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In the competitive sector of boutique UK advisory firms, Robey Warshaw has once again demonstrated its prowess, with co-founder Sir Simon Robey (above in photo), securing a substantial £20.4 million payday in the latest financial year.

This remarkable compensation demonstrates Robey Warshaw’s position as a leading player in European dealmaking, managing the complexities of mergers and acquisitions with unparalleled success.

Global downturn

Despite a global downturn in dealmaking that has seen major financial institutions trim bonuses and shed staff, Robey Warshaw has defied the odds. The firm’s annual accounts, released recently, reveal a 5.7 percent surge in operating profits to £31.8 million for the year ending March 2023.

Against the backdrop of a challenging economic climate, Robey Warshaw’s ability to generate robust returns is a testament to the requirements of a resilient team with strategic acumen.

Deals included acquisition of Silicon Valley Bank 

Robey Warshaw’s success is further illuminated by its involvement in pivotal deals, including the £2.5 billion acquisition of Chelsea Football Club, United Health Group’s £1.2 billion purchase of health information supplier EMIS, and HSBC’s £1 rescue deal to acquire Silicon Valley Bank UK.

Advisory for Microsoft’s purchase of Activision 

The firm’s influence extends beyond national borders, with pivotal roles in transactions such as Microsoft’s $75 billion purchase of Activision, successfully navigating regulatory hurdles to secure approval in October.

Sir Simon Robey’s £20.4 million payday underscores not only individual success but also the collective achievements of Robey Warshaw’s founding partners.

Since its inception in 2013, the firm, led by industry veterans Simon Warshaw and Philip Apostolides, has consistently delivered exceptional results. Former Chancellor George Osborne, who joined as a partner in 2021, has proven instrumental in tackling mandates entangled in government and policy intricacies, exemplified by his role in the Chelsea FC deal.

As a limited liability partnership, Robey Warshaw’s financial structure positions it uniquely, with each partner responsible for their own tax obligations. The firm’s commitment to equitable compensation is evident, with employees experiencing a substantial increase in total wages from £6.7 million to £9.4 million, reflecting the shared success and growth within the organization.

During times where economic uncertainties prevail, Robey Warshaw stands out as a beacon of stability in the B2B financial services sector.


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