[WATCH] Becoming a Blockchain Brand Ambassador with Virginia Mijes Martin at AIBC Europe

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Interviewed by the ever charismatic Trudy Kerr, leading Blockchain expert Virginia Mijes Martin elaborates on her new position as a SiGMA Brand Ambassador and how the summits play a pivotal role in laying the foundation for the future of the Blockchain sector

With an excitement that underlines most of the emerging industry, Virginia explained that by accepting her role as Brand Ambassador, she looked forward to taking an active role in tying the emerging tech world closer together. An innovative soul in her own right and a master of her craft, Virginia has played an active role in the technology industry for more than two decades and has advised, taught and published on the Blockchain internationally and even at European Union-level.

In this situation, we are making a new industry involving cryptocurrency and Blockchain. This space is very important. In the overview, the building of a new industry needs structures in place in different countries so the world could conduct business. It’s fantastic for startups and people that are building up this new space.

When asked by Trudy on how the industry was moving and evolving, Virginia shed light on the fact that not only was the technology becoming more sophisticated but the space was actually starting to see the creation of a self-sufficient and innovative ecosystem. She emphasized that it was important to press on this development as it could lead to the progress being made within the sector to spread into other economic areas.

It’s about the logistics supply chain, the health sector, the sports sector, all of these sectors are deeply reliant on technology. The most important values right now are learning together, living together and making partnerships. This is of course what is happening at SiGMA.

Blockchain Brand Ambassador: Virginia on the future of the industry

Trudy then moved onto the topic of what the industry had to look forward to in 2022. The last few years have been of extreme importance for the development of the sector in terms of both adoption and regulation with even the IMF commenting on the need for a global policy on cryptocurrencies. Virginia noted that the technology was advancing rapidly and that we should also be looking forward to more proliferation as the technology becomes more and more mainstream.

Therefore next year we need to really prepare a strategy in terms of partnerships with events, mainly SiGMA, that spreads the technology around different industries and different regions of the world. We are building a new economy, a new digital society with possibly a new internet in the next 15 years.

brand ambassador
Being on the precipice of Crypto reaching mass adoption, there may have never been a better time to represent the industry.

Trudy then referenced an interview with Akon where he compared the rapid evolution of the music industry to the rapid evolution of the Blockchain industry. Trudy concurred and said that technology not only rapidly advanced in its own right but also cross pollinated with other advances in other fields to compound the rate of sophistication and their innovative potential.

We are changing the world with this technology and to change the world we need to be better because we may be in a new era [of technological sophistication].

Trudy then concluded the interview by asking Virginia about how she was finding her time at SiGMA. She answered that she was very happy with the arrangement and was looking forward to a very fruitful future of cooperation.

SiGMA is one of the world’s largest players when it comes to making the systems that allow for emerging industries and decision makers to meet and this connection would not be possible if these systems were not present to allow them to also connect to global markets.

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