Malta Week has summitted the pinnacle of tech innovation

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Tonight, we’ve wrapped up the electric AIBC Europe and Med-Tech World Summits. With their culmination at the luxurious Med-Tech Awards Night comes a close to Malta Week 2022.

And what a week it has been! From the 14th to the 18th of November, delegates, investors and the future’s entrepreneurs have flocked to Malta in the middle of the Mediterranean

Conferencing the technology of the future

Malta at the forefront of digital and medical innovation

Hon. Silvio Schembri alongside Hon. Robert Abela at Malta Week.

Both the AIBC Europe and Med-Tech World Summits saw numerous visits from some of the leading Maltese policy makers. It was of crucial importance to see the path Malta is taking towards innovating the future of its citizens.

“Diversification remains the key to a healthy economy. It is only through the creation and strengthening of new and innovative niches that we can attract foreign direct investment and sustain economic success.” Hon. Silvio Schembri, Malta’s Minister for the Economy, EU Funds and Lands.

Malta is pushing major healthcare developments on Europe, from eLabelling to continued improvement of our many digital services assisting healthcare providers and innovating patient care. – Hon. Chris Fearne, Malta’s Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Health.

mdia-aibc malta
Kenneth Brincat, CEO of the Malta Department of Innovation (MDIA).

Kenneth Brincat, CEO of the Malta Department of Innovation (MDIA) elaborated on the need for a solid framework and tools to support positive growth – without hindering innovation. “To see continued growth, it is crucial that we empower creators and users of such technology with appropriate regulation.”

Prof. Scott Stornetta sifts through the Crypto fog left behind by recent scandals

Scott Stornetta, Partner and Chief Scientist at Yugen Partners.

The ‘father of Blockchain’ hit our stage with some controversial yet highly relevant insights on the recent FTX and related Crypto/Blockchain debacles.

“Scandals such as the FTX fiasco prove there is a collision between the ideals of what Blockchain can accomplish and how it ends up being used in the real world.”


Investment and VC Conference

1,000 investors from 80 countries have united to create the future of frontier technology in gaming, blockchain & medicine at Malta Week. The AIBC Europe Summit featured a panel dedicated to investments and VC funds in the emerging tech sectors.

aibc panel-malta
Founders Cal Evans and On Yavin.

“Diversify your investor relationships and build them before your start fundraising.” Cal Evans, Managing Associate at Gresham International.

“Do not lie to the founders, pump up their dreams and promise them the moon. Investors are not managing the dream. They are only providing the funds.” On Yavin, Founder and Managing Partner of Cointelligence Fund.

Celebrating genius across four stellar nights

Hosted by Rick Goddard and Jessica Walker, the AIBC Awards got off to a good start last night with some big names taking home trophies, while a bidding war during the charitable auction raised some much-needed funds for the SiGMA Foundation’s charitable projects. Later on in the evening the Luxarcana Dancers hit the stage with a stunning light show.

Med-Tech Awards also took place at the Hilton Hotel, leading the celebration for medical innovation and digital healthcare.

A number of other networking events took place over the week, from VIP dinners to the AIBC Party headlined by the legendary Rick Ross.

Setting the stage for tomorrow’s breakthrough tech

Encore Fans’ Mike Sorgenfrei, CEO and Co-Founder

The AIBC Europe Summit hosted not one but two pitch competitions. Both of these competitions were SiGMA Group’s way of giving back to the startup community.

Encore Fans were chosen as the AIBC Europe Pitch champions last Wednesday. With today’s brands spending over $50 billion to collect 3rd party user data, Encore are working hard to revolutionise the brand-user relationship by providing brands with the ability to directly reward users in exchange for their data.

Yesterday, Arena Games claimed the GameFi Pitch trophy. Their pitch was to provide a holistic Web3 infrastructure, connecting mobile games, traditional games, developers and players, focusing on simplicity and security.

Victorious Marie Giorgobiani, Arena Games COO

Similarly, the Med-Tech Pitch is the premium opportunity for healthtech startups to display their ideas in front of experts and gain recognition. Implandata have been crowned the Med-Tech Pitch champions at the Hilton Hotel, Malta.

“In healthcare in general, but especially for eye doctors, innovation is the primary driving force. Of course, everyone is looking for the best solution to improving patient care.” Max G. Ostermeier, CEO of Implandata and winner of the Med-Tech Europe Pitch.

Max G. Ostermeier, CEO of Implandata.

Farewell 2022, welcome 2023!

That’s a wrap on 2022, and what a terrific year it has been! We at SiGMA Group are incredibly grateful to all the delegates, collaborators, sponsors and of course, the core team itself whose hard work and support is crucial to hosting the landmark quality events everyone has come to associate with the name SiGMA.

That being said, the world keeps on turning, and so shall the wheels of this event-hosting machine that was kickstarted in 2014. Coming right up is SiGMA Group’s premier event into Africa, with Nairobi 2023 set for next January. Visit our webpage for more information!