Metaverse Gaming: How Gaming Industry Prepares Itself For Web 3.0 And Blockchain

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Metaverse is also about gaming. Here’s how the world prepares to provide entertainment to the future of the internet.

Game-Fi Startup DEA Collects $12M For PlayMining Gaming Metaverse

As a member of the GameFi community, Digital Entertainment Asset (DEA) is a company that is headquartered in the GameFi hub and is based in New York. Seed funding for this startup – worth $12 million – was led by JAFCO Investment’s, who provided $8 million in funding.

Among the 33 companies that participated in the investment round, Spartan Group was one of many corporate participants, angel investors, and seven companies that are not identified, publicly traded companies as well.

There is no doubt that the DEA is emerging as a major player in Asia’s growing GameFi sector. Based on these technologies, the DEA is building the next generation of gaming economy around blockchain, cryptocurrency, and non-fungible tokens. In addition, they are renowned for being the companies that invented the PlayMines metaverse. As a result of this play-to-earn model, gamers are rewarded for their hard effort with digital assets instead of spending the money they earn on games that are traditionally available “free-to-play.”

With PlayMining games, the players will have the opportunity to earn in-game assets, such as NFT tokens, which can then be traded on third party marketplaces such as CoinDesk, in exchange for cryptocurrencies in the game itself. Furthermore, once the game has been played for a shorter period of time, these tokens can be bought with real money in order to make play-to-earn games.

In May 2020, DEA launched PlayMining. Since then, the company has already achieved great success, having developed games like JobTribes, which ranks ninth on the DappRadar rankings and boasts more than 40.000 monthly active users. Furthermore, the company has also developed other titles such as PlayMining Puzzle×JobTribes and Lucky Farmer and its own NFT marketplace, NFT: DEP.

A large amount of progress has already been made by DEA, which now has more than 2.4 million registered players from countries such as Japan, Indonesia, the Philippines, Taiwan, and Vietnam participating in its PlayMining universe. In any case, we are only just getting started. DEA has committed to using the funds raised today to create new content for the PlayMining metaverse. In addition to this, the money will also be used to expand PlayMining’s infrastructure, refine its platform, and hire new employees for its development and marketing teams. According to DEA, the objective is to accelerate PlayMining’s user acquisitions while expanding its position in the GameFi and NFT markets.

During the meeting, Yoshiyuki Shibusawa, the President and CEO of JAFCO Investment, remarked how intrigued he was by DEA’s relationship with renowned Japanese artists, as well as its “determination to corner the Asian GameFi market, ” he observed.

DEA is a company in Shibusawa, and his company chose so that they would be able to work with them on the “big swell of the times,” associated with the rise of Web3, a platform created through a will to create and technology to enable.

Realm and YDragon Team Up For Metaverse Gaming Expansion

According to YDragon’s official announcement about its upcoming partnership with Realm, the company says that the company has a vision of this partnership to help the digital currency market achieve a greater degree of market penetration among the target audience. The game Realm is an upcoming game, which will be released soon, and YDragon is undoubtedly a name to reckon with when it comes to the world of the metaverse, and its business model is based on play-to-earn. In addition, due to this particular strategic alliance, both companies will be able to learn more about each other’s strengths and derive synergies from their operation through this strategic alliance.

As you can see, both Realm Games and YDragon Software are doing quite well in their fields, and it is gratifying for them to be able to announce that. Furthermore, it is very encouraging to note that the YDragon project has made great progress toward releasing the world’s first metaverse index at a time when the $REALM token has taken the cryptocurrency market by storm due to its fine trading volumes and extremely good performance throughout the entire year.

As a result of the partnership, many new developments are expected to happen, including $REALM taking a 5% share in the Metaverse index of YDragon. Both organizations will also share technical know-how and expertise in their respective domains to help each other develop projects by sharing technical know-how and expertise. In addition to this, it is also important to note that the collaborative opportunities also include jointly conducting marketing activities and interactions across communities. Through this partnership, the two organizations also wish to explore the possibility of advertising on social media as part of a joint project. In addition, many other collaborative opportunities are on the plate and will be revealed in the future as new facets of this partnership get unfolded.

The team behind Realm has managed to change the gaming industry scene quite significantly with their creation. The P2E project of the Realm has enabled the development of a real-time metaverse that can be accessed through the mobile phone. That is a strange development in the mobile phone industry. As well as this aspect, users can create their metaverses and miniverses, allowing for an increased level of control over the various aspects of gaming that can further drive growth in the gaming and metaverse markets.

That is another wonderful aspect of Realm’s ecosystem, and it’s the utility of the token $REALM. In addition to the fact that it assists in creating the token economy, it also provides multiple utilities to the users, which can be of great value and convenience to them. The $REALM token can also be used to accomplish various other things, such as staking, in-game purchases, governance, rewards, and fees.

