[WATCH] NeOlympians: AIBC College and the future of sports

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Debuting as the College project’s second documentary, NeOlympians: The Future of Sports draws upon the Summit’s network of leading technologists, entrepreneurs and sports club fanatics to give our audience a glimpse into the next generation of the world’s oldest pastime.

NeOlympians: The Future of Sports

This documentary had the good fortune to involve some of the leading minds in sports disruption and innovation. Amongst these, we had the pleasure of working with:

Bill Pascrell III Esq.: A well-known figure in American public affairs, Bill Pascrell III has been a leading lawyer within the gaming sector and has consulted, advised and pioneered across all four corners of the World. As a principal advocate for gaming and innovation, he has supported the growth of esports nationally and globally.

Samir Ceric: Serial entrepreneur and consummate philanthropist, Samir has leveraged both his insight into business as well as his deep love for sports as the COO of BlockSport to spearhead the next generation of fan engagement.

Nolan Bushnell: The father of video games, Atari founder Nolan Bushnell laid the foundation for the contemporary generation of gaming as a whole. As a strategic advisor of EBET, he is leading the charge on the future of gamification and esports.

Mateusz Dłużniewski: Representing a company on the bleeding edge of AI and sports integration, ReSpo.Vision’s Head of Product Mateusz Dłużniewski spoke about the next generation of Deep Tech innovation when it comes to gaming.

Stay tuned for the next documentary and, till then, watch this space!

What is: The College Project

The College Project leverages the Group’s network of leading visionaries and technologists, combining their insights and wisdom with in-depth research into a number of topics in the emerging tech space. With the aim of distilling this knowledge in a way that entertains as much as it educates, our elite team of videographers craft the collated information into a high-quality Netflix-style documentary.

Its current portfolio of releases include Web3.0 – Our Second Shot At A Free Internet and NeOlympians: The Future of Sport.

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