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With the launch of GlobianceBANK planned for Q3 of this year, we caught up with CEO of Globiance Oliver Marco La rosa and Co-Founder Irina Mudreac to find out more about how crypto processing is revolutionising the industry

How are you as a company and personally coping with the global COVID crisis?

Our family is doing well. Irina and I enlarged our family with a new baby boy, who is 11 months old now. We’re able to spend more time with our kids and are enjoying a flexible lifestyle. Working from home has become natural for us as well. Our team is spread all over the world, with an active presence in Germany, Malta, UK, Singapore, Turkey, India, Brazil, Australia and Argentina – so we constantly work remotely and as we have many new colleagues, we never feel isolated or bored. In fact, I would say that the crisis has made as much busier, due to the increased adoption of digital currencies.

Compared to your situation in 2019, how has your game plan changed?

We have closed a lot more agreements with banking partners and have ourselves transformed into one. With the difficulties our high-risk clients are facing onboarding to banking solutions we have decided to provide more services directly to provide more services in a seamless experience to our clients. In addition to the European and Singapore platforms we have just set up new platforms in Argentina, Brazil and Australia and plan to launch further platforms soon. We have also decided to open our own bank – GlobianceBANK.

Irina HeaverWho are your clients today?

Today our volume is dominated by business clients. We know most of our clients personally and many were with us from the beginning. We understand that for a business it is not reasonable to write support tickets and wait days for an answer, so we are always available personally and take the time to listen to the wishes of our clients. We provide custom solutions and implement features demanded by our clients. We also provide services to retail clients but they only make up a small percentage of our clientele today.

What can you tell us about the range of services you offer?

Our main business is exchanging Crypto and Fiat currencies. To ease the Crypto to Fiat transfers we offer our own IBAN ranges, also catering to the high-risk industries. We have LT, GB, FR, ES IBANs that we can provide to clients dedicated. We provide also Multi-Currency Wallet accounts in our Singapore EMI. After going through our KYC/KYB procedure our clients enjoy limitless transactions.

“We are still early to the game, with the size of the addressable market estimated to be somewhere in the vicinity of $640 trillion to as high as 1 quadrillion USD of traditional derivatives and financial markets which are set to be disrupted.”

Then we have Individual and Corporate Cards connected to the accounts, which have up to 500,000 Euro monthly limit. Recently we also introduced our Crypto Processing Gateway.

Describe crypto processing and its advantages. How is it revolutionising the industry?

Our crypto processing gateway has been active since April. It was a product that was in high demand with our clients. It basically replaces credit card payment gateways. As you know there are certain risks and disadvantages when you offer credit card payments – card fraud, charge backs, rolling reserve. Now crypto processing is integrated as a checkout option in the same way, but instead of with credit card clients pay with crypto. It can be used by any business but is most effective for high-risk industries. By design there are lower fees, no risk, no rolling reserve and transactions are definite. The product is available in a white-label version for the merchant and seamlessly integrated in his platform. The integration can be done in a short time and there are no setup costs involved.

Payments in crypto are definitely the best solution for high-risk merchants today. We invite all merchants to open a free account and try crypto processing in addition to the current payment gateway. Merchants do not need to worry about the volatility of the received crypto assets as those can be automatically converted to Fiat Currencies. We provide this solution also to other banking and payment services providers.

GlobianceBank – When will it be ready and what additional benefits can the clients expect?

The target date for the Go-Live of the first GlobianceBANK is Q3 this year. Setting up more fully owned banks and banking solutions gives our clients more possibilities to store their funds across multiple accounts and jurisdiction to ensure the safety and accessibility at any time. Besides enabling us to provide more and cost-efficient banking solutions demanded by our high-risk clients it will also allow us to trade securities, so you can expect new features to be added to our platform soon.

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