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An exclusive interview with Andre Xuereb

Andre Xuereb, Associate Professor at the University of Malta  talks to the Malta A.I. and Blockchain Summit about  the push towards building a quantum tech marketplace in Malta. “There’s a bit of a hype fest around quantum computers, but there’s a lot of money being poured into them to get them working. I would say in the next couple of years we’ll probably see something being sold which is probably faster than any other computer – it will be a specific purpose quantum computer working alongside a supercomputer that does something quicker.” “The biggest problem is distance, I can give you an ultra secure link as long as the 2 points aren’t’ further away than 150 kilometres, which for a big country is a problem, but for us over here it’s not such a big problem. The idea is to recognise that we have the strength and to build the world’s first market in this and be the first movers.”
Watch the full interview below: