Expert’s insight into IoT and AI with Professor Alexiei Dingli

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In this interview-style article, we sit down with Professor Alexei Dingli, a renowned expert in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT). Professor Alexiei Dingli sheds light on the fascinating world of IoT and its ever-expanding applications in our daily lives and industries. From smart toasters to AI-driven farming, we explore how IoT is shaping the future.

LH: What exactly is the Internet of Things (IoT), and how does it work in simple terms?

Professor Dingli: IoT, or the Internet of Things, is about connecting everyday objects and devices to the internet. These objects, like toasters, fridges, and even cars, can send and receive data without needing human input. They become “smart” and can be controlled remotely or provide valuable information.

LH: Can you give us some practical examples of how IoT is currently being used in our daily lives?

Professor Dingli: Sure, a few common examples are washing machines as they can now diagnose issues and update their software, coffee machines can start brewing when you wake up, faulty lightbulbs can order replacements and mobile apps can help track pets’ locations.

LH:  IoT seems to have a significant impact on efficiency. Can you explain how it’s making things more efficient in various sectors?

Professor Dingli: Absolutely. IoT is revolutionizing efficiency in numerous ways. To name a few:

  • Smart bins alert garbage collectors when they’re full, saving time and resources.
  • Smart parking sensors help drivers find available spaces, reducing traffic congestion.
  • IoT sensors in factories optimize machine performance, aided by AI.
  • Traffic management uses IoT cameras and sensors to adjust lights and lanes for smoother flow.


LH: What can we expect in the future as IoT continues to evolve?

Professor Dingli: The possibilities are boundless, for example connected cars will provide real-time road information and enhance safety. RFID tagging will streamline inventory management, reducing theft. IoT and robots will transform farming with precision and yield optimization. Healthcare will utilize IoT sensors for 24/7 patient monitoring, aided by AI for quick alerts.


IoT, as explained by Professor Alexei Dingli, is not just a story about toasters going surfing but a reality reshaping our world. With its low entry cost and limitless benefits, IoT is driving our devices to become smarter, more efficient, and better for everyone. As we journey into the future, the Internet of Things promises to bring us more innovations and improvements in various aspects of our lives.

AIBC spoke with Professor Alexiei Dingli, an expert in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI). He is Professor of AI at the University of Malta. With over two decades of dedicated research and practical experience in AI, he has emerged as a leading authority in this rapidly evolving domain. His invaluable contributions extend beyond academia. Professor Dingli has actively collaborated with various companies, offering his expertise to implement cutting-edge AI solutions. His work has won him international acclaim and his exceptional achievements have not gone unnoticed, as he his work has been cited both locally and internationally. He also won prestigious awards from institutions such as the European Space Agency, the World Intellectual Property Organization and the United Nations, among others. His commitment to advancing the AI sector is further evidenced by his extensive portfolio of peer-reviewed publications. Professor Dingli’s research has consistently pushed the boundaries of AI knowledge, contributing significantly to the global AI community. Professor Dingli plays a pivotal role in the Malta.AI task-force, a strategic initiative initiated by the Maltese government. This task-force is dedicated to positioning Malta as a prominent player in the realm of Artificial Intelligence, striving to make it one of the foremost AI countries on the world stage. With an illustrious career marked by groundbreaking research, international recognition, and a commitment to fostering AI innovation, Professor Alexiei Dingli continues to shape the landscape of Artificial Intelligence, inspiring future generations and pushing the boundaries of what is possible in this exciting field.

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