypto needs regulation, trust, and usability for mass adoption, say experts

Portugal to impose 28% tax on all crypto gains

Nasdaq’s crypto exchange launch on hold till further regulatory affirmations

FSOC warn cryptos could pose risks to the financial system without regulation and oversight

Kim Kardashian pays SEC $1.26M fine in crypto pump and dump case

Israel: Bits of Gold becomes the first active company granted licence to operate as a virtual asset service

S.Korea prosecutors turn to Interpol to track Terraform Labs founder

GTA VI leak confirmed as legit in largest data breach in gaming history

UK’s new Liz Truss on the Block

AI-IRS: French officials use AI to detect undeclared swimming pools

Kuwait offers low-cost haven for Bitcoin miners

UK puts forward proposal for novel AI rulebook in the private and public sector

EU-AI: Council of European Union to focus on AI, Digital Identity

The Pentagon: “Blockchain isn’t decentralized, is vulnerable and outdated”

MiCA: EU reins in Blockchain sector with new set of regulations

Autopilot Automated: Tesla’s Autopilot AI team hit by layoffs

[WATCH] Malta: The Technology Hub of the Mediterranean with H.E. Maria Camilleri Calleja at AIBC 2022

FasTToken is the first to acquire the electronic currency license from Abu Dhabi

What is Cryptography?

President Biden issues and signs Executive Order on Cryptocurrencies and Digital assets

AIBC Toronto opens online registration with early bird tickets

Ukrainian parliament passes bill legalising crypto

What Is a LaunchPad?

[WATCH] The thin line between regulation and innovation with Efrem Borg, Trevor Sammut, Dr. Ian Gauci and Professor Gordon Pace at AIBC 2021

[WATCH] “Gold is God’s money, fiat is the government’s money, Bitcoin is the people’s money” at AIBC Europe 2021

A hand-held guide on cryptocurrency for American policymakers is in the works and may be published in early 2022

Chief Economist of the International Monetary Fund signals the need for a global policy approach towards cryptocurrencies

Becoming a licensed Foundation – ADA Finance takes the next steps forward for real-world solutions

The Bank of Russia issues prohibition restricting fund managers from exposing clients to crypto-related assets

In a landmark move, Binance Australia becomes the first ever crypto-exchange to start reporting ESG metrics

BitMart to compensate victims of $150m hack

GAUGECASH: The world’s first decentralised monetary system powered by and Polygon

Sneak peek: The mother of all conferences awaits – AIBC Europe ‘21

Crypto market: Why Ethereum has risen sharply

Research suggests Twitter’s algorithm favours right-leaning politics

G7 sets international guidelines for CBDC adoption

XRP hodlers’ not allowed to be defendants in SEC v Ripple case

International meeting to discuss cyber security collaboration

Iran, US and Australia see major shifts in crypto

Iranian crypto mining ban comes to an end

Instagram forced to postpone plans for a kids’ edition

China widens its crypto crackdown

President Bukele claims a third of Salvadorans use Chivo wallet “actively”

Three former US intelligence officers charged with UAE hacking scheme

WhatsApp slapped with €225m penalty for privacy breach

BitConnect: Largest cryptocurrency fraud ever charged criminally

Is Binance heading towards troubled waters?

Goodbye CZ! Binance Seeks Out New CEO

Is Uruguay a step closer to accepting crypto as legal tender?

Jihan Wu’s crypto firm Matrixport achieves unicorn status

Binance banished from Blockchain Island

Italian regulator joins countries in Binance warnings

TikTok bans all crypto-related content

84 allegedly Hamas-connected crypto addresses seized by Israel – report

Bill proposed to pay salaries in Crypto in Argentina – report

Russia introducing rules to confiscate crypto – report

Binance CEO announces regulatory renaissance

Binance faces lawsuits in Thailand and Cayman Islands

Kazakhstan taxes crypto miners for energy surplus

German law unlocks crypto investment funds

Robinhood faces penalty of $70m

UK crypto firms take stand against watchdog scrutiny

UK Fiat transactions blocked on Binance

The Crypto Climate Accord: crypto to go green

US DOJ beefing up crypto legal sector

Thousands of Korean crypto tax evaders busted

China crackdown leads to another Bitcoin dip

Indonesia cracked down on DeFi competition against CBDC

South African tax collectors demand personal data on crypto traders

The future is now! AIBC Summit kicks off today

The big Crypto dip – What happened and how to prepare for the future

Crypto regulations in South Korea tying the noose on decentralization

Moneybite awarded VFA licence by MFSA

Blockchain hackers snatch $100m in Q1 2021

Iran: Banks and currency exchanges allowed to use cryptocurrencies for imports

[WATCH] Future Talk with Gordon Einstein: “You are trying to create scenarios to extract knowledge and information to shine the light forward”

NatWest says NO to bitcoin and cryptocurrencies

Morgan Stanley: CBDC not a threat to cryptocurrencies

Britain’s Treasury and Bank of England explore central bank digital currency

Treasury Secretary and Fed. Chair warned: Ignore bitcoin and fall behind the rest!

Brazil’s Central Bank becomes latest government to explore CBDC

Macau becomes the latest government to move towards a digital currency

Digital Yuan vs Dollar: Battle for world domination

Spain: Hacienda issues 14,800 warning letters to cryptocurrency holders

Goldman Sachs: Big evolution on the way for crypto regulation

Argentinian Central bank faces action over crypto user data

Top 15 Central Banks taking on digital currencies

Calls for crypto street advertisements to be regulated in Spain

India: Companies required to disclose crypto holdings and investments

Russia: Crypto to fiat transactions will be monitored by AML body

Germany: Bridging the gap between blockchain and Euro

Ireland enforces AML checks for crypto and digital currency firms

Dubai: Crypto businesses receive green light in economic free zone

Bitcoin becomes world’s third largest currency

Hawaiian House Democrats put pressure on regulator to turnover stringent crypto regulations

[WATCH] Gordon Einstein: mining for crypto – it’s like gold!

Goldman Sachs anticipates explosion in bitcoin customer demand

Microsoft updates Cloud for Healthcare with new features for virtual health

China set to introduce new digital currency

Nanit smart baby-monitor raises $25 in bid to make parenting easier

Google Pixel employs Med-Tech: more than just a smartphone

Thailand announces new crypto rules for traders

Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond introduces new Chief Innovation Officer role

Top 10 countries for progressive crypto and blockchain regulation

You are no longer the customer, you are the product – Tim Cook

David-and-Goliath market chaos fueled by Reddit traders on WallStreet

US President Joe Biden freezes regulations related to cryptocurrency wallets

COVID-19: a teaser into the good and bad of AI adoption

Global experts open up to AIBC News on Bitcoin’s surge

COVID-19 pandemic offers African aviation a chance to reset

[BLOCK] AI: Quo Vadis?

IRS overtaxing Proof-of-Stake Networks

South Korean Parliament gives the go ahead to officially legalise cryptocurrencies

استعمال تقنية البلوك تشين لجعل العقود الايجار مصونة- جوزيف مسقط

مالطا تنشأ مكتب سجل اعمال تجارية في الزيتون

إننا نشهد طفرة كبيرة في الذكاء الإصطناعي ـــ شاركي

Launch of – Malta Government’s vision on Artificial Intelligence

Regulation isn’t necessarily a good thing – Lord Marland

MFSA underlines the importance of FinTech strategy

EOS-based project to unleash its Facebook killer?