Reuters and Synthesia reveal AI video report

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UK-based AI video startup Synthesia along with Reuters unveiled world’s first automated presenter-led video sport report

By combining real video footage of a presenter and AI technology, international news organization Reuters and software company Synthesia have created a fully-programmable virtual presenter. The final result is the first presenter-led video sport report in the world. The intention of this prototype is to show the potential for future real-time news and information services presented using AI based systems.

Nick Cohen, global head of product, core news services, Reuters.

Nick Cohen, global head of product, core news services, Reuters, said: “Reuters has long been at the forefront of exploring the potential of new technologies to deliver news and information. This kind of prototyping is helping us to understand how AI and synthetic media can be combined with our real-time feeds of photography and reporting to create whole new kinds of products and services.”

The anchorman delivers the results and summaries of different matches. The whole newscast is created thanks to AI, as well as the script, editing and production, carried out by the same software. All the data used comes from real world examples.

Reuters also uses this data and AI technology to automatically create match summary captioned videos for use in social media and public display.

Victor Riparbelli, CEO and Co-founder, Synthesia, said: “We’re excited to partner with Reuters, one of the world’s most trusted news organisations, to demonstrate the potential of synthetic media technologies to deliver real-time, personalised news to consumers. AI-generated content will be a cornerstone of the media landscape in the coming decade and we are pleased to be at the forefront of developing new products and experience alongside industry leaders such as Reuters.”

The development of this technology would make it possible to create a summary for every match as soon as it ends and deliver it worldwide instantly. Even though Cohen said that at this moment the prototype is being used only in football matches, he has also considered the possibility of deploying it at a scale in other topics that don’t include sports, what would change the definition of reports as we know them today.

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