Electroneum partners with Top 20 crypto exchange BiKi

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Electroneum partnership with Top 20 cryptocurrency exchange brings two of the fastest-growing crypto projects in existence to the fore

Electroneum is excited to announce the expansion of its global trading presence by partnering with BiKi, a Top 20 cryptocurrency exchange on CoinMarketCap. The crypto exchange provides a safe, stable, and effective digital assets platform for trading more than 150 cryptocurrencies and 280 trading pairs.

BiKi offers a full solution besides the listing of the project’s token that includes continuous marketing exposure leveraging the brand awareness of the project, including news publications on top crypto news media like CCN and Jinse Finance as well as spreading of information to 200,000 WeChat users. 

BiKi also build a project’s local community from scratch, by assigning influencers with hundreds of thousands to millions of followers who are active crypto traders, that serve as a project’s local community ambassador.

The Singapore-based crypto exchange also boasts having over 2,000 community partners and 200,000 community members. They have also received investments from Huobi Co-Founder Du Jun, Generis Capital, FBG Capital, and others totaling about US$10 million.

“ETN is a very internationally-established project, and we are very honoured they have chosen to list with us,” Southeast Asia CEO of BiKi Ethan Ng said. “As listing is just the beginning of our journey together, we look forward to growing with them, promoting their token brand name to our 2 million registered users, and launching a joint ETN giveaway campaign to celebrate this partnership.”

Open for trading

The ETN/USDT pair opens for deposits on BiKi.com at 18:00 GMT +8 on Wednesday, 19 February. Trading opens on 25 February at the same time, and withdrawals go live on 26 February at noon GMT+8. Also, a total of 6 million ETN will be given away in promotional activities as follows:

  • Activity 1: Deposit ETN Fast for a Bonus Airdrop! 1,000,000 ETN Giveaway
  • Activity 2: ETN Trading Contest: 5,000,000 ETN

“We are very excited about listing on BiKi as it will increase the exposure of Electroneum to new users in Asia,” said Electroneum CEO and Founder Richard Ells. “BiKi is the fastest growing exchange in the world, and we are one of the fastest-growing cryptocurrencies. Our platform AnyTask allows freelancers to earn ETN, and this partnership allows an easy way for people and companies to trade that ETN for other cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin.”

“We’ve followed the meteoric rise of BiKi since its launch in 2018. The team behind it has an incredible pedigree, and they have taken it on a rocket ship trajectory of growth,” added Mr. Ells. “We have seen a huge interest in Electroneum in Asia, and we are excited for ETN to be listed for trading on this innovative exchange.” 

The listing follows AnyTask success

Mr. Ells emphasised the importance of the new listing and said it follows the highly successful global soft launch of AnyTask. In two weeks, over 93,000 people have signed up on the website. Over 13,000 have signed on as sellers, and over 1,000 tasks have been listed. 

“For the first time ever, the 1.7 billion unbanked adults have a chance to increase their earnings by selling tasks on AnyTask. They will receive ETN in exchange for their tasks that they can then use for mobile top-ups and even to trade in for other cryptocurrencies without the need for a bank account. That will also bring in new users to crypto, who as buyers will pay for tasks with their credit or debit cards, and sellers will receive the full amount in ETN as AnyTask does not charge sellers any fees.”

Electroneum officially launched its ETN network in November 2017 following what is to date the largest ICO in history by the number of participants with over 115,000. Currently, the UK startup is rapidly becoming one of the most usable cryptocurrencies and has 3.6 million registered users.

The startup has proven to be a game-changer, becoming the first cryptocurrency in existence to work directly with a major mobile network operator. Cellcard in Cambodia serves over 3.2 mobile phone subscribers, a number that is increasing rapidly. The Cambodia MNO has also put the M1 Electroneum crypto phone on sale in shops across the South East Asian country. The M1 phone has been rated 4.4 and when on Amazon, it received the choice label accolade.

BiKi’s 2020 plans

Not one to rest on its laurels, in Q3 2020, BiKi will open the public financial chain, which Ng strongly feel will be a core aspect in future financial institutions in the blockchain space. BiKi will ensure that it is providing the utmost benefits for its users by providing an increasing line-up of financial services and products for the Defi economy, including new and innovative ways to trade on the platform.

Headquartered in Singapore, BiKi is also currently focusing on getting its license as per the Payment Services Act by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS). Users can look forward to BiKi as a diversified exchange becoming the financial core of the blockchain industry. 

BiKi and Electroneum have embarked on a journey together as two of the fastest-growing crypto projects in the space. They have committed to help each other in their quest to spur the adoption of cryptocurrency around the world. 

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