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Tether to reduce secured loans to zero by 2023 amid lengthy PR battle

Sam Bankman-Fried disliked Bitcoin because he couldn’t control it: Ark CEO

Debunking the ECB’s attacks on Bitcoin

Gridless raises $2m to support African bitcoin mining expansion 

Crypto influencers get second wind after FTX collapse

Standard Chartered warns of potential 70% drop for Bitcoin in 2023

Blockchain seen as tipping the scale toward net-zero emissions

Singapore police investigate potential fraud at Hodlnaut

Blockchain to reinvent the multi-trillion dollar second-hand market, say experts 

FTX woes likely to cause contagion with more pain to come, analysts say

GameFi faces challenges from boring games to clunky onboarding

Which blockchain trends should the gaming industry take note of?

Ikigai and 3air team up to deliver high-speed connectivity

Avoid ‘celebrity ambassadors’ and focus on building a loyal web3 community

Meta stock plunges after second quarterly revenue decline

Singapore court says NFTs are property

Blockchain infrastructure seen attracting lion’s share of investment

DeFi regulation needs to address liquidity sources

Crypto whales seen accumulating assets as prices rise

Coinbase to sue traders who exploited Georgian pricing glitch

Binance to support mining industry by lending $500M

Crypto needs regulation, trust, and usability for mass adoption, say experts

Blackrock ups blockchain presence with new European ETF

Compute North files for bankruptcy under as much as $500m debt

S.Korea prosecutors turn to Interpol to track Terraform Labs founder

Quantum AI: When Deep Tech converges

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Blocksport's Tour de Force: From Europe to the Globe

University of Chicago create near-perfect crime detection AI

Probably Nothing: Cristiano Ronaldo becomes Binance partner, launches NFT

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Next Generation, New Continent: AIBC Americas' debut rocks Toronto

World Economic Forum launches initiative to build a better Metaverse

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Crypto Security News Digest for February 2022

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The Kleinman Case: Craig Wright wins US court case over bitcoin store worth billions

John Karony opens up on Safemoon, the potential of the Blockchain and its use in Africa

Ministry of Economy and Industry launches 3 new blockchain projects

Txeya looking to provide greater funding equality for female, BAME and LGBTQ+ entrepreneurs

The history and cross-sell potential of esports betting for crypto casinos

Coinbase catastrophe? Money stolen, people blocked

PayPal rolls out cryptocurrency service in the UK

Bitcoin pushes crypto market to $2 trillion for the first time in 3 months

Doge on a bullish venture

Is Binance heading towards troubled waters?

