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In an interview with Kyle Galea, the President of Catalunya’s Blockchain Association and emerging tech aficionado Virignia Mijes Martin spoke about what we should come to expect in the very near future.

With the Industrial Revolution 4.0 being one of the most prominent yet nebulous terms being used to describe the disruptive industries of the future, how do you think the growing digital revolution will affect the economy to come?

Modern technologies and revolutionary innovations have greatly altered the nature of production and trade, both nationally and internationally. Disruptive technologies such as Blockchain are applicable to all industries and sectors with cross-cutting and global applications being the basis of the new architecture of the future. Examples include providing greater transparency and security in trade, along with the assurance that scheduled contracts are reliably executed while goods and services are paid for with digitally verified registration.

Social media, devices and decentralization are the authors of the digital transformation. The evolution of Industry 4.0 technologies: AI, VR, IoT , robotics ect, are applied to the value chain of companies that are transnational as these new disruptive technologies are inherently decentralized. In the end, it is the convergence between exporters and importers, manufacturers and consumers and in public-private relationships that impacts global trade.

The key issue is to acquire information about markets and potential partners in collaboration to create new products. In both the financial sector as in DeFi as in emerging industries such as Gaming, empowering new creative ways of monetization for all actors supports decentralization.

Are certain sectors going to be more affected than others? Which cutting edge technologies do you think will have the most significant effect and why?

There are some sectors such as the health sector that are going to advance by decades of research and development through experimentation in the Metaverse. The education sector is going to be transformed with the creation of talent profiles nonexistent until now. The need for multidiverse, decentralized and multicultural techno-hybrid teams are the new definition of talent.

In another example, the energy sector is completely transforming towards a technological framework that drives innovation in sustainability, or even in the tokenization of energy or the potential of technology in traceability and carbon reduction.

Although for me, the gaming sector is going to be the most prominently changed. The model has shifted towards gaming-to-earn and, more importantly, towards gaming platforms being used for business not just for leisure. In this sector, we have talent already leaning towards decentralization and with great knowledge in technical development that is also very collaborative when it comes to sharing knowledge, so it will lay a spectacular foundation for all the growth of the new digital era.

As a brand ambassador for the SiGMA Group, Virginia also graced Malta Week 2021 with an interview about her ambitions with the Summits.

What role would emerging industries such as NFTs and the Metaverse have in this?

Non-fungible tokens have revolutionized sectors from sports, fashion, art to even real estate. NFTs are now a new source of revenue with the potential for billions
in growth in the industry being unstoppable.

In 2022 we will see the virtual economy of the metaverse. The value of the metaverse is in community, enterprise and its investors. It sits on the foundation of creating physical and virtual identities where work, play, socialization, investment and the global ecosystem are at its core and across all sectors.

Democratized decentralization, new products and services are a transition that triggers the metaverse. Adoption will be and is based on the architecture of game developers.

Platforms will include virtual labs, creative business models, avatars, NFTs and Dapps. The focus will be on playing to win, collecting, socializing and generating content. There even sectors such as TV, Music, Media and many others that will have their spaces and creations.

What would a modern enterprise need to succeed in the economy of the future?

Being disruptive. We are facing a window of opportunity for the creation of new markets that will impact sectors across the board. The Digitisation of physical and virtual identities, finance where the globality of society participates, technology that bursts into new decentralized architectures, new digital products or services, accelerated developments and collaborative investments that see in technology companies a lever for immediate and future growth.

Modern companies are no longer local, they are multicultural and without barriers when it comes to sharing knowledge. They must have autonomy and the vision to create competitive companies with a vision of the future, liquid, under the paradigm of interconnectivity , sustainable and with a great capacity to react holistically.

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