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LATAM: Brazil’s Nubank announces record profits and rapid expansion

In its second year on the public market, Brazilian neobank Nubank,has made significant strides, moving well beyond the break-even point…

Posted: 28/03/2024

Posted by: Lea Hogg

Bitcoin market dives into recovery prospects

The recent downturn in Bitcoin’s value, which saw it fall below the $65,000 mark, has led to significant market liquidations…

Posted: 17/03/2024

Posted by: Lea Hogg

Stripe soars towards a $500 million milestone in risk-averse market

Payments company Stripe is making headlines with its decision to delay going public despite achieving a significant milestone of positive…

Posted: 13/03/2024

Posted by: Lea Hogg

Jaywan: new digital payment for UAE-India transactions

A new payment card, Jaywan, was launched during Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to the UAE (pictured above). Built…

Posted: 16/02/2024

Posted by: Lea Hogg

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