It’s crucial we remain dedicated to developing the crypto space, says Crypto Megan

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Among the dozens of topics covered during the AIBC Europe Summit, a lot of attention was unsurprisingly attributed to the recent turmoil in the crypto/blockchain world. In a keynote, high-end influencer and crypto and NFT consultant Crypto Megan shared her insights on everything contemporary related to the continued growth of the crypto space in the face of the FTX fiasco and the ongoing bear market.

Believing in the Crypto Space

Megan Nilsson, known online as Crypto Megan, during her keynote at the 2022 SiGMA Europe Summit.

With doubt in the Crypto Space presently spreading like wildfire, Megan opened her keynote with a powerful argument, linking Crypto as an innovative technology to the advent of the WWW. “Not seeing the potential for Crypto is like saying the web is only good for porn in the 90s. By now, the internet has touched every aspect of human life. And so will Crypto.”

Bear markets are not a sign that x is dead, nor a reason to despair. They are a natural part of any market cycle. The mentality of long-term investment has always been crucial to the central values and infrastructure of Blockchain and Crypto technologies. Looking at the current bear market with an open mind, this is perhaps the best opportunity for investments. Furthermore, investors are going to get to prepare for the next bull run. “Investing is much like chess. Making those moves which become meaningful and game-changing down the line. Staying ahead of the curve.”

Revolutions have never been easy. The road can get bumpy. What’s important is that we remain relentless in our conviction towards developing the Crypto Space. – Megan Nilsson

Recalling the recent FTX catastrophe, Megan remarked how FTX are not solely responsible for the losses suffered by investors. “People are putting too much faith in so-called ‘thought leaders’ and their reputations, when it should be on the algorithm.” Education in the space points to the dispersion of the idea that the big Crypto names are immune to bankruptcy and failure.

The major Crypto exchanges not being backed up by fiat is also a worrying issue. If stable coins are regulated 1:1 to the dollar, the floodgates are bound to open up, bringing in trillions of dollars in smart money investments. “Patience is once again the key. Impatient money has always found itself transferred to patient money anyway.”

Finally, Crypto Megan reasserted her belief in women driving the next Crypto bull cycle. Since the beginning of Blockchain and Crypto, a variety of women have been carrying the development of the emerging technologies. It will be no different in the upcoming months and years.

Who’s who? Megan Nilsson, Crypto Influencer and Speaker

Megan Nilsson

Known online as Crypto Megan, Megan Nilsson is an entrepreneurial force of nature behind Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies, NFTs and Web3. She is a high-end Crypto and NFT consultant for companies, investors and celebrities, an investor in Crypto and a member of the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC), Doodles and World of Women, among many other NFTs. She has hosted many fireside chats with various industry leaders.

Megan is currently on a worldwide Web 3.0 speaking tour, covering the highest quality Web 3.0, tech and fintech events, simultaneously advocating for women in Web 3.0 as a keynote speaker and panellist. She aims to inspire new pioneers to get involved in the crypto and NFT space with quality, trustworthy information.

Want more of Megan? You can catch her interview in the latest issue of BLOCK.

Saying goodbye to 2022, facing fully-forward towards 2023

That’s a wrap on 2022, and what a terrific year it has been! We at SiGMA Group are incredibly grateful to all the delegates, collaborators, sponsors and of course, the core team itself whose hard work and support is crucial to hosting the landmark quality events everyone has come to associate with the name SiGMA.

That being said, the world keeps on turning, and so shall the wheels of this event-hosting machine that was kickstarted in 2014. Coming right up is SiGMA Group’s premier event into Africa, with Nairobi 2023 set for next January. Visit our webpage for more information!