“Ethereum: The Infinite Garden” Documentary generates more than 1,000 Ether

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The project “Ethereum: The Infinite Garden” raised 1,036 ether, completing its fundraising objective

A documentary startup project “Ethereum: The Infinite Garden” has managed to raise 1,036 Ether fulfilling its first goal of 750 ether.

The project aims to produce the first documentary focusing on smart contracts and how they all started out. Due to achieving their goal, the team behind this documentary has entered the preproduction phase by establishing important connections with individuals within the Ethereum Foundation.

The proposal of the whole project underlines that:

“Explore the innovative real-world applications of the Ethereum blockchain, the die-hard community of enthusiasts and developers, and its creator, Vitalik Buterin, whose vision for the internet has the potential to change the world.”

The team behind the project also announced that world renowned NFT artist pplpleasr (picutred) will be creating a NFT that will be featured in the credits of the production. pplpleasr is familiar with big projects having worked and created digital effects for movies such as:

pplpleasr NFT artist - AIBC News

1. Batman v Superman

2. Wonder Woman

3. Star Trek Beyond

The idea behind the documentary

The creators of this documentary believe that Ethereum is similar to an “infinite garden” rather than just a decentralised world computer, according to Aya Miyaguchi – the executive director of the Ethereum Foundation. Aya also imagines Ethereum as a continuous and lasting growing machine.

The film will be directed by Chris Temple & Zach Ingrasci who have vast experience in filming since they filmed features for big names such as Netflix, HBO, Hulu, National Geographic & The Atlantic – with all their features being screened across major film festivals across the world. Meanwhile, Optimist, a LA-based independent studio, is managing the production of the film.

A rough cut of the film is scheduled for summer 2022, with the premier happening the following year in 2023. However, due to the current pricing of Ether the budget of the film may have been effected!

Source: news.bitcoin

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