Goodbye CZ! Binance Seeks Out New CEO

Jihan Wu’s crypto firm Matrixport achieves unicorn status

Binance banished from Blockchain Island

Abu Dhabi has just made it easier for emerging tech to set up shop

Malta Community Chest Fund takes on Binance over €7m crypto pledge

"Ethereum: The Infinite Garden" Documentary generates more than 1,000 Ether

Blockchain revolution in Buenos Aires shipping

Binance abandons support for ‘stock tokens’ amid growing regulatory scrutiny

Blockchain island Malta issues first crypto transfer license

Britain boosts Binance rivals with bans

Bill proposed to pay salaries in Crypto in Argentina - report

Binance CEO announces regulatory renaissance

EU SEPA transfers banned from Binance

Iranian crypto miners ordered to halt in spite of licensing

5 things you need to know about EU crypto laws reports DDoS attack

Something strange is happening with Ethereum

Baby Doge skyrockets after Elon Musk tweet

Banking Crypto

E-Commerce on the Loot Box engine

Binance faces lawsuits in Thailand and Cayman Islands

34% of Robinhood’s crypto revenue due to Dogecoin featured in Formula 1

HSBC joins Dubai KYC blockchain platform

Robinhood faces penalty of $70m

The Crypto Climate Accord: crypto to go green

South Korean banks request pass on crypto fraud

MidEast launches first Dubai crypto listing

Danske Bank will not block crypto

Bitcoin Taproot Upgrade to launch in November

Bittrex Global partners with emerchantpay to enhance their payment offering

Binance enforces US sanctions – All Zimbabwean nationals banned

Digital Euro in consideration

Smart contracts could revolutionise money forever, experts say

AIBC Summit provides perspectives for optimistic crypto future

AIBC Awards honours the pioneers of the future

South Korean summit fails to conclude crypto regulation

Crypto regulations in South Korea tying the noose on decentralization

Global computer chip shortage causes crypto craving Russians to stock up

Dogecoin takes a hit after Elon Musk's SNL appearance

Digital Tenge: Kazakhstan makes CBDC implementation plans

Centurion Invest is officially sponsoring Dubai AIBC Summit

Andreessen Horowitz teases $1bn cryptocurrency VC fund

Blockchain hackers snatch $100m in Q1 2021

Ethereum hits $3000, value quadruples in 2021

Biden Administration pressured by Task Force to tighten crypto regulation

I built a virtual property and sold it for 0.33 ETH - wait what?

China's digital yuan gains major backing from Alibaba competitor

Charles Schwab set to introduce crypto services depending on US regulations

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Britain's Treasury and Bank of England explore central bank digital currency

Edward Snowden, world famous whistleblower, launches his own NFT

Cryptocurrencies burst onto Miami's nightclub scene

Brazil's Central Bank becomes latest government to explore CBDC

Macau becomes the latest government to move towards a digital currency

Southampton F.C are now able to pay player bonuses with bitcoin

Microsoft acquires the creator of Siri, Nuance, for $19.7billion

New York Stock Exchange joins the NFT hype

Goldman Sachs: Big evolution on the way for crypto regulation

Miami: The cryptocurrency capital of the world?

Top 15 Central Banks taking on digital currencies

Chiliz announces strategic partnership with Jump Trading

World’s first NFT tokenized stand to take part in AIBC Dubai expo

MLB to utilise NFTs to increase fan engagement

DFSA encourages feedback on new digital token regulations

Federal Reserve planning its own digital dollar prototype

Dapper Labs partners with Alchemy to boost NBA TopShot

Dutch start-ups acquire €24 million in AI, med-tech and water technology

Elon Musk: Teslas can now be bought with Bitcoin

Crypto Exchange FTX front runner for Miami Heat Arena naming rights

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Pandemia’s Box: Thinking in a wholistic way

Ireland enforces AML checks for crypto and digital currency firms

Dubai: Crypto businesses receive green light in economic free zone

Bitcoin becomes world's third largest currency

Morgan Stanley becomes first major US bank to allow clients access to bitcoin funds

Sotheby's: World famous auction house joins the NFT world

Elon Musk releases NFT, receives bids worth millions of dollars

AI in healthcare: "We have an opportunity to finally have true health equality"

[WATCH] Gordon Einstein: mining for crypto – it’s like gold!

Goldman Sachs anticipates explosion in bitcoin customer demand

NBA Blockchain Advisory Committee backed by franchise owners

Gordon Einstein believes bitcoin value could surge to 100K by end of year

Microsoft updates Cloud for Healthcare with new features for virtual health

AI-powered pregnancy care platform Marani Health raises $3.7M after telehealth boom

China set to introduce new digital currency

AI-backed method uses only waist size and age to detect pre-diabetes

Sensyne Health's COVID-19 risk prediction algorithm gets UK regulatory approval

[WATCH] Eric Benz on the transformative power of crypto

Goldman Sachs' Bitcoin trading desk returns

First wearable health monitor tracks your cardiovascular signals and biochemical levels

Singapore implements Blockchain to verify COVID-19 test results

Nanit smart baby-monitor raises $25 in bid to make parenting easier

Google Pixel employs Med-Tech: more than just a smartphone

Digital osteoarthritis treatment more effective than traditional methods

NHS COVID-19 app: a preview into the future of healthcare

[WATCH] Is Malta to become Europe's new Med-Tech hub?