Square Enix Gets in on Blockchain Gaming

Square Enix, a developer in the gaming industry, has issued an open letter outlining its plans to introduce the blockchain technology to the industry. The gaming industry seems to be up in arms once again in the wake of this announcement. This new fangled non-fungibles is the cause of a cacophony of pseudo-outrage directed at them, which some perceive as the manifestation of the devil, who is, after all, being promoted by the same people who first created them.

In a recent letter to the board of directors of Square Enix, Yosuke Matsuda, Square Enix’s president, discussed several blockchain-based projects that Square Enix is researching at the moment. For example, there is an urgent need for understanding the capabilities and limitations of a massive world of the game, as well as the network of nodes that will populate it, and the development of a token economy that will be used with play-to-earn games in addition to that.

In addition, the company emphasized the importance of its artificial intelligence department, referring to it as an entertainment department. The purpose of the artificial intelligence department is to be able to create a sophisticated online experience for people rather than a traditional casual gaming experience, with the experience gained using AI to create a range of new avatars of the metaverse.

The fact that this undertaking will not replace but rather sit alongside the current climate change ecosystem, which has been conveniently overlooked by the multitude of pitchfork wielding critics, is so important to note. It is also worth mentioning that square Enix is expected to start work on both locally as well as decentralized projects in the near future. Therefore, it is in all likelihood that the company will largely be able to protect its platform favorites, like Final Fantasy and NieR, from all the perceived negative effects of NFTs.

Axie Infinity 2022 Plans

Xie Infinity and its army of world builders have undoubtedly welcomed the new year with a great deal of excitement, and we are not surprised at all. Moreover, it appears that the game won’t have a dim future as it has a host of new improvements to its platform, an entirely new lore, and a whole host of new gameplay mechanics on the way.


As an opening point, Axie’s developers have been working at an unimaginable pace on the newly available Origins (Battles V3) update in a hurry. There will be a whole host of new features coming your way in the coming months, including new power-ups, new visual effects, as well as animated facial expressions being brought back. The update will also introduce a new free-to-play mode where users can take advantage of the free starter axe in order to get started on the platform. That will allow new users with no prior experience to have fun without having to worry about the paywall. The Alpha test is scheduled to be released at some point in the near future due to the rapid development of the game over the past few months


“Project K” is Axie Infinity’s highly anticipated open-world game. As such, A majority of the resources devoted toward the development of the game have been devoted to that effort. At the moment, they are focusing our attention on the in-game trading system, which will allow players to monetize their assets within the game. In addition to the resources allocated above, an additional set of resources is being dedicated to the design and modeling of interactive elements, such as buildings and items in the game.

Upcoming Perks

As it seems that the Axie Infinity Team is on schedule to launch Season 20 of the game and that the patches have been made available for testing before it is time for Season 20 to begin. However, it is most likely that the team will turn to the community for suggestions first if, at any point in the future, difficulties with the mechanics of the game should arise. As well as the company’s plans to introduce a referral code that will reward those members who refer new members to its growing community, Axie is also planning to launch a grant program as a way of building better relationships between its members.

The core team has grown from ten to more than 100 members, who have been hired into various new disciplines, including animators, concept artists, and 3D designers, in addition to continuing with the business theme of growth despite the fact that we are expanding our team nevertheless. In the event that you feel that you are one of the qualified candidates, we encourage you to check out the current job openings listed on our website, which may offer the opportunity to successfully practice your trade in a vibrant city like Ho Chi Minh City.

Just in case you were wondering about the release date for Sky Mavis, they have chosen to keep the release date under wraps as well. However, the fact is that $RON farming will continue unabated for the foreseeable future, so why not participate in it through the Katana DEX.

Gotchiverse Game Bible Soon Released

In the near future, those who follow the Gochiverse will have a sacred text available to them to guide them through their ghostly adventures. In the Aavegotchi team effort to put together a comprehensive guide to their spooky domain, the Gotchiverse, they are calling it “The Gotchiverse Game Bible.”.

Aavegotchi will release small bite-sized chapters under the close supervision of AavegotchiDAO in order to showcase this public-facing game design document. There is an expectation that each chapter will create its own discussion thread for its DAO deliberations over a one-week period. In the event that the entire community agrees on the contents, then those contents will become canonical.

‘This hefty tome will serve as the backbone of the Gotchiverse, providing an informative and in-depth look at the inner workings of the Aavegotchi domain. Throughout this book, you will find a diverse range of different topics covered, such as tokenomics, installations, wearables, guilds, and much more, making this book a great source of information for both novices and seasoned veterans alike.

The goal of this document is to complement the Litepaper while at the same time explaining all aspects of Gotchiverse in greater depth. Also, the team is planning to host the document on Github as a way to facilitate the implementation of the project and maintain full transparency of all edits in the document. Therefore, the official launch of the Gotchiverse will coincide with the release of the first edition of the Game Bible.

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