Ikigai Ventures welcomes two new investment veterans as Partners

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As a UK-based seed-stage venture fund that seeks to invest in start-ups from industries as diverse as gaming, blockchain, fintech and psychedelics; Ikigai Ventures is excited to announce the onboarding of two new partners; Vinícius Moraes de Carvalho and Daniele Calzolari

Composed of a diverse board of investors drawn from legal, Blockchain, iGaming and venture capital backgrounds, Ikigai Ventures keeps its mission to act as a launchpad for transformative and disruptive start-ups close to heart.

When asked to elaborate on the Fund, General Partner Eman Pulis elaborated that “the SiGMA Group’s place at the core of a growing network of tech professionals, visionaries, entrepreneurs, investors and industry leaders gifts us with the perfect ecosystem for a VC fund that can be a vanguard for the future. We are more than happy to welcome both of these seasoned investors to our board.”

It does this not only by providing crucial capital at the seed-stage but also by allowing these nascent firms to tap into the wealth of contacts and experience that the board of investors possess over their several decades of experience within their own areas. To this end, Ikigai has welcomed two new partners to add their own wealth of experience to the board of investors.

Moraes possesses over ten years of experience working as an investor and operator at the crossroads between finance and technology. He has been an active VC investor, leading funds in Europe and Latin America. He holds an MBA from ESADE, a prestigious educational institute based in Barcelona.

Comments on joining Ikigai Ventures:

In an interview, he stated that he was looking forward to the experience.

I’m thrilled to be joining Ikigai Ventures. I think our thesis is well-structured and aligned with today’s current challenges and opportunities. Moreover, our added value as a trustworthy partner goes way beyond the usual portfolio activities. I do believe any founder will benefit tremendously from Ikigai Ventures.

Daniele is a seasoned VC veteran with a passion for fueling the next generation of start-ups. He covers and spearheads end-to-end investment cycles and provides strategic support to portfolio entrepreneurs. When not engaged in this, he also lectures at the Instituto De Empresa Business School and has even advised the European Commission in terms of climate financing. He holds an MBA and a MSc in Aerospace Engineering.

When asked to comment, he elaborated that

During 2021 for the first time European VC investments crossed €100 billion. The ecosystem is getting hot and more specialised funds are required to support entrepreneurs with industry experience. Ikigai Ventures is well positioned to make a difference and I am glad to join this team to support entrepreneurs and investors to achieve their targets.

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