AIBC Summit’s top five videos of 2019

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Here’s what you loved most on AIBC Summit’s Youtube channel

Our video production team have been a busy crew in 2019, creating 100s of videos to keep you informed about the AI & blockchain sector. As well as having world class speakers giving insights and opinion at our two AIBC Summit events in Malta this year, we’ve also kept in touch with our leading selection of globetrotting AI and blockchain experts on our AIBC Summit Youtube channel.  In addition, we’ve been interviewing our world-beating clients from the sector, getting the inside story on where the industry is headed in the next few years, and how they’re changing the world in the process. We’ve even got our very own Eman Pulis giving his unique insights on the world view, all so you can stay informed about the biggest and best stories in the industry.  You can watch all the videos on our Youtube channel.

To celebrate the New Year and moving into 2020 and a new decade, we’ve pulled together the top 5 most viewed videos that have been liked and shared by our audience.  Dive in and see what everyone’s been talking about…

John McAfee – 158,000 views
AIBC Summit’s most viewed video of 2019 went to John McAfee! McAfee broke the internet and caused a spark among the cryptocurrency community as he changed his Bitcoin price prediction, suggesting that by the end of 2020 one Bitcoin will be valued at $2 million. To find out the reasonings for such a bold estimate, watch the full interview here:


Anthony Pompliano – 21,000 views
Morgan Creek Digital Co-Founder, Anthony Pompliano believes Bitcoin is still king. As the Bitcoin halvening approaches, Anthony gives his reasons why he is more bullish than ever.


Bobby Lee – 16,000 views
Bobby Lee identifies his concern for cryptocurrency traders and investors in this interview. Ballet CEO, Lee introduces a physical cryptocurrency wallet that aims to encourage more newcomers into the digital asset space.


Anthony Pompliano – 12,000 views
During the November 2019 AIBC Summit, Anthony Pompliano took part in a live AMA with our audience. Pompliano shared his thoughts on China launching a digital currency, encouraging the rest of the world to “catch up” The popular Twitter personality also shared his opinion on Libra project and impact it has on the digital payment industry.


Malta AI & Blockchain Summit Nov. Day – 2, 10,000 views
The final day of the Malta AI& Blockchain Summit, Summer 2019 host a stellar line up of industry experts. The conference hall filled to hear the leading voice in AI – Ben Goertzel speak. Let’s not forget one of the most anticipated panels of 2019, Tone Vays and Roger Ver debate on the real Bitcoin.

About AIBC Summit:

AIBC Summit is the emerging tech destination for leading brands in the sector, held in both Malta and Manila.  The event brings together thought leaders in the blockchain and AI space.  Join us at the first edition of Manila AIBC Summit, the future tech event of the year, set to take place on the 08-09 June 2020.