One-stop-shop for digital privacy: The DTSocialize Ecosystem and its Community

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In an interview with SiGMA’s own Yanni Collins, DTSocialize’s CEO & Founder, Daniele Marinelli, relays the firm’s plans to spearhead the ability for the Community members to protect their own data and their ecosystem’s ambitions in the Metaverse

When referring to their vision, CEO Daniele Marinelli talks about how data has become the virtual currency of the future and how the massive Big Tech companies have been gaining more and more revenues from the monetization of this information through advertising.

That’s why I started to think about creating a global community of people able to use social communications services that were encrypted using the same cryptography of Bitcoin. For instance, we have a messaging app, called Uup Messenger that actually uses the same technology of Bitcoin to encrypt all the communication that you transmit through it. So my point was: let’s start providing people the choice to keep their data for themselves or to opt for sharing them within the ecosystem they joined. In this last case people could get rewarded for the data they share instead of being the source and the target of marketing campaigns without earning one cent.

DTSocialize Digital Privacy

The ecosystem was the primary method of enabling the DT community and formed the crux of the next phase of DTSocialize’s expansion. If data coming from the use of apps and social network can be valuable, how much so the ones that are released using credit cards or other financial services? And noting how the community were requesting different services that benefit from the firm’s aim to protect their client’s data or to reward users for sharing them, the team started to build up a new set of capabilities of the firm. This brought integrating payment solutions and FinTech services alongside social communications apps and tools. This being said, Daniele Marinelli reiterated:

We don’t want to be called FinTech. What we aim at doing is providing people with a good range of services, all of them centered on people’s right on their own data. And with our FinTech offer, we want to create a bridge between the classic banking world, including asset management, and new payment technologies and instruments. We’d like to fill a still existing gap in the current banking system and help people to exchange crytpo into fiat or crypto into crypto easily and using all the standard procedures of AML, KYC and compliance.

Moving towards their visions and plans for the future, Marinelli shows that DTSocialize is nothing if not ambitious.

The goal is to have one digital ID that allows everybody to access the whole range of services in our ecosystem and the id will be based on a clear preliminary identification process to get it.

DTSocialize Digital Privacy
Data is the lifeblood of tomorrow’s tech and measures need to be taken to protect it.

Because the founder is a bit of a visionary, he started to work on the Metaverse two years ago.

For him metaverse is not a game and it is not just virtual reality for gaming. It offers infinite potential and in his opinion can be the natural evolution of the web as we know it.

According to Daniele,

The social networks and the websites will be subject to profound transformation because of the integration into the metaverse and thanks to a very different experience you can make there. But this is only the tip of the classical iceberg. Let’s try to imagine how the world of online shopping could change when in the metaverse … an environment in which the avatar can move around in stores, choose and try products, get advice from AI who will interact with us to choose the best product. Or again, how participation in online meetings, conferences, reports, business presentations will change. I believe that we are only at the beginning of all this and that imagination only is the limit in this new world.

Rather than the more leisurely activities envisioned by other metaverses, this iteration of the Metaverse would be symbiotic to the real physical world rather than an alternative to it. Marinelli particularly elaborated on the potential of metaverse-powered education as a field with bountiful potential.

Take out the barriers of the world and people will be able to attend lessons from any university on the planet. If you think about people with mobility problems or chronic illness, they would be able to access things like museums in another continent just by opening their doors to us through our Metaverse.

In terms of their current position, Marinelli illustrated the fact that this ambitious vision was being built on their incredible accomplishments so far.  They have a global community of over 700,000 people who frequently use their services, all in an impressively short time frame. Their ability to provide the best of both worlds and allow a massive community to benefit from vital services in completely new ways puts them far ahead of the curve.

DTSocialize Digital Privacy
A realistic Metaverse may liberate users from physical limitations in ways unbeforeseen.

Going even further and with the potential of the metaverse just now being unfurled, The CEO noted that they envisioned entire economies and business ecologies flourishing in the metaverse being put forward by DTSocialize.

We’ll start to create opportunities for any shops, retailers, anyone to be in our metaverse and be able to provide their products and services to people. We also want to open up to universities, training centers, museums and anyone that would be interested in opening their doors to people wherever they are.

Finally, when elicited on any plans DTSocialize may have in the near future, Marinelli spoke at length about how 2022 is going to be the year of the metaverse with a significant portion of their resources going towards it. Other than that, the firm will continue to grow and consolidate its community and provide them with premium quality services.

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