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Nvidia’s earnings report expected to trigger market shifts

Nvidia, a frontrunner in the production of graphics processing units (GPUs) that drive generative AI, is on the verge of…

Posted: 22/05/2024

Posted by: Lea Hogg

Unseen impact of US sanctions on Huawei

The United States, in a move to curb China’s tech dominance, has revoked the licences that allowed Intel and Qualcomm…

Posted: 20/05/2024

Posted by: Lea Hogg

Binance and Kucoin granted official recognition in India

Binance and KuCoin, two leading exchanges, have been granted official recognition as virtual asset service providers in India. This news,…

Posted: 14/05/2024

Posted by: Lea Hogg

Metaplanet shifts treasury strategy, embraces Bitcoin amidst Japan’s economic woes

Metaplanet Inc., a Tokyo-listed crypto investment and consulting firm, announced its adoption of Bitcoin as a strategic treasury reserve asset,…

Posted: 13/05/2024

Posted by: Jenny Ortiz

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