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Katy currently heads the content department at SiGMA Group. She joined the department in March 2018, taking on a managerial role before taking over the lead role for SiGMA, AIBC, AGS, and Med-Tech World towards the end of the year.

Katy also serves as editor-in-chief for both SiGMA and BLOCK magazines, the company’s gaming, emerging tech, and digital health publications. Published 4 times a year, each magazine is displayed at SiGMA’s main events, distributed to local businesses, and sent out to an exclusive mailing list. In addition to being printed, the magazines are also accessible in an interactive digital format online. View the digital library here.

She read for a degree in Communications with a minor in Psychology at the University of Malta, graduating in late 2007. Before joining SiGMA in 2018 she worked as a teacher, specializing in English as a foreign language, a freelance editor for academic journals, and as a manager for an established photo studio.

In her free time Katy enjoys painting and drawing, drawing influence from movements such as Fauvism, French style Post-Impressionism, and New-impressionism. She also enjoys watching fantasy and French New Wave cinema and reading classic and contemporary fiction. 

About SiGMA Group

Founded by Eman Pulis, SiGMA Group is the world’s leading hub for everything involving the emerging tech and gaming industries. The summit brings together operators, providers, IT experts, innovators, entrepreneurs and investors from all stripes together for three days of top-tier content and a broad variety of fun and engaging networking events. 

With the Group expanding into other areas through verticals in digital marketing (Affiliate Grand Slam), emerging technology (AIBC) and medical technology (Med-Tech World), the SiGMA Group as a whole has proven itself as a rising star in several industries, uniting the best and brightest in several leading economic sectors with incredible growth potential.

From its origins in 2014, hosting a local conference at the Intercontinental Malta which was attended by 1000 delegates, SiGMA has grown exponentially with the November 2019 event gathering 15,000 visitors under one roof. 

The summit has also expanded internationally, having events that cover the four corners of the globe with the brand being located from the snowy metropolis of Toronto to the stunning skyline of Dubai. The company currently employs over 80 employees and has offices based in Malta, Cyprus, London, Manila, Belgrade, the UAE and Chicago. 


To learn more about content opportunities contact her via email on [email protected], or by mobile on: +356 99150486.

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