Manila technology project announced for Smart City

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During a business and entrepreneur conference organised by the Czech Chamber of Commerce and the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry that took place in the Fairmont Hotel in Makati City this week, Smart Citi Teknologi (SCT) signed a  memorandum of understanding with Czech-based company Tesla Smart Technologies (TST) to build a smart city in Manila.

The CEOs of the two companies, Mario Marcos for SCT and Peter Matejcek for TST finalised the agreement in the presence of Czech Prime Minister Petr Fiala who was also present and witnessed the signing of the MOU. He was in Manila as part of his two-day visit to the Philippines to strengthen bilateral and commercial relations.

According to Smart Citi president Mario Marcos, the first deal would integrate all components on technology within the proposed smart island that will be built by SCT. The Czech technology developed by NITES , a technology and integration platform, will be used to connect private and government systems in a combined digital platform.

The second deal will mine and process technologies using green targets in line with the requirements of the local mining sector. It will in particular increase yields in gold and nickel processing. The integrated technology will reduce pollution by replacing the chemicals used in metal processing in a collaboration with Czech technology provider Draslovska.

Smart City project

SCT is also purchasing an island in Roxas, Palawan, which the company will develop into a smart island with an initial US $1 billion investment.

The smart city initiative will encourage a technology-driven lifestyle whist developing a carbon-neutral infrastructure that can resist natural disasters. According to reports released by Tesla and SCT the project will boost natural resource extraction by 15 percent. Costs will be reduced by utilising custom-made proprietary hardware and software.

The project will present many opportunities to employ Filipino expertise in the information technology field.

Smart Citi Technology is an award-winning multidisciplinary consultancy firm based in the Philippines that manages and produces technology-related projects. 

Czech and Philippines bilateral relations

During his two-day visit to the Philippines this week, the Czech Republic Prime Minister Petr Fiala said that this would be a “new start” of “successful cooperation” between Philippine and Czech enterprises.

The Czech Republic, known for its high-tech engineering, electronics, and transportation sectors, is interested in the Philippines because it has “a rapidly growing economy.” Prime Minister Fila and President Ferdinand “BongBong” Marcos Jr discussed areas where the two countries could work together more closely. The Czech Prime Minister arrived with a delegation of Czech businesses and this gave the two leaders the opportunity to explore the potential of new enterprises in the fields of technology, agriculture aviation transport and space technology.


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