AI-powered pregnancy care platform Marani Health raises $3.7M after telehealth boom

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AI-powered pregnancy care platform Marani Health, formerly Odonata Health, raises $3.7M

Marani Health, an AI-powered remote pregnancy care platform, announced their latest milestone last week (Feb 25) having raised $3.7M in an oversubscribed funding initiative. The move highlights the rapid advancement of MedTech and telehealth as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The platform founded by Mayo Clinic saw SWL Healthcare Ventures providing the largest investment, followed by new investor TFX Capital. As a result, more than $5.5 million in capital has been raised to-date.

The Minneapolis-based health tech startup aims to improve the pregnancy experience and outcomes for mothers and their babies by providing personalised insights for pregnancy and improving access to care. Shelly Lanning of SWL Healthcare Venture had commented in the past that Marani Health is able to capitalise on the short comings of the traditional US healthcare system by prioritising patient healthcare while containing costs.

Ann Holder, Marani Health founder and CEO, shared her excitement in a statement:

Ann Holder, Marani Health founder and CEOWe are incredibly excited about the momentum and impact this new funding and visionary board addition will have as we advance Marani Health towards clinical testing and future market introduction,

We are excited about the potential our technology has to change prenatal care and provide clinicians with more data in both telehealth settings and in clinics. We are eager to make a positive impact.

In addition, Marani Health also announced the appointment of healthcare veteran Jodi Hubler to the company’s board of directors.

She said in a statement:

With billions spent annually in the U.S. on pregnancy-related complications, Marani Health’s comprehensive maternity health platform which includes a proprietary sensing device is the type of innovation we need,

I am excited to take on this opportunity.


Source: yahoo!money

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