Platforming the Future: Top 5 Panels from the AIBC Summit

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Always going above and beyond to platform the conversations that will make or break tomorrow’s economy, the AIBC panels act to spark discussion amongst the leading minds of Deep Tech. Below you may find a sample of some of the most pertinent and inspiring discussions at our previous summits to set the stage for the grand American debut in Toronto this June

Top 5 panels leading the charge on the Industrial Revolution 4.0

5.) The Reality of Cybercrime: Fact vs Fiction

In an AIBC Europe 2021 panel, two of the leading voices in emerging tech discuss how cyber-attacks are compromising company operations and what can be done to avoid this. The two speakers are Steven Walbroehl, the Chief Security Officer and Co-Founder of Halborn and Kate Baucherel, Digital Strategist of Galia Digital, whilst being moderated by Yahya Mohamed Mao, the Chief Marketing Officer of Misanto AG.

Halborn focuses on cybersecurity with a specific eye towards cybersecurity on the Blockchain, the area being deeply pertinent given the constant influx of high profile hacks targeting even the most mainstream cryptocurrency exchanges.

Since 2017, hackers have gotten away with over $2 billion in bitcoin by exploiting blockchains’ inherent vulnerabilities…One line of code would be in the wrong spot and all of a sudden millions of dollars of liquidity would be extracted.

Kate Baucherel, as an emerging tech consultant specializing on DLT and Blockchain, noted how the vulnerabilities are still novel and that the ecosystem as a whole was still in its naissance. Hence growing pains such as this were to be expected.

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4.) Blockchain As The Solution For Charity Donation Transparency

Hosted at AIBC Malta 2021, the panel initially centered around legacy charities and their inefficiencies when scaled. This later moved towards new and emerging charity ventures who are utilizing novel techniques to disrupt the process.

The panel itself consisted of Sir Verlin Sanciangco and Richard Buettner, the Chief Investment Officer and Ambassador of the Ruby Family Office respectively, as well as Brian McGinty, the Marketing Advisor at CryptoPerformance. The panel itself constituted a deep dive into all of the use-cases that Blockchain had in modern philanthropy.

Verlin himself elaborate deeply on both his own disappointment with legacy philanthropic models with;

It’s pretty heartbreaking that sometimes foundations will put 2 percent of your money to the actual mission. The rest goes to the management and personnel.

As well as on his current initiatives within the space, stating that;

So the foundation will be blockchain based, fully transparent, and we want this foundation to be allocating 100% of the funds to the actual and the 0% goes to the personnel and the management.

We’re able to feed a pretty good number of families every single day and we want to expand this operation to thousands of families. Hopefully it can be done pretty fast and we’re pretty proud of this one.

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3.) Akon, Dustin Plantholt and Jon Karas on the future of Africa

During a fireside chat at Malta Week 2021, three of the leading figures in Blockchain impact investing discuss crypto’s potential in Sub-Saharan Africa and how Blockchain-empowered smart cities could be the future of urban living. These three are the Count of Monte Crypto Dustin Plantholt, Co-Founder and President of Akoin Jon Karas and Akon himself.

Akon’s philanthropy covered everything from education to renewable energy, his philanthropic and entrepreneurial efforts had touched several different sectors in countries such as Kenya, Capo Verde, Liberia and many many more. However, his flagship product has always been Akon City. This fully renewable Blockchain-integrated city would serve as both a metropole for Senegalese investment as well as a template for further progress in the region and beyond.

The star and philanthropist himself had much to say about the future of the continent as a whole.

I always believed that blockchain was going to save Africa. Unfortunately, the infrastructure that was built just never was sustainable enough for it to grow. Then unfortunately, because of all of the conflicts, there was a lot of corruption. So I always felt that blockchain will completely erase that.

As we were touring a couple of years back talking about blockchain, it just became such a very complex conversation when you’re talking to non coders and non tech savvy people. So you have to speak and basically basic terms for people to really understand what that is. But as time started to progress, crypto’s coming in and more people are starting to understand more about it.

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2.) Ubuntu and combining morality with technology with Her Majesty Queen Diambi

Moderated by the excellent Dustin Plantholt, Her Royal Highness Queen Diambi spoke about the need to focus on the “why” behind technological sophistication rather than solely on the “how.”

Many people don’t know that in Africa, the Congo specifically, we had been doing mathematics for 25 thousand years. Another amazing work from Africa was the foundation of information technology with the binary code coming out of Africa. Many discoveries in science, mathematics, trigonometry, arithmetic, medicine and technology that came from Africa are yet to be given credit to.

During the panel, Her Majesty spoke in depth pertaining to the role that Blockchain had in this growing pool of potential.

Blockchain is an interesting and innovative technology but it’s not a new concept. In Africa, most of our civilizations were built upon the principles that are now driven by Blockchain which is really about the decentralization of the decision-making process and the ownership of information.

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1.) Eradicating Global Poverty through the Blockchain with Daven Michaels

In an electrifying keynote, world-renowned speaker and eternal entrepreneur Daven Michaels showcases how the Blockchain could be a groundbreaking tool in the fight against poverty

Noting the powerful role Blockchain could have in this transformation, Daven Michaels noted that the technology served both horizontal and vertical purposes. Vertically, Blockchain allowed even smallholder farmers to benefit from visibility in a more decentralized world-order. Horizontally, Blockchain allowed for reactive and innovative institutions that could protect entrepreneurs.

This is what I call Institutions 2.0 and Blockchains are fuel for Institutions 2.0. The ease of creation and execution of smart contracts, the security is there and the validators will go for the best contracts.

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AIBC Americas debuts in Toronto:

Following the massive success that was AIBC Asia, the Summit’s first ever physical debut in the Americas is set to take Toronto by storm this June. Uniting the best and brightest in the emerging tech world, AIBC Americas will feature leading policy makers, executives, technologists and visionaries in groundbreaking areas such as AI, Blockchain and Quantum Computing. The Summit will be composed of three days of thought-leading panels, inspiring keynotes and a massive amount of opportunities to network, leaving our delegates several steps closer to the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Join us from the 6th till the 9th of June in Toronto!

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