Bittrex Global partners with emerchantpay to enhance their payment offering

Category: Europe Payments
Posted by AIBC Group

Emerchantpay and Bittrex Global, have today announced a partnership that enables customers to purchase digital assets instantly using debit and credit cards

Historically, consumers relied upon bank transfers which can take up to three working days or need internal approval.

Bittrex Global has, since its founding in 2014, become one of the largest, most established and secure trading platforms in the world. Partnering with emerchantpay will enable debit and credit card deposits for its customers to ensure a faster and seamless experience when purchasing digital assets.

Through a partnership with emerchantpay, Bittrex Global now offers online card deposits to their customers in over 75 countries worldwide and in 8 currencies. This provides them with the assurance and security they need to transact swiftly and efficiently.

emerchantpay has a strong focus on strategic areas which optimise business performance and are often overlooked, such as reducing customer abandonment and ensuring frictionless consumer journeys through secure, seamless and innovative solutions.

During the roll-out strategy planning phase, the overriding objective was to ensure the customer experience was safe and easy. As of today, a Bittrex Global customer in multiple countries worldwide can deposit in their local currency whilst still trading in mainstream fiat alternatives. Throughout the user journey, customers have full transparency regarding fees and conversions, giving them total control of their funds and interaction.

Chris Smart - emerchantpay
Stephen Stonberg, CEO at Bittrex Glob

Chris Smart, SVP Global Gambling, Crypto and FX at emerchantpay, comments: “We are delighted to announce our long-term partnership with Bittrex Global. In today’s world, fast, frictionless payments have never been more important, and we are proud to be supporting one of the world’s most successful trading platforms to deliver exactly this to its global customer base”.

Stephen Stonberg, CEO at Bittrex Global, comments: “Bittrex Global is dedicated to delivering unmatched security and an unparalleled user experience. As our brand continues to gain momentum across the globe, emerchantpay is the right partner to ensure we can deliver strategic excellence for our customers and add value to our payments’ ecosystem.” 

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