Caspian Technologies’ SpatiumTM blockchain moves into Belarus’ Hi-Tech Park

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SpatiumTM has developed a new generation of cryptocurrency wallets​Eastern Europe’s most talked about technology hub has a new tenant, the maker of the ultra-secure cryptocurrency wallet, SpatiumTM, brought to Belarus’ High-Tech Park by its parent company, Caspian Technologies PTE, Ltd.Belarus made waves late in 2018 by suddenly becoming one of the most crypto-friendly countries in the world, by decree from its president, Aleksandr Lukashenko. While a number of countries have created welcome environments for blockchain technology, very few did so with explicit support from the very top like Belarus did.The High-Tech Park is a giant incubator and collaborative zone for startups in the tech space, similar to Silicon Valley in California and Skolkovo in Russia. By adding a cryptocurrency startup of SpatiumTM’s caliber, the High-Tech Park made a big step towards showing that it really is serious about bringing game-changing technology to market.

The SpatiumTM team developed a new generation of cryptocurrency wallets that are practically unhackable while at the same time highly functional for instant trading and other practical uses. The wallets are based on the SpatiumTM Protocol, which finally broke wallet reliance on creating a permanent private key, instead replacing it with a distributed system of signing transactions and generating public addresses without ephemeral (general) private keys.
With that breakthrough, it already released a software wallet with greater security than today’s hardware wallets.  ​This would be a bold claim to make, yet SpatiumTM has been independently audited by a top global cybersecurity evaluator, Sera-Brynn, confirming authenticity of claims. Now, SpatiumTM is preparing to release the hardware wallet itself, which will be everything a 21st century wallet should be: credit-card shaped for convenience, with biometric identification, no wires needed for connection (NFC, Bluetooth), and add-on services like Plausible Denial and Transfer by Inheritance.
“Working out of Belarus’ High-Tech Park, we can gain from and contribute to their strong network of tech startups and mentorship,” notes SpatiumTM’s CEO, ​Geray Yusifov:​“Thе special tax break status of the High-Tech Park will help lower our development costs and therefore bring our highly anticipated hardware wallet ito the end user at a lower price.”