Exploring the CoinCasso brand

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CoinCasso is leading the way with a fresh platform that combines features of both decentralized and centralized cryptocurrency exchange

CoinCasso is not only a cryptocurrency exchange but also a whole ecosystem of services. In the CoinCasso brand, you will also find Bitcoin ATM’s for buying and selling cryptocurrencies, our CCWallet cryptocurrency wallet, and soon a payment gateway for cryptocurrency payments.

The CoinCasso exchange was created for both beginners and advanced traders. The transparent trading panel makes buying and selling cryptocurrencies extremely easy. Advanced technological solutions protect the security of you and your funds.

CoinCasso is leading the way

Converting fiat money to cryptocurrency is usually the first step of new users into cryptocurrencies. Therefore, CoinCasso provides the option to trade via FIAT currency or a specific digital currency. CoinCasso exchange platform is the best place to trade fiat-crypto pairs.

CoinCasso combines the advantages of a centralized and decentralized exchange in one product. Thanks to this solution, they provide a high level of security, which is ensured by two-factor authentication and Serverless technology.

They also ensures a high level of functionality by full data migration, a well-developed affiliate program, and solutions for advanced traders.

Trading on CoinCasso is transparent and easy thanks to a well-designed interface and configurable panel. They also have a large number of cryptocurrency pairs. Our platform is constantly being improved, and new pairs and tokens are added to the CoinCasso Exchange.

One of the Main features of the CoinCasso Exchange is the App Section where we already have an application called “Long Short” where users can Trade Bitcoin and guess whether the price will be higher or lower in 60 seconds for fast paced high adrenalin trading.

Not only that but we plan on releasing more and more applications where users will be able to play crypto blackjack or crypto roulette.

CoinCasso in the future

CoinCasso is a relatively young platform founded in 2018 and launched in 2020. Since then our user base has been growing rapidly.

One of the main goals of CoinCasso Cryptocurrency exchange is to increase the adoption of crypto all around the world. That’s why we created the Blockchain Academy. What else do we have planned for CoinCasso?

Currently, they are working on the introduction of Margin Trading, which is trading with leverage. It will be a great option to trade with up to 10 x leverage.

The next step is Futures Trading, in which the seller (buyer) undertakes to sell (buy) a fixed amount of an underlying instrument for a strictly defined price within a strictly defined period.

Their users come from all over the world and we see this trend continuing. So our focus will continue to be on growing our reach over the coming years.

CoinCasso also plans the deployment of Bitcoins ATM in every European country.

Completion of work on the mobile application is also planned in the near future. The game-changing app, fully integrated with our exchange platform and ATM Network, working on all mobile devices. It will also allow for quick FIAT currency transfers between their users.

CoinCasso is a very fresh platform that combines features of both decentralized and centralized cryptocurrency exchange, which bodes well for the future.