AIBC Europe 2023 Innovation Awards

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The AIBC Innovation Awards were handed out tonight during a lavish dinner held at the historical Casino Maltese in Valletta, Malta.

The following were the recipients of the prestigious AIBC Innovation award

Malta Digital Innovation Authority

As Malta’s leading tech authority, MDIA spearheads the nation’s quest to become a global hub for innovation. It upholds international standards, safeguards user interests, and fosters innovation through flexible certification of Innovative Technology Arrangements.


Google has clinched the AIBC Innovation Award thanks to its unwavering commitment to revolutionize digital advertising. By constantly evolving and focusing on user-centric and privacy-driven ad experiences, Google Ads is at the forefront of promoting ethical advertising practices and driving meaningful connections between businesses and consumers. Google Ads’ approach prioritizes sustainability, inclusivity, and data privacy, making it a standout innovator in the industry.

Steve Shadders, CEO, Zettium

Steve Shadders is the CEO at Zettium. With a track record of pioneering frontier technologies, from scalable Bitcoin pool mining to high-capacity transaction handling, Steve has consistently pushed the boundaries of what’s possible. In his latest venture, he’s leading the charge to democratise AI services through a global computing marketplace.

Joshua Ellul

Professor Joshua Ellul is the Director of the Centre of Distributed Ledger Technology and Associate Professor of Computer Science at the University of Malta. He is a pioneering figure in blockchain, known for enabling direct information requests within smart contracts and advancing novel regulatory frameworks for decentralised entities. His work spans AI applications in cryptocurrency analysis, streamlining smart contract development, and establishing the Centre for DLT at the University of Malta.

Tony Ventura

Tony Ventura is a tech influencer and a dedicated technology researcher. He is known for his work in technology and innovation in Brazil, where he created the Digital Transformation course for the Ministry of Economy. He founded the largest digital tools community in Latin America, positively transforming thousands of lives through technology, and established the Brazil Startups association.

Match Systems

Andrei Kutin and his company Match Systems has played a significant role in bringing transparency and security to the crypto market by implementing Anti Money Laundering verification tools, as well as successfully investigating a huge number of crypto incidents in the cryptocurrency market.

Alex Filatov, Co-founder, CEO, EverX

Alex Filatov is truly one of the key innovators contributors in the blockchain industry. He has made a significant impact in the blockchain space since 2016. He has been leading EverX, an infrastructure developer that greatly contributed to the early TON blockchain. Afterwards, he enhanced the protocol and successfully introduced Everscale, known for its scalability.

INATBA: Working group Social Impact and Sustainability

The International Association for Trusted Blockchain Applications strives to drive positive transformation in the blockchain sphere. By encouraging their members to foster connections between public and private entities and promoting widespread blockchain adoption in sectors like law, finance, and education through different initiatives, INATBA significantly contributes to digital innovation.


Polyverse is a blockchain-based online game that integrates several key blockchain technologies into its gaming framework. By analytically assessing such implementations as tokenised in-game assets, governance models and interoperability, Polyverse demonstrates innovative and integrated applications of blockchain technology within digital gaming. The breadth of its blockchain integrations technically differentiate it within the ecosystem.

AIBC auction

The evening included the auction of four paintings where a total of Eur 9,000 collected will go to two SiGMA Foundation Projects.  The first project is the Women Empowerment Project in Jimma Bonga in Ethiopia, where the goal is to establish a state-of-the-art skill development centre that will offer training in areas like IT, culinary skills, hairdressing, sewing, and embroidery.

The second project is the SiGMA’s G.L.O.W. campaign, supporting underprivileged children worldwide in overcoming various challenges. For its first mission, the SiGMA Foundation has partnered with Premium Care Kids to support children in Colombia with cleft lip and cleft palate.


Join us at AIBC Eurasia, happening in Dubai, UAE between the 25th and 28th of February 2024. Find all the details here.

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