Responsible AI in gaming that will bring value to users

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In his keynote, Mariusz Gasiewski, the CEE Mobile Gaming Lead for Google, shed light on the rapidly evolving role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the gaming industry. Gasiewski, who has been with Google since 2007 and is a leading figure in mobile gaming initiatives at Google for Startups Campus in Warsaw, emphasized the significant progress AI has made over the past few months.

Gasiewski highlighted that AI has become an integral part of everyday life and is heavily influencing various sectors, including gaming. He revealed that 46 percent of game developers are currently integrating AI into their development process, a testament to the growing influence of AI.

However, the integration of AI is not without its challenges. Gasiewski pointed out that there are many doubts about the use of AI in gaming. When asked about the impact of Generative AI on the gaming industry, 21 percent of respondents believed it would have a positive impact, while a significant 57 percent had mixed feelings.

Gasiewski also touched upon the potential impact of AI on job roles within the gaming industry. Positions such as Quality Assurance, non-essential support roles, artists and animators, mid-level developers, and roles in localisation and marketing could potentially be impacted by AI.

The ethical implications of using Generative AI in the gaming industry were also discussed. A significant 42 percent of respondents were very concerned, and another 42 percent were somewhat concerned. Only 12 percent were not concerned at all.

Gasiewski concluded his keynote by discussing gamers’ opinions on the use of AI in gaming. While 25 percent of gamers believe that AI is a powerful tool for game development, there are also aspects of AI that are worrying for gamers.

Gasiewski’s keynote served as a reminder of the importance of staying ahead of the curve and approaching the topic of AI responsibly. He pointed out that companies with policies on the use of Generative AI tools in the workplace attract top talent and retain the most staff, thereby gaining a competitive advantage.

While AI holds great promise for the gaming industry, Gasiewski said that it is clear that there are still many challenges to overcome. As Gasiewski’s keynote highlighted, the industry is still in the early stages of a structured approach towards AI, and there is much work to be done to ensure that its integration is both beneficial and ethical.



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