Puppy Planet sells PUP token to public in preparation of full game launching soon

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Play-to-earn cryptocurrency game deployed on ABEYCHAIN, features trading, breeding, farming and PVP fighting. First PUP tokens on sale now

The PUP token, the latest exciting canine cryptocurrency coin, has made its way into the blockchain and cryptocurrency space. The first public sale of the PUP token is underway in anticipation of the Puppy Planet game launching later in 2021.

Puppy Planet is a “play-to-earn” game similar to those that have become the focus of the blockchain industry in 2021. The game is deployed on the ABEYCHAIN, which was recently nominated for Blockchain Solution of the Year at the upcoming Europe AIBC Awards 2021 in November. Puppy Planet combines Axie Infinity’s innovative smart contract games and the opportunity for users to create their own NFT collectibles. In Puppy Planet, players can buy and sell NFT pets and use pet mining to earn income. The PUP token is available for purchase by users already signed up for the game, marking the first opportunity for players to get into the Puppy Planet world.

Puppy Planet plans to issue 180 million PUP tokens. Ninety million of those tokens will be used for game mining on farms and battlefields. 50% of the revenue from official shop transactions will also be reinvested in the mining pool for rewards. Players can earn stable income by participating in PUP mining. As the price of PUP rises, players’ income will continue to increase. Players only need to create a ABEY wallet and authorize the binding to Puppy Planet, then users can buy a “Mystery Box”. The ” Mystery Box” can hatch a puppy with random element and battle attributes. After you have a puppy, you can take it to the farm or battlefield. Following this PUP token sale users can expect to see a blind box sale beginning in November. Players will need to buy a blind box to hatch a pet. The full Puppy Planet game is expected to launch shortly after that sale.

When the game is launched, PUP tokens can be used to purchase and trade NFTs, props, release earnings, and hatch pets at a higher level than previously available. Puppy Planet is a project recently developed by the British company Puppy NFT Labs and it combines NFT+DEFI+ game platform.

Token sale information:

  • Sale began on 3pm UK time (10am EST), October 29, 2021.
  • Address limit: Only 5000 ABEY addresses will be allowed to enter this sale (addresses after participating once in the sale cannot be reused).
  • Each address can purchase up to 100 USDT worth of PUP tokens.
  • PUP initial sale price: 100 USDT = 1500 PUP
  • Total amount of PUP released for this sale: 7.5 million PUP
  • How to participate: Download the ABEY wallet, create your address. Then join the PUP sale whitelist at https://gleam.io/vGKKk/puppy

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