Cyprus-based Ole Lehmann’s transformation from crypto to AI

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Ole Lehmann’s journey from Crypto Trader to artificial intelligence is indeed an inspiring transformation.

Based in Cyprus, 32-year-old entrepreneur, (pictured above), has made an extraordinary transition from trading cryptocurrency to becoming a luminary in the world of artificial intelligence (AI). Emerging technology demands constant change but Lehmann recognised the opportunities presented by the fast-moving AI sector and in the face of adversity he set up a new business that demonstrates his resilience.

Bouncing back from the crypto downturn

In November 2022, the cryptocurrency exchange giant FTX experienced a significant crash, leaving traders like Lehmann faced with substantial financial losses. However, for Lehmann it marked a pivotal turning point and his response to this adversity was nothing short of transformative. When one door closed, another opened, as Lehmann took advantage of the potential of the AI technology sphere. Lehmann’s leap into the AI mirrored his initial enthusiasm for cryptocurrencies—a journey into the unchartered territory of technology.

Creating waves on Twitter

Lehmann’s initial exploration into AI may have been discreet, but it was deliberate and purposeful. In January 2023, he conducted a great deal of research on AI and started to study the way ChatGPT worked. He began by sharing his analysis on Twitter because he felt that the platform was synonymous with real-time engagement. Lehmann’s strategy was not random but his research and delivery of his analysis served as a litmus test to gauge public interest, and the response was overwhelmingly positive.

In April this year, ‘The AI Solopreneur’ emerged as a dedicated Twitter platform that dispensed invaluable insights on exploring the potential of AI and Lehmann began to attract solo entrepreneurs. The outcome was nothing short of remarkable. In just over two months, ‘The AI Solopreneur’ has amassed 100,000 followers, reaffirming that independent strategists are “king”, especially when their analysis is well researched and logical and when it is delivered in a timely fashion.

AI gold rush

The rapid growth of Lehmann’s Twitter presence demonstrated the growing demand for information and education about this sector. Sensing this untapped potential, Lehmann introduced the “AI Audience Accelerator” course, modestly priced at $179 where he promised solo entrepreneurs the tools to unlock AI’s vast potential. The course proved to be very successful and in less than a month, 1,078 eager learners enrolled, generating a staggering gross revenue of US $176,885. Despite the proliferation of free AI resources, Lehmann’s authentic and practical insights carved out a distinct niche.

Principles for success

Lehmann’s humility seems to be one of the keys of his success. Rather than positioning himself as an AI expert, he prefers the term “enthusiast.” His principles are rooted in simplicity: immerse deeply but focus on no more than two AI tools at a time.

Lehmann’s change over from a cryptocurrency to an AI clearly demonstrates the importance of adaptability and visionary thinking in today’s tech-driven world. His experience is inspiring and encourages others to explore the limitless possibilities that lie just beyond the horizon, even in the face of setbacks.

Lehmann recommends focusing Anthropic’s chatbot called ‘Claude’ and ChatGPT as a start and to experiment with others whilst keeping updated with the latest advancements in AI technology.

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