Nurturing NFTs in iGaming

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Day 3 of the AIBC Europe Summit’s conference offerings continued to bring tremendous quality in its industry-leading insights and expert panel discussions.

One panel, in particular, took a deeper dive into new user experiences and monetisation models in relation to NFTs and gaming.

The panel was moderated by the Co-Founder of NFT Club, Zack Ritchie and featured key industry decision-makers,
Lucie Kadlecová, the CMO at Aviatrix, Enrico Lugnan who serves as the Head of Web3 at Polyverse and Dean Akinjobi, the CEO at Football Media.

NFTs in gaming?

Kadlecová began the panel by expressing that her own company, Aviatrix, is pioneering the use of NFTs in gameplay with the main aim of interacting more with their players.

Aviatrix allows their players to create their own NFTs and interact with them within and throughout their gameplay.

Lugnan then added to this stating that engagement is the most important aspect stating: “The data behind it is extremely underutilised”

Additionally, he pointed out the value in using the data derived from this NFT use and creation to test and learn what your audience is most engaged and interested in.

Akinjobi highlighted that NFTs decentralise and democratise the ownership of digital assets, giving users the ability to control what they are working on while still enjoying their gameplay.

This in many ways is agreed on by the panellists as a graduation from buying skins on more traditional video games.

How can it become more fluent?

It was pointed out that NFTs as a concept were clearly not built for using it in gaming but they may still be used for that.

One of the main issues was highlighted as the incredibly high costs of running NFTs through a gaming experience as Lugnan explained:

“We must go low gas fees or gasless streams or else it will become too expensive.”

These types of NFTs are indeed available as Kadlecová explained that Aviatrix is one operator currently working on this.

It is also about looking at diversity in usage and ensuring that the level of engagement is congruent with the rewards received making their usage first and foremost

Generating interest and engagement

The biggest issue identified by Kadlecová is the sheer volume of diversity in the market today, an issue persistent in the gambling industry in particular.

From Aviatrix’s point of view, the use of NFTs is an incredibly powerful tool that creates far more value for the user than perhaps simple fiat-run games could enjoy.

Key innovators

PSG has launched an NFT drop with Black Paris that is exclusive to their fans. Bringing discounts and high accessibility towards the club.

An Argentine company that sells tickets that double as NFTs giving even further engagement with a product and added value to the customer.

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