Top 10 countries for progressive crypto and blockchain regulation

Ransomware attacks skyrocket in Bitcoin-related crime

Japan greenlights its first cryptocurrency

US President Joe Biden freezes regulations related to cryptocurrency wallets

Dubai leading UAE with progressive cryptocurrency regulation

Major banks are investing in the crypto market: here’s why

COVID-19: a teaser into the good and bad of AI adoption

AI could help patients get more rest says Feinstein Institute for Research

Exploring the CoinCasso brand

The maturing cannabis market in Europe

Hackers target online gambling companies

IGT patents method for cryptocurrency transfers

AIBC Summit goes Digital as it taps into Latam with a trilingual virtual summit

UK use of healthcare apps surge during Covid-19

[WATCH] VIVO and CB2 Insights enter new partnership

EXERA: Change at the press of a button

Blockchain and online slots: the new age of iGaming

Malta: The digital island's financial authority approves

Jeff Bezos-backed African app Chipper Cash to trade crypto after raising $30 million

AIBC Europe summit: Can Defi banks restructure the world?

Authorities crackdown on Bitcoin miners

COVID-19 pandemic offers African aviation a chance to reset

Sustainability: The Undisputed Future of Cannabis

Proactive vs Reactive Healthcare


Just What the Doctor Ordered

E-learning: Teaching for Teachers

TEN31 Bank cooperates with Munich-based IT specialist TANGANY for blockchain applications

The dawn of industry 4.0

[BLOCK] AI: Quo Vadis?

First Cann-Clinics land on the British island of Jersey 

European Commission passes first ever legislation concerning crypto assets

Utah surpasses enrollment projections with medical cannabis

KuCoin Company Got Hacked and Lost Around $150 Million

AIBC Summit goes Digital as it taps into Latam with a trilingual virtual summit

IRS overtaxing Proof-of-Stake Networks

Blockchain: reinvigorating trade, e-commerce and telecommunications infrastructure in LDCs

Deepfakes: Battle for trust

Modi hails blockchain as opportunity in frontier technology

Emerging Tech Pitch returns to the stage in 2020!

Breakthrough cryptocurrency research announced by Head of Development

[BLOCK] Checkmate: Combating COVID-19

[BLOCK] Brave new world

Manila: Marked for success

[BLOCK] The new Turing game

Nimiq & TEN31 Bank enable buying and selling crypto by bank transfer

Binance launches crypto-Visa card

SiGMA & AIBC Manila announces two day hackathon

"The Future Is Now" shows why AIBC Summit is #1

Top 6 coworking spaces in Manila for Fintech companies

SouthEU members to reach “historic” agreement to redefine blockchain transaction security 

EU to invest €35m in Healthcare AI

Caspian Technologies’ SpatiumTM blockchain moves into Belarus’ Hi-Tech Park

BDO’s strategy accelerates the organisation’s financial growth

Bloomberg: Low volatility signals bottoming as “speculation leaves”

De:central Days 2019 – Inside the world’s digital economy

UAE’s Health Ministry launches blockchain platform

EURO 2020 tickets to be distributed to fans’ phones

‘Facebook’s Data Privacy Scandal’ Whistleblower Brittany Kaiser at KBW 2019

Profile Interview: James McDowall, Head of Strategy, Sentinel

James McDowall delves deeper into Sentinel

iMovo Limited acquires Zendesk Master Implementation Partner status

Electroneum expands global mobile top-ups to 140+ countries; earning ETN on AnyTask is now way more appealing

SiGMA Group launches new office in Kiev, Ukraine

Paxos to submit application for clearing agency registration with SEC

Blockchain Island 2.0 is ready to be installed

Reuters and Synthesia reveal AI video report

FC Barcelona & Chiliz join forces in global blockchain alliance

US Airforce to use blockchain in communications

Philippines' Crypto Valley of Asia to get its own airport

Cornerstone joins Velocity Network Foundation

SiGMA Roadshow in Taipei sets the stage for Asian markets

Volvo to use blockchain in cobalt tracking

SAEV invests in blockchain trading platform

MFSA underlines the importance of FinTech strategy

Eleven French companies launch the ADAN

US judge rules Craig Wright has 21 days to prove he is Satoshi

SiGMA Group supports Crypto Bushfire Fundraiser for Australia

AIBC Summit's top five videos of 2019