AIBC Europe Summit opens its doors to a bustling first day

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After long months of hard work and eager anticipation, the AIBC Europe Summit has returned to Malta’s shores. Across the MFCC and the luxurious Hilton Hotel at Saint Julians, Malta Week has welcomed 25,000 delegates, who got to enjoy days of conferences and networking. 

VNTR Capital Breakfast and morning conference

The first day has been kicked-off by the VNTR Capital Breakfast, where delegates got the opportunity to connect and discuss the latest tech trends with active Venture Capital investors, business angels, and HNWI.

The conference has been going since 9:30 and has occurred across two stages. At the Grandmaster Stage, the topics included insights on 2022 trends, as well as what to expect of 2023. TradeFi has also been discussed, with the spotlight eventually dropping on Crypto and Blockchain trends in between bull cycles.

AIBC Europe 2022 at the Hilton Hotel Grand Master Suite, Malta.

While improvements are definitely in the pipeline for Crypto wallets and transactions, you can totally expect more regulation as well; governments wanting more control after the recent Crypto disasters – Pietro Lanza, Banks and Insurances Director at IBM

At the Vilhena Stage, the focus is on Web3, gaming and development oriented towards incorporation of the Metaverse.

AIBC Europe 2022 at the Hilton Hotel Vilhena Suite, Malta.

Investments, Venture Capital and the AIBC Europe Startup Pitch

Carefully crafted, the agenda of the day has been strategically organised to get as many VC Funds in one room as possible for the AIBC Startup Pitch. Prioritising quality and maximum visibility for the pitches, the competitors took to the Grandmaster Stage in a gruelling display of exciting ideas.

Raising money is one thing. The question to ask as a founder is whether your investor is going to be there for you when things go south – Saeed Aldarmaki, Founder and CEO of Sheesha Finance

Pitches that took to the stage included innovative ideas for the GameFi, SocialFi Crypto, Blockchain and EdTech sectors, including next-stage Crypto wallets and payment methods. The day’s champions turned out to be Encore Fans, who won the AIBC Pitch trophy with their software idea aimed towards turning identity into an asset of mutual benefit to users and brands.

Encore Fans, AIBC Europe 2022 Pitch winners!

The AIBC Europe Pitch featured a panel of handpicked judges with expertise spread across a variety of fields. Included were the legendary Blockchain pioneer Scott Stornetta and the Malta Digital Innovation Authority’s CTO, Efrem Borg.

The Startup Pitch was then followed by a Startup crash course, a 101-conference led by experts with key insights on investment and kickstarting your pitch ideas. Advice was given on storytelling and branding, fundraising and team building.

This part of the conference included a speech by Hon. Silvio Schembri, Malta’s Minister for the Economy, EU Funds and Lands:

Now more than ever we can safely say that Malta was at the vanguard of this digital revolution. Our resolve to keep Malta at the heart of innovative tech in many ways – regulatory, economic, educational – remains steady.

Hon. Silvio Schembri at the AIBC Europe Summit.

Up next!

After a busy morning and afternoon, delegates are invited to join the Networking Drinks event at the Hilton’s Quarterdeck. The VIP Dinner, generously sponsored by Ikigai Ventures, Revoland and Xerof, will take place right after, at 19:30 at The Terrace, Westin.

Last, but definitely not the least, the night will be taken over by an exciting line-up of DJs, for an incredible concert that is set to last late into the night. The AIBC Official Malta Week Concert will be taking place at the Hilton’s extravagant Grandmaster’s Suite, from 22:00 onwards.

Get ready for Med-Tech World!

The annual Malta Week iteration of Med-Tech World will be opening its doors tomorrow, Thursday 17th. The agenda is tightly packed with the brightest minds from the healthcare industry, with topics covered ranging from AI in Medicine to the incorporation of Digital Health.

Med-Tech World will be occurring alongside its sister AIBC Summit at the Hilton Hotel. Don’t miss out!

AIBC Europe is back bolder than ever!

2022 has been a bustling year. Following major success in Dubai, Toronto and Belgrade, Malta Week has returned to rock the island awake from its Autumn-blues stupor. KOL-led conferences, luxurious nightly festivities and a gripping pitch competition, Malta Week is the location to be for the latest developments from the major emerging tech industries. Benefit from all this and premium networking opportunities by hopping onto the bandwagon and getting your ticket now!

The AIBC Europe Summit is taking place between the 16th and 19th of November at the Hilton Hotel, Saint Julians, Malta.