Deep Tech Thought: Top topics at AIBC Belgrade

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The AIBC Summit has always prided itself on being a global hub for innovation, technological foresight and proactive entrepreneurship. From combining the leading minds in the Deep Tech space to empowering visionary-led projects in the areas of IoT, Blockchain, AI, Quantum computing and more, the Summit has always served as a nexus of discussion and debate. This year, our inaugural summit in Belgrade will platform some of the leading minds in the space to discuss some of the most exciting topics in Deep Tech.

Deep Tech Thought: Top topics at AIBC Belgrade

Spread out over two days, the Conference is set to cover a series of the most vital areas of technological innovation in both the digital and physical worlds. Spread over five thematic agendas, the Summit will use Belgrade’s thriving ecosystem of developers and technical innovators to platform pertinent discussions on:

  • DeFi & Payments
  • Web3 & The Metaverse
  • Blockchain Regulation, Crypto Innovation & Cybersecurity
  • NFTs and Crypto Trends
  • And Emerging Technologies & The Future of AI


For the rest of the article, we’ll be going over these agendas to see the questions tackled and the minds behind the future of the global economy as a whole.

DeFi & Payments: Tomorrow’s finance

From Mass Adoption to building in a bear market, this agenda will provide a glimpse into the next generation of payment strategies and micro-economics. With finance being the lifeblood of any industry as well as a pillar for adoption as a whole, the discussion on crypto’s place in the global financial ecosystem as well as the presence of new players such as neobanks and DAOs is of vital importance.

Luckily enough, we will be guided through this journey by leading figures from ventures such as Brickken, 100xPartners, Unigrid and many many more through keynotes and panels illuminating the role of Tomorrow’s money.

Web3 & The Metaverse: Bridging the physical and the digital

With the Metaverse being one of the hottest topics in the ecosystem, the lattice of interrelated technologies (AR, VR, Web3, Blockchain and more) that will serve as the foundation for the next generation of the internet will take center-stage at AIBC’s Belgrade show. From leading technologists showing our luckiest delegates how the netizens of the future will be able to interface with cyberspace in new and exciting ways to the future of entertainment, anyone with a foot in digital assets will want to stay tuned for this.

From the pioneers and engineers of the Metaverse to entrepreneurs in the Web3 space, our speakers have come from all four corners of the Earth and cyberspace to share their insights with our delegates.

Blockchain Regulation, NFTs and the future of DLT

At the forefront of innovation, Blockchain and DLT technology as whole represent a disruptive force in a wide portfolio of industries. From medical technology to data sovereignty, the ongoing wave of mass adoption stands to leave nothing untouched with regulation and legal reform taking center stage in this year’s Belgrade summit.

Covering issues such as the legal potential of DAOs to value investing in digital assets, our handpicked selection of industry leaders will drive the debate on the future of Blockchain forward. From Metaverse architects to leading DLT lawyers, the Belgrade Summit will bridge today’s bear market with tomorrow’s bull run.

Emerging technology and the future of AI:

With the Industrial Revolution 4.0 underway, the role of Deep Tech has never been more fundamental in the future of society. From the incoming AI revolution to the disruptive arms race between Quantum Computing and Blockchain security, the economy of tomorrow might not resemble anything we may be used to today. Therefore, AIBC’s thought leadership could bridge the knowledge gap between what we know, what we don’t know and what we don’t know that we don’t know.

Some of the leading technologists from across the world will be front and center at AIBC Belgrade to shine a light on the latest advances in Artificial Intelligence and its use-cases, the power of IoT and the latest quantum leaps in Quantum Computing.

Join us in AIBC Belgrade, Serbia from the 22-25th August:

With the peninsula being known for its natural beauty, rich cultural landscape and fantastic delicacies, the Balkans are renowned for having some of the most quintessentially Mediterranean vistas and experiences. From the Adriatic coastline of Split to the fairytale-esque castle of Lake Bled, the region has a lot to offer the world. This being said, something that fewer may know is the fact that the nations of the Balkans are incubating a nascent but powerfully growing technical expertise when it comes to frontier technology such as Blockchain, GameFi, AI and more. Therefore the region may not only be a rich adventure into the past but my also serve as a window into the very near future.

Join us in Belgrade for the best the industry has to offer and for a window into the future of Deep Tech. To learn more about sponsorship and speaking opportunities or to inquire about attending the event, please contact Sophie at [email protected]. If you’re interested in being one of leading speakers for Belgrade, contact [email protected]

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