UK PM announces AI focused summit

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UK Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak, has announced plans to host a global summit regarding Artificial Intelligence (AI) a landmark move which constitutes a historical first.

Set to be hosted in the coming autumn, the summit is intended to bring rise to the consideration of internationally coordinated action to mitigate and deter the risks posed by technologies derived from AI.

Making the announcement ahead of talks with US President Biden on a 2-day visit to Washington D.C., Mr Sunak had this to say about the highly visible phenomenon of AI:

AI has an incredible potential to transform our lives for the better. But we need to make sure it is developed and used in a way that is safe and secure.

He referred to AI as a paradigm-shifting technology and stressed the importance of acting in a manner that will see the highly influential platforms harnessed for the good of humanity.

A consistently positive proponent of AI, Mr Sunak, has stated that he wishes to avoid fearmongering related to the technology, with a great many entities in the industry itself warning in no uncertain terms of the truly significant scale of the risks in question.

The Centre for AI Safety (CAIS) has only recently published a cautionary letter carrying the signatures of over 350 highly influential industry professionals, warning of the catastrophic implications becoming a possibility derived from AI, reading:

Mitigating the risk of extinction from AI should be a global priority alongside other societal-scale risks such as pandemics and nuclear war.

Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Rishi Sunak.
Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Rishi Sunak.

Echoing the statements that have been given by the seminal force of OpenAI’s CEO, Sam Altman, the British Prime Minister has spoken at length about the solution stemming from the development of regulatory guardrails intended to pre-empt the development that as yet has not been seen.

Preventative measures that also allow for the encouragement of ethically sound development is a concept that seems to be most prominent among those who wish to improve AI capabilities and enhance its power.

However, a consensus within the industry is yet to be reached regarding any of the issues that included, how AI should be regulated, the true risks and the exponential powers of AI among numerous other issues and risk factors, which should most certainly have the public and regulatory bodies on guard.

The cutting-edge nature of so many of the rapidly increasing developments related to AI has meant hardly any developer within the industry has a clear understanding of where the technology’s capabilities will lead, thus the regulators are left firmly in the dark when attempting to provide any sort of potent protections.

Despite this, there is a certain positivity that has come from these regulatory and developmental discussions and that is the presence of balance, with regulators across the world including in the UK intent on allowing the technologies to continue to evolve and grow in the hopes of providing even more profound benefits to society.

This is an approach that has not often been seen with innovation that possesses such an unclear and potentially volatile future, which could very well lead the way for a truly important societal upgrade.

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Budapest, Hungary

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