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Ivan Gowan, CEO of the world’s first regulated tokenised securities exchange,, discusses a new way of trading and building a bridge between traditional assets and crypto investors.

Tokenised securities explained

One of the challenges of investing and trading is to understand what you are investing in. A tokenised security is a blockchain-powered tradable financial asset, which meets all the regulatory requirements of the country it is born in. The best thing here is that tokenised securities allow you to trade and profit from the underlying market price of traditional assets using your crypto holdings. You no longer need to exchange them to fiat.

Aiming to unite the crypto and traditional assets worlds, tokenised securities proves themselves as an effective solution. They mirror the price movement of an underlying, real asset, like Tesla share, or Gold, and provide the same chances for profit as traditional assets.

How to trade tokenised securities? is the world’s first tokenised securities platform that offers 1,300+ different tokens pegged to the underlying market price of traditional asset classes.

Ivan Gowan, CEO of

It is a one-stop shop, where you can trade tokenised stocks, indices, commodities and FX pairs with crypto and fiat at competitive prices. They include companies such as Google, Netflix, Disney and Apple; indices such as the S&P 500, the DAX30 or the Nasdaq 100; and commodities such as Crude oil, Gold and Platinum.

Trading’s tokenised securities is just like trading any other cryptocurrency or traditional asset on a digital exchange. Clients can choose to buy or to sell. They incur the same profit and loss opportunities – and risks – as any other form of trading.

Traders sign up with either crypto or fiat, buy tokenised securities and trade them with a wide choice of leverage. The platform matches their orders with other clients’ orders or hedges them through different liquidity providers. Then traders can sell their tokenised securities and withdraw either crypto or fiat.

We believe the practice of seamless movement and trading between fiat, crypto, shares, commodities and indices will define the beginning of a new era of democratised crypto investments.